The Tarot conference is more than a place for learning, it is a gathering of kindred spirits, anyone who arrives as a stranger will leave as a friend.

I have travelled as far as Canada to have dinner with a friend met via Tarot, I honestly do not think there is a place on the planet where I could visit and not know someone through Tarot.  However, nothing makes me happier than when someone I have met at my conference visits me at home. This month Robbie and Brandy spent a Saturday with me, and after a lovely lunch by the sea we spent time pouring over tarot decks. Steven Bright and his partner Daz also came for a visit, we always have a laugh and plenty to chat about, we had a walk along the beach, stopped for a light lunch with a bag full of Tarot and Oracle decks to peruse and enjoyed the sunshine.

This week I visited the venue and sorted out a few niggles.  A change of event manager had worried me, but the guy now looking after us seems efficient and obliging, everything I have asked for seems doable, also it was confirmed I can now add an extra table in the room without compromising space, so a few more seats have become available. Those on the waiting list have been contacted, and there are now just two places left to fill.  This conference will exceed 100, this is back to pre-covid numbers, however, rest assured I will never compromise quality, the new space can more than deal with our group with room to breathe.

This month on the Facebook page (UK Tarot Conference Group) I have announced Wicca Meier Spring who will open the Conference with a blessing and will then share with us a special project she has been working on …… reprinting and revamping Marie Lenormands – Etteilla Deck, the original (1800) lives in her museum in Switzerland.   Wicca is offering the Limited-Edition deck at a special price to those attending the Tarot conference in October, please contact me for details. These will be for collection at the event only.

I also announced Ethony Dawn who is joining us from Canada who will be sharing her workshop ‘Shadow of Judgement’ .

Finally, goodie bag boxes have started to arrive eeeekkkkk!!

This year is going to be so special.