The London Tarot Festival 2018

The London Tarot Festival is hosted by the UK Tarot Conference & The Atlantis Bookshop.    Organisers:  Kim Arnold’s London Tarot Conference has been fully sold out each year since it started in 2003.   Geraldine and Bali Beskin of The Atlantis Bookshop, London’s oldest occult shop.

2018 FESTIVAL – 19th MAY 2018 – London

Details to follow ……..

Many thanks to our Media Partners Kindred Spirit Magazine and Watkins.

London Tarot Festival Review  20th May 2017 – The 3rd London Tarot Festival was heaving with people at the London Eco Centre in Islington.  A beautiful day greeted us as we worked hard to get ready in time for the queue which was forming outside.The reception area was set up with stalls including myself with OOP cards, The Atlantis bookshop stand heaving with cards and books, Johneyfur Crystals, magnetic jewellery, cup- cakes and our Tombola.  We laid out the main room in theatre style as we were very keen to make this different from the formality of the UK Tarot Conference.  Tables were dotted around the edge as working space, but it has become clear we have now outgrown this lovely venue.

Although rain was predicted at some point during the day I kicked off the first workshop in the garden as we looked at soul numbers in Tarot and what they mean to us, I really enjoyed the talk and the interaction which went down really well.  Our first key speaker in the main hall was Avril Price, although I have known Avril for many years via Facebook and through mutual friends, it was the first time we had met in person, what a lovely lady.  Her workshop Channelling with Tarot was a huge hit. In between talks and workshops the Eco Cafe was busy selling cakes, home made soup, wraps and beverages, the atmosphere was relaxed as people came and went throughout the day.

During the lunch time I did a meditation on the Wheel of Fortune which was followed by  Atlantis Books partner of the London Festival, Geraldine Beskin, talking about London and Tarot, a brief history of landmarks and how they connect to Tarot.  Geraldine is always well loved and her talk gave food for thought.

Anton Rossi delved in to the subject of ˜How to Read for Yourself:  The Good, the Bad and Reality”.  Looking at the pros and cons of reading for yourself? A large round of applause echoed as she finished.  Next up was the lovely Israel Ajose talking about Tarot + Sex + Ritual= Magick, the whole energy of the event went through the roof as this larger than life personality got in to flow, you just got to love Israel, the room was packed.

Our final speakers was Maria Antoniou of the Brighton School of Tarot, talking about Learning to Receive: How the High Priestess develops her Intuition, a lovely meditation included which was needed as we began to wind down for the packed day of events.

Throughout the day our readers Cathi Bew, Nina Kyprianou, Helen Hall and Deborah Bacci barely came up for air as they were so busy.

Geraldine, Bali and myself would like to thank everyone who made this day so special, we are now looking for a larger venue and look forward to meeting you all again next year.  Photo’s at the top of this review are 2017, below from previous Festivals.

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17/6/2014 = 21 = The World (Up she Pops Again)

Today I received an e mail promoting an angel day, having booked this lady last year, it has stirred up a lot of bad memories for me, so much so, below is the review I wrote the day after, I cannot name her as I will get in to trouble, but her is my brief observation of the day.  So, today is The World card, full circle, she has popped up again.

Forty two excited people waited in anticipation for an inspiring day with Angel Expert (cant say name).   The day started well, the room was full of energy.  I introduced her and told the story that the day before, I had bought a large ceramic Angel to be used as a centre piece, packing the car the morning of the angel event, I dropped it and it smashed in to a thousand pieces, I turned to my husband and said “oh god the day is doomed!”   Everyone laughed and I introduced Angel lady, so far so good.

We started with angel lady asking everyone to introduce themselves to the group (yes all 42 people) that took 20 minutes, then how she connected with the angels whilst watching Diana Cooper on Richard and Judy.  She then went onto talk about a time when her daughter was poorly, 10 minutes on, still talking about daughters illness and much sheet changing she finally got to the point  ……..  that night  she heard an angel choir sing, quite magical apparently, my thoughts were thank Christ it is coffee break.   I was fully aware we had been given NO information about Angels and their roles.  After coffee we moved in to small groups and shared her many decks of cards to do readings for each other.   When I booked angel lady I made it clear that many of the people there would be quite advanced readers, not to worry she said, I can show you new techniques.  One technique apparently is to place the deck on the top of your head and see what comes.   There were no new techniques, no good advice and very basic stuff, get out of your comfort zone she told everyone.  Unfortunately we  were, but due to all the wrong reasons!

During the morning she produced an Angel board, in case you are in any doubt, this is Ouija Board and something I am completely against, luckily she picked up the disapproving energy in the room and put it away.  But not before telling us that it was and ANGEL board and only connected with the Angels.  Well f*ck me, after all these years I was not aware there was a different channel which by passed everything else and went directly to the Angels. Based on her lack of knowledge to date, I have my doubts she knows anything we don’t.   Anyway I digress, we worked with angel cards in our little groups and between us did some inspiring readings, this was because she was not involved and we worked amongst ourselves.

Yay lunch break!  So you might be thinking the day sounded like crap, well unfortunately you have read the best bit, the worst is yet to come.  On returning from lunch, angel lady showed us how to set up and Angel Alter.  Oh goody, North/South/East/West implications, and the angel connections, what crystals are associated with each angel, there I was pen poised ……….. still poised ………. still poised ………. No we did not touch on any of this interesting stuff and heaven forbid we might learn something, No, from behind the table angel lady had a box of stuff she had bought from home, and proceeded to pass around (yes 42 people) a variety of crap people had sent her over the years, we had a angel coin, a little bracelet, a heart with an angel in it, a box to put cards in and so it went on. Myself and the lady next to me had a terrible giggling fit wondering how big this box was. An hour and twenty minutes later, still nothing about angels and it was thankfully time for a short break.  I took angel lady outside and told her that we had learnt nothing all day and she needed to do something to change things around, she said she was surprised we were such an advanced group, eeerrrrrmmmmm  ………. 17 books published and can’t raise her game, I know more in my little finger than she will ever know.    After the break we had a meditation, nothing new, had heard it before, I opened my eyes to see half the room also had their eyes open.   All we wanted to do now was go home.    Don’t get me wrong, she is a nice lady, I have no problem with her as a person, but Angel expert, don’t make me laugh, so a four figure sum lighter and out of pocket for me and a room full of disappointed people who paid good money to see this author she really should be ashamed of herself.

11/6/2014 = 15 = The Devil (He is at Large)

As soon as I added up the date to 15 I knew it was going to be a crap day, and I wasn’t disappointed.     Almost a year to the day my son and girlfriend were scammed out of £1700 for a flat in London.  A long story but after some detective work we tracked down scammer man and got him arrested.  Two previous no shows at court by him,  the 11th June was the day of reckoning, if he didn’t turn up the trial would proceed anyway.   He turned up, cocky sod, as if he didn’t have a care in the world, I have never been more tempted to smack someone in the mouth than today.

One of the witnesses, a lovely Portuguese man was cross examined by the defence, “I put to you that you are a liar”, bless  him in his very broken English replied ”Why you say that, I had money, that man take money, now I have no money, why you say I am a liar, you were not there?”.  In his innocence he was beautifully eloquent in getting the message across.  In the morning I questioned the Devil card, what could it mean, will we continue to be tied to scammer man, but no, the reason was clear when court was adjourned until the 18th June (reduces to 4 = The Emperor), who is that I am now wondering scammer man,  us or the Judge?     We will have to wait for next week to hear the outcome.