Kim and Rachel Pollack

It has been a busy few weeks preparing the conference programme ready for print, juggling timings and adding more names, it has been quite the jigsaw. The programme is just having its final proofread, then it is good to go to the printers. I hope to have this by the end of the month. Two more names have been added to the programme, Andrea Aste will be on hand Friday lunchtime if you would like to know the story of the creation of The Book of Shadows, and Ari Wisner will be with us Saturday lunchtime talking about gender in tarot and his deck, Transient Light Tarot.  Due to the already packed programme, these will be very short talks, however, all authors will be available for signings.

On April 7th our dear Rachel Pollack passed, I have so much to say about her personally, but Steven and I have decided to dedicated space in the October Esotoracle where we can do her justice. Rachel was a great friend of the UK Tarot Conference and visited many times, the first time in 2008, I can still remember how honoured I felt to have her grace my stage, of course, I didn’t realise she too was blown away to be invited. We always kept in touch, and she agreed to be my Wheel of Fortune card in my book Tarot Masters, I will share more on this in the Esotoracle.

That’s all the news for now, by the time I write my next update I will be back from Sweden as I am presenting at the Stockholm Tarot Conference and the Hay House Tarot Masterclass would have been announced.  It is all happening in the Tarot world, but nothing will touch the UK Tarot Conference, it is going to blow your mind this year!