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Review of the Chakra Wisdom Tarot by Tori Hartman

Review of the Chakra Wisdom Tarot by Tori Hartman (Watkins Publishing) £16.99
By Kim Arnold

Having seen and been very impressed by Tori Hartman when I attended a workshop by her at Atlantis bookshop many years ago, I was excited to be asked to review this deck.

Before I delve into the merits of the Chakra Wisdom Tarot, let me tell you my observations on Tori. Having sat through many workshops/talk/lectures on chakras, I will be very honest and say NO ONE has ever impressed me, usually they drag out the same old chakra woo woo and I leave thinking that was time I will never get back! Anyway, fast forward to Tori Hartman, I genuinely loved her workshop, it was fast paced, packed with knowledge, interactive and she is a delight to listen too. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am she will be joining us at the London Tarot Festival in June.

Watkins have done a great job sparing no expense in putting this set together. The 112 page booklet goes beyond what you would usually expect from an accompanying book. It is full colour, packed with diagrams, lots of spreads to try and ideas for manifesting as well as information about the chakra system. The cards are colourful and although not completely traditional, each card is clearly recognisable and the illustrations perfectly in synch with the element and meaning. These cards make you tap in to YOU. Not just what is happening on the external part of your life (work, love, finances, family etc) but it encourages you to see what is blocked within you and ideas on how you can work on yourself. Also, you do not need to know anything about the Chakra system to work with these cards, but you will learn plenty along the way.

I chose the ‘Your Path to Manifesting’ spread, for a trial reading, I have shared the image of my reading but will just choose a few cards so you get the drift.

Card 1. How your roots are deepening – Strength – I fully understand this card in this position, as I get older I feel more secure, not only in myself, but in my determination to continue to grow.

Card 2. The feelings that are driving you – The Devil – errmmm …. pushing boundaries?

Card 6. What do you do to support yourself intuitively – Judgement – Reminding myself that I can always improve. I like the idea of Angel Gabriel being around.

Card 7. How will your dreams support the universe? Ace of Cups – Being committed to a goal and trust that support comes when needed.

The reading was a real eye opener for me, and has given much clarity in areas I did not know needed focus. I also used these cards with my monthly meditation group, I had everyone pull a card and everyone had a message which related to their life.

These cards will be a fabulous edition to your Tarot collection, they offer something different and encourage you to look deep within. Go buy a deck, you will not be disappointed! Tori will be speaking at the London Tarot Festival on 1st June.

Chakra Meditations by Swami Saradananda

(Watkins Publishing £15.99)

I love it when a deck for review lands on my doorstep, often, it is not a deck I would be drawn too, but when working with it, it becomes a familiar friend. The Chakra Meditations deck was like opening a box of delicious chocolates, inspiring artwork and guidance via lovely quality cards.

Each month I hold an intimate meditation group for around 15 people, I decided we would use these cards as part of our evening. Not all the cards were suitable for group work, but we chose a few we were able to work with. The Sacral Yantra Meditation was fresh to us as a group and one card in particular, the Root Chakra (Muladhara) with the Oak Tree visualisation was both empowering and calming.

I was a little confused by the bordering colours of the cards, I always connect red with the Root Chakra not the yellow used, and green bordering for the Sacral, not orange which I am more familiar with, however, this did not deflect from the energy of the cards.

The Large white book does explain the colours used and more in-depth information on the card meanings. There is a page included with instructions on preparing for meditation and how to choose a card. This is helpful for anyone starting out.

I feel these cards are perfect for your personal journey, the idea of pulling a card each day and quietly working with a visualisation or gentle exercise is inspiring.

I recommend these cards, particularly if you have a busy life and need to calm the mind body and soul.

The London Tarot Festival 2018

The London Tarot Festival is hosted by the UK Tarot Conference & The Atlantis Bookshop.    Organisers:  Kim Arnold’s London Tarot Conference has been fully sold out each year since it started in 2003.   Geraldine and Bali Beskin of The Atlantis Bookshop, London’s oldest occult shop.

2018 FESTIVAL – 19th MAY 2018 – London

Details to follow ……..

Many thanks to our Media Partners Kindred Spirit Magazine and Watkins.

London Tarot Festival Review  20th May 2017 – The 3rd London Tarot Festival was heaving with people at the London Eco Centre in Islington.  A beautiful day greeted us as we worked hard to get ready in time for the queue which was forming outside.The reception area was set up with stalls including myself with OOP cards, The Atlantis bookshop stand heaving with cards and books, Johneyfur Crystals, magnetic jewellery, cup- cakes and our Tombola.  We laid out the main room in theatre style as we were very keen to make this different from the formality of the UK Tarot Conference.  Tables were dotted around the edge as working space, but it has become clear we have now outgrown this lovely venue.

Although rain was predicted at some point during the day I kicked off the first workshop in the garden as we looked at soul numbers in Tarot and what they mean to us, I really enjoyed the talk and the interaction which went down really well.  Our first key speaker in the main hall was Avril Price, although I have known Avril for many years via Facebook and through mutual friends, it was the first time we had met in person, what a lovely lady.  Her workshop Channelling with Tarot was a huge hit. In between talks and workshops the Eco Cafe was busy selling cakes, home made soup, wraps and beverages, the atmosphere was relaxed as people came and went throughout the day.

During the lunch time I did a meditation on the Wheel of Fortune which was followed by  Atlantis Books partner of the London Festival, Geraldine Beskin, talking about London and Tarot, a brief history of landmarks and how they connect to Tarot.  Geraldine is always well loved and her talk gave food for thought.

Anton Rossi delved in to the subject of ˜How to Read for Yourself:  The Good, the Bad and Reality”.  Looking at the pros and cons of reading for yourself? A large round of applause echoed as she finished.  Next up was the lovely Israel Ajose talking about Tarot + Sex + Ritual= Magick, the whole energy of the event went through the roof as this larger than life personality got in to flow, you just got to love Israel, the room was packed.

Our final speakers was Maria Antoniou of the Brighton School of Tarot, talking about Learning to Receive: How the High Priestess develops her Intuition, a lovely meditation included which was needed as we began to wind down for the packed day of events.

Throughout the day our readers Cathi Bew, Nina Kyprianou, Helen Hall and Deborah Bacci barely came up for air as they were so busy.

Geraldine, Bali and myself would like to thank everyone who made this day so special, we are now looking for a larger venue and look forward to meeting you all again next year.  Photo’s at the top of this review are 2017, below from previous Festivals.

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