New Year Reading and Cards for 2024

I am using the ‘The Good Karma’ Tarot by Kerry Ward published by Welbeck Publishing

The year ahead is influenced by the Five of Cups, yikes!  However, it reminds us that we hold the key to shaping our year ahead.  Don’t look back, as what is done is done, so there is no point focusing on decisions which have not gone your way.

January – Strength – All you need is within you to make a better life.  Take on the challenges you have been dreading and face your fears.   Small steps towards your goal each day will help you become brave and fearless in all you do.

February – Three of Wands – You may also be thinking about moving home or changing your job and there is a sense of “itchy feet syndrome” around you.   Seek out new challenges.

March – The Hermit – A time of revaluation of where your life is now.  This card can relate to study or the ability to lose yourself in something which interests you, a good time to indulge in your own company.

April – Seven of Swords – Don’t bury your head in the sand over a worrying situation.  If others are offering advice do not let yourself be bullied into reacting to a situation which makes you uncomfortable. Allow yourself to be guided by your own intuition.

May – The Tower – It may be that nothing has changed significantly, in which case, look at what you are struggling with, if something in your life is taking too much effort for no personal, emotional, or physical gain, then it is time to redress the balance.

June – Queen of wands – The desire to achieve more, become a leader and step out of a rut will feel important to you now.  Once you know what you want to do, you can and will move mountains to achieve this.

July – Nine of Coins – You may be feeling more optimistic about the future although, life may appear to be too quiet.  The negative side of this card can be boredom.  This card can suggest the need for a healthier lifestyle or diet.

August – Six of Wands – There is good energy around you, however, be aware that occasionally the ego can be extremely powerful and you should keep your feet on the ground as not everyone will share your enthusiasm.

September – Two of Cups – Expect opportunities to materialise. This is a good time for partnerships, not only of a romantic kind, but also new friendships being made, and business partnerships being formed.

October – Eight of Swords – If you are burdened by an unhappy relationship, money worries or work-related issues, remember every problem has an answer and it is important to remember that you always have the choice to change what no longer serves you.

November – The Magician – If change is right for you, ideas will fall to place without effort. The Magician represents spiritual and earthly balance, and when these combinations are in harmony you will feel at peace with yourself, and life will flow more freely.

December – Death – As 2024 comes to a close think what needs to go.  What have you struggled with this year, and what changes do you need to make.  Do not be afraid of closing doors, there is always another opportunity waiting.