Tarot cards from the Witches Wisdom Tarot by Phyllis Curott @Hayhouse

Pisces– Goddess of Water  – Listen to your dreams, feelings and intuition. Allow yourself to flow, if you do not move with the times you will be left behind.

Aries– Pilgrim (The World) Weave your physical and spiritual life together, only then will you find the path you are meant to tread.

Taurus– Maze (The Tower) Stop trying to hard to make something happen which is not meant to be. Let go and trust that something else will guide you to where you are meant to be

Gemini– Wheel of Life (Justice) Pay attention to yourself and to the seasons, rest, growth, harvest. What have your outgrown and is no longer relevant in your life?

Cancer– Star (Emperor) You have to much doubt and worry to succeed at reaching your goal.  However, the Star is light, and a sign that a path will open to you with great purpose.

Leo– 6 of Air Trust your intuition, don’t rush in to things you are not ready for.  Cultivate your skills and nurture your dreams.

Virgo– Sun Look at what scares you? With time your will heal. A spark of new life will stir within you and healing and joy will follow,

Libra– Ace of Earth Becoming healthy in mind, body and spirit is important this year.  Make commitments to your goals, set boundaries and have courage.

Scorpio– Messenger of Air  Slow down, all the time you are busy you cannot not hear the call of destiny. Be aware of what is happening around you. Less talk and more listening.

Sagittarius– 9 of Water Some things in your life will fizzle out but will make room for new opportunities.  This could be a year of blessings although you may not feel this now. A leap of faith calls,

Capricorn– 7 of Earth  Creativity rises from the ashes as you find the power within to create the life you have always wanted.  Take time to meditate and channel strength and drive.

Aquarius – 4 of Water If you have experienced betrayal or heartbreak it will stir compassion within you as time goes on.  Healing is of the essence, you will find strength within the chaos of emotions.