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17/6/2014 = 21 = The World (Up she Pops Again)

2014-06-17T10:08:26+01:0017 June 2014|blog|

Today I received an e mail promoting an angel day, having booked this lady last year, it has stirred up a lot of bad memories for me, so much so, below is the review I wrote the day after, I cannot name her as I will get in to trouble, but her is my brief observation of the day.  So, [...]

11/6/2014 = 15 = The Devil (He is at Large)

2014-06-11T10:07:49+01:0011 June 2014|blog|

As soon as I added up the date to 15 I knew it was going to be a crap day, and I wasn’t disappointed.     Almost a year to the day my son and girlfriend were scammed out of £1700 for a flat in London.  A long story but after some detective work we tracked down scammer man and got him [...]

7/6/2014 = 20 = Judgement (Astrology Pffffft)

2014-06-07T10:07:18+01:007 June 2014|blog|

I love Facebook, except for the frickin barrage of affirmations which pour in daily, the rest is good.   Anyway, a post popped up last week from an astrologer about the Britain’s Got Talent final.     Apparently for the last 5 years she has predicted through her astrology the winner, so with Venus rising and Mars going through Saturn and Jupiter on [...]

5/6/2014 = 18 = The Moon

2014-06-05T10:06:49+01:005 June 2014|blog|

The evening has arrived for the first Psychic Show I have done in years, I decided that I am far to grand to do readings for a tenner, but did have a garage full of new age stock which needed to be shifted.  I had a stall at the end of the hall with a bird’s eye view of the [...]

Here we go my first ever blog

2014-06-04T10:05:45+01:004 June 2014|blog|

Here we go my first ever blog.  Suddenly I feel all grown up venturing in to a whole new area of internet use.  So, a million things going around my head as to what I should write.  Tarot of course, but what about my crazy life, I will share some of this with you along the way. If you follow [...]

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