Our plans for the 2021 UK Tarot Conference

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Pre-Conference 7th October

Main event: 8th 9th October 2021

18th June 2021 – Latest Update – Lifting of restrictions to be review on the 19th July.  We are still working to create an in person event and feeling confident this will happen.

The venue is booked and the programme for 2021 already looks amazing for our 18th Conference when we will honour the Tarot card of ‘The Moon’.   I hope to personally meet and welcome you on 8th and 9th October 2021, renewing old friendships and creating new.  This year, for the first time in our 18 year history, we are offering a virtual ticket, as we plan to stream live from the venue, this means that, where ever you are in the world, you can join us and see for yourself what happens at the UK Tarot Conference, London!

To book accommodation at the venue, please see the booking instructions at the bottom of this page.

Speakers:  Kristoffer Hughes, Janine Worthington, Chris Butler, Lara Van Zuydam, John Matthews, Neil Kelso, Darren Shill, Marion K Kirk, Steven Bright & Toni Puhle

Kim Arnold – Let’s talk 2021!

Kristoffer Hughes is Chief of the Anglesey Druid Order, the ancient chief-seat of the British Druids.  He is an award-winning author of several books, and is the designer and creator of the Celtic Tarot and the forthcoming Bee Tarot and Yule Tarot. He is a Druid graduate of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and its 13th Mount Haemus Scholar. Hughes’ first language is Welsh. He can be found teaching Tarot and Druidry in workshops, conferences and classes worldwide and online. He resides on the Isle of Anglesey.  angleseydruidorder.co.uk 

Workshop – Tarot & The Big Questions – Join Druid and Tarot author Kristoffer Hughes on a dizzying journey to discover the meaning of life itself – hidden in the 18th card of the Major Arcana, and how the Tarot can help us make sense of our place in the universe. Can the Tarot really answer life’s biggest questions? The path of the Moon in Tarot opens the doorways to profundity, profanity and frivolity in equal and bewildering measure. Dare you pass beyond the towers and peer into mystery and quiddity

Chris Butler is a multiply published Tarot author and illustrator. He created the Healing Light Tarot and Healing Light Lenormand Oracle, (Lo Scarabeo). For Schiffer/Red Feather, he has authored and illustrated The Son Tarot – Mysticism, Meditation and Divination for Gay Men and  Lenormand Cartomancy. He’s also the illustrator for Kay Stopforth’s Quantum Tarot 2.0, (Lo Scarabeo). Chris also works as an artist/illustrator, has a degree in Theology (but the collar wouldn’t fit)!    (Workshop content to follow)

Workshop – We are the Moon – Chris will show how we as people are reflected in every single element and symbol within the Moon card, from the Moon itself, through to the dogs, the pathway, the Towers and even the Yods falling from the Sky.  We will also look at how a variety of Tarot artists, ancient and modern have interpreted the Moon archetype. We will ‘live’ the Moon Tarot image, and by the time we’ve reached the end of the workshop, the Moon card will have become a mirror/portrait for every participant’s life story. In following this process, we will be able to build a checklist of Lunar revelations, affirmations and resolutions, applicable to our individual circumstances.

Janine Worthington creator of The Inbetween Tarot – ‘Bridging the Tarot’ – making sense of those invisible knots. Today we will journey through the Court families and engage with the ‘Bridging spread’ helping us to understand better the flow of Tarot.

Lara Van Zuydam The Light of Night: Working with the Moon in Tarot and Astrology   Examining how the Moon in the Tarot compares with the Moon in both western and Indian astrology, and modern and traditional (Hellenistic) astrology.   We will look at the lunation cycle (new, waxing, gibbous, full moon etc.) and how the different phases of the Moon might be leveraged in day-to-day life, using the Tarot as a form of sympathetic magic. Engage in the natal Moon: A real-time exercise to establish and understand our natal Moon signs. Lara will lead us through an exercise to highlight Moon sign messages through the Tarot. Where moon signs cannot be established, the Tarot will be used to fill in gaps.

John Matthews launches The Beowulf Oracle (Schiffer) and The Goblin Market Tarot. (Watkins).

Neil Kelso – Tarot, Theatre, and Other Rituals – Our daily rituals and the stories we tell shape our past, present and future. In this interactive workshop, theatre-maker Neil Kelso leads an exploration of tarot reading as a collaborative moment of transformational theatre. Learn new spreads and explore new rituals to invigorate your tarot practice and magical rituals.

Darren Shill Co Founder of Liminal11  – Tarot as a Tool for Healing.  The way that tarot nourishes mental health and allows meditation and resolution to concerns that burden.

Friday Evening Entertainment – To the Moon and Beyond   A magical Tarot show by Neil Kelso.  A magicians ideas escape from his notebook. Reality starts to unravel around him.     Prepare yourself for bizarre, surreal and unforgettable moments of mystery in this musical magical show by Neil Kelso. The cards have taken over, and all is not quite what it seems.   Together we might climb into a matchbox to find out what happens when gravity isn’t looking, When magic words are whispered, time may go backwards, and forgotten memories might be unlocked. Are you ready for this shared experiment in wonder?

Pentacles Ticket onlySaturday Working Lunch (included) and workshop with Marion K Kirk – The Dark Side of the Moon  In this interactive workshop we will explore the Darker side of the Moon Card and how by facing our shadows and hidden selves we can find a deeper understanding of who we really are. Using a specifically designed tarot spread to help us unlock our own hidden mysteries.

Lunchtime Workshop –Toni Puhle & Steven Bright The Kipper Card System – A walk through the Kipper deck and share an easy method to compliment your Tarot reads with clear advice.   Practice decks will be provided – all you need is your enthusiasm for a new divination system and to take off your Tarot hats for a while!

Film by Framestar Films  Follow @framestarfilms 

Ticket Options

 NB: Deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred to the following year.

Deposit Option:  Secures your booking and the option to pay via our instalment plan or pay the balance at your leisure later in the year. £50.00

Pentacles Premier Ticket:  Includes: Pre-Conference Thursday evening private dinner, our Friday evening social event, and entry to the Entire Conference. Plus, for Pentacle ticket holders only a Saturday lunchtime workshop includes lunch and a Premium Tarot gift bag. £310.00

Cups Ticket:  All the above WITHOUT Saturday working lunch. £285.00

Wands Premium Ticket:  Includes: Friday & Saturday entry to the event, plus the Friday evening social event, and a Tarot gift bag.  £240.00

Friday or Saturday: One day Attendance: Includes entry to that day’s event and a tarot gift bag. £135.00

Virtual Ticket: Friday and Saturday streaming live from the venue (Covid allowing) Virtual Pass. £120.00


To book your accommodation at the venue please follow the instructions below. 

All rooms are fully refundable up to 7 days prior to the event.  If you cannot attend or restrictions are still in place, you MUST cancel you room by 30th September 2021.

Special rate £125 single and £135 double/twin. Room rate includes breakfast.

  1. Log on to www.hilondonkensington.com
  2. Underneath the ‘Make a reservation’ you will see some dates. You will need to click on the check-in date and select the dates you wish to check in and check out.
  3. Click on ‘Book Now’
  4. To obtain the special group rate you will need to click on ‘Change Search’
  5. Click the Group Code ? sign
  6. Type block code in the Group Code box which will be ZCY
  7. Check that the dates you wish to stay are correct.

Click on ‘search’ and your group rate should appear and you will be able to book the rooms.

2020 Virtual Conference Testimonials

I have just finished watching all the virtual tarot conference. I really want to say how much I enjoyed all of the talks and taking part in the tarot and meditation.   Your talk at the beginning and the meditation at the end definitely made the tarot conference complete.   Thank you for all your hard work.


YOU did it! I take my hat off to you for a truly amazing job – it really worked well


It was an amazing Conference, thank you for all the energy you dedicate to it! I know it is not easy to deal with people, technology and co vid…but you and your supporters managed to deliver a sensational Conference! I want just to thank you and say “bravo”!!! :) great job.


You got this beauty!   This amazing Technology has given someone like me an opportunity to hear and receive such wisdom without having to leave, travel, commute, schedule and plan.  Many people grouse about not being able to be all together in a room but this virtual Conference has opened a door for me.


I just wanted to repeat my heartfelt thanks for all your hard work to bring The London Tarot Conference to us virtually this year.  Aside from the drama of the pandemic – I had already been in a bit of a Tarot rut.   It was great to sit at home, and just listen to the speakers.  The conference re-inspired me, and I’m up and running with cards and ideas again – it’s wonderful.


Cancellation Policy 2021

Deposits are non refundable, however, in the event that you cannot attend, it will be transferred to the UK Tarot Conference 2021.

Full payment cancellations must be received in writing or by e mail by 8th August 2021 a refund will be issued less £50 deposit (which will be transferred to 2022).

Cancellations received after 8th August 2021 and before 20th September 2021 a 50% refund will be issued.

After 20th September 2021 No refund possible. NO Exceptions.

(If the Coronavirus situation continues and the conference is cancelled, full refunds will be given or the option to transfer to 2022).