My goodness what a year, this time last year the word Coronavirus and Covid19 were not even in our vocabulary, now they we hear them every day.

January started just fine, just like any other year, planning events, holidays and projects but by March Coronavirus well and truly landed and changed everything.

Being honest, during the first lockdown, we did not know a soul with the virus, it almost seemed like an outrageous over reaction. We took the time to enjoy our garden and it started to resemble Kew (lol) not being keen gardeners we suddenly embraced our garden with vigour, and every evening enjoyed the fruits of our labour enjoying the warm spring sunshine sitting outside admiring our hard work.   It was the first time in years I was aware of the birds, butterflies, bee’s and hedgehogs enjoying the garden, mother nature had a rest whilst we stayed at home,

Work was as busy as ever, my husband works in bank fraud and was working longer hours than ever before, I reluctantly signed up to Zoom to work with my clients around the world.

As the months ticked by, holidays booked were cancelled, I was gutted about my ‘girls’ trip to Glastonbury not happening.  Our family had big birthday celebrations planned, of course all cancelled. There were a few highlights, a trip to Legoland was fitted in between lockdowns and bought much relief to us to have some normal family time together.    VE Day was special, the sun shone and when out walking said hello to many strangers sitting in decorated front gardens blaring out 1940’s music and having afternoon tea, it was a lovely atmosphere.  The UK Tarot Conference went online, if you have been following me you will know what a drama that was for me.  However, a great success.

Then Covid got close to home, a dear friend who I have known since a baby contracted Coronavirus, he is still fighting for his life in a London hospital.      There is no doubt when this virus touches your circle, the reality of its power is all too clear to see.  I don’t pray as the church knocked that belief out of me years ago, but I do sit every night sending healing thoughts and positive energy to him.   (A reminder here to please keep safe)

Now 2020 is almost at a close, it feels like the wheel has stopped turning, we are no further on, Covid continues to dominate our lives, probably more now than ever before, the rich have got richer and the poor poorer, families  have to make decisions about Christmas gatherings, we hope that those who are employed still have a job in 2021, those suffering with mental health issues, please know it will get better, life is a worry right now.  The things we took for granted are now appreciated, we have had time to reflect, slow down and breathe, ok not great for everyone, but for some it was the realisation that our busy lives had been taken over by stress and pressure of everyday life, Covid gave us no option but to stop,  just for a moment.

It is not all doom and gloom, the 2021 UK Tarot Conference is well in its planning stages for October 2021, if we cannot be live at the venue, then we will offer a virtual event without stress, it is ok, life with its twists and turns will once again weave everything together and we will all move on, hopefully a little bit wiser than before.

Have a peaceful Christmas and wish for you all a healthy, abundant and happy 2021.  Remember, there is hope in every problem.


Kim xx