The menus have arrived from the Marquis Cornwallis pub for our Thursday evening gathering. The hot and cold buffet choices look delicious, we will of course cater for vegetarian and vegans, I will be in touch beforehand to ask about any food allergies.  Normally our pre-conference gathering is around 30 people this year it is 50!  I am just glad I am not doing the washing up.

This month Martin and I spent a long weekend in Brighton, it was wonderful to ‘bump’ into old friend Paul Hughes Barlow who strangely enough was very instrumental in helping me with the very first conference. There were many things I had forgotten which we reminisced about and now added to the notes for my talk.  I will say it again, you just can’t go anywhere without meeting a fellow tarot friend!!

This year we have a lady flying in from New Zealand, her husband bought her a conference ticket as a birthday present, how cool is that!  This has got to be our most long distant traveller.  As always, our Tarot friends will gather in London from around the globe, Canada, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Denmark and not forgetting our friends from every corner of the UK.  I know how much planning and expense goes in to arranging a weekend away, I promise when you arrive into my care, you will be well looked after, I cannot wait to welcome you all.

I have just sourced cotton bags with a conference logo for the goodies, that was much harder than it should have been ☹ I am trying to be as environmentally conscious as I can.    Plus, a Tarot project I have been working on is now complete, I will be sharing this with you probably next month. I know you will be impressed, the results of this (top secret) project have taken my breath away.  I have said to much already 😊 I will stop talking now and leave you to ponder.

That’s all for now, until August xx