Review: The Wisdom Seekers Tarot by David Fontana

Published by Watkins £14.99

The first thing that struck me about this deck is the quality, beautifully packaged and designed with a vibrant orange theme, it certainly stands out from the crowd.

On opening an 80 page booklet it provides a good amount of information about each card. Also pages are dedicated to a brief history on Tarot, the definition of what minor and major cards are, and at the back of the book, example’s of spreads with clear layouts for you to try.

The cards themselves have small white borders with orange backs, each card design is  colourful and whimsical.  In my opinion these are aimed more for a beginner to intermediate level.  Although the cards look quite simple, they are based on traditional Tarot with a modern twist, as you look deeper in to the voice of the card, you begin to notice small details which may not be immediately obvious.   I love the idea of choosing one card and working deeply with it, something new always springs to mind.

They are lovely to read and you get a good flow of energy when using the cards. If you prefer cards with a lot of depth then these may not be for you, but in my opinion they are a good addition to any collection.  If you are a beginner then I would highly recommend these, and they are a great price for the quality of cards, packaging and book.    

The Tarot Coloring Book by Theresa Reed

Over the last couple of years colouring books for adults have flooded the market.  I know  this because I have had quite a collection given to me as presents, but the luxury of spending a couple of hours of colouring is quite a way down on my list at the moment.  Anyway I digress.   This lovely book popped through the post a few days ago for review, I was pleasantly surprised at the information contained in this book setting it miles ahead of other similar books.  Each of the 78 Rider Waite images has a page of information broken down with upright and reverse meaning plus ‘Notice of Symbols’.  I have chosen Temperance as my example, Theresa brings our attention to the meanings of the feet, water flowing between the cups, the path and the colours used in the traditional Rider Waite deck.

At the back of the book she has some great ideas for readings, including quick interpretations, spreads and layouts.

This really is a lovely book, great for beginners but a lovely idea for anyone who loves tarot.   Theresa really has put a lot of thought in to this book, it is more than ‘just a colouring book’, you will learn plenty about the tarot and hopefully get a few hours relaxation colouring in!

Highly recommended


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Collection Feb 2017 2Collection Feb 2017 1

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Three yes Three Reviews


Tarot made Easy by Barbara Moore Illustrated by Eugene Smith (Llewellyn)

It was with some delight I received the Tarot Made Easy deck to review as I like RW style decks. Also, I am always looking for new decks to use in my tarot classes. On unsealing this deck I realised it is a revamped version of Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot which I have already reviewed some time ago with a glowing report.  The only difference is that the packaging is now a nice presentation box with a magnetic clip, much better than the original, and the illustrations on the front are different, but if you have the Classic Tarot by Barbara you will not need to purchase this deck.

Anyway, as I am reviewing 3 decks today I have decided to do a New Year reading with each.    The first one with Tarot Made Easy by Barbara Moore


IX The Hermit: Reflecting on the past year, what could we have done better, did we focus on what we needed? Be careful you do not drift in to 2017 with the same old habits and values.

Eight Cups: I see this as leaving behind any negative elements that 2016 created.  As a reader I know that many of my clients had many difficult challenges in 2016, this card reflects the importance of walking away and not looking back.

King Swords:  As we enter 2017 we need to focus on our goals, both personally and as a nation.  This card for me often represents the need for truth, to be transparent, it is likely this is relating to the political world of which we have little say.  I hope that we see leaders coming forward who will represent the needs for all.

King of Cups:  This cards calls for compassion, our world is so divided right now, maybe the realisation that by being kinder really does make the world go round. For you on a personal level, do you need to reach out to someone? If emotional situations get out of hand, make them right, life is too short for angst.

Six Cups: This card reminds us to allow the flow of kindness and compassion to be part of our daily life.  I feel that we are in for a rocky ride during 2017 with political turmoil both here and abroad. If we can do our bit to keep the harmony flowing in our own circles, it will help to create a small element of calm.

Five of Cups: It was all going so well and then the dreaded 5 card pops up! A sense of loss, but what could this be?  As I am reading this with a worldwide view, could this be a decision on Brexit?  As the final card is The World, I feel this is so. On a positive note the World card for me represents unity, success and achievement, at the end of the day it looks like all will be ok.

I highly recommend these cards, please see previous review for further information.

 Modern SpellCasters Tarot by Melanie Marquis Illustrated by Scott Murphy (Llewellyn)

I love this deck, beautiful box with a magnetic clasp with borderless cards, the cards have a sense of mystic about them.  There is an essence of RW about these cards with a twist of magic and witchcraft discreetly woven in to the images, the images are glorious and a little dark. The cards are easy to read even if you have no knowledge of magic and witchcraft.  I will definitely use this with my clients although I will pick and choose who gets to have a reading with these as the images are not for everyone.

The companion book is a book of its own, packed with information and suggestion for spells.  Each card, as well as interpretations has a paragraph explaining ‘Magickal Uses’ and how to use that particular card in spell work.  Melanie has done a wonderful job with these cards, as has illustrator Scott Murphy.  I highly recommend this deck.

This is my five card reading, the centre card acts as a significator for 2017


Six Pentacles: Balance and imbalance pretty much sums up the climate of 2016, I don’t want to go on too much about the Brexit vote but I do feel this card reflects what happened and how people feel.

The Hermit:  A card of reflection, being mindful of  your choices and allowing ourselves to take time out to think, breathe and be calm.

Nine Swords: In the handbook she describes the feeling of the aftermath of a fight, of course we know this card can represent sorrow and regret, but maybe this teaches us how to deal and act with negative situations rather than ponder on them.

King of Swords: A strong person taking control, could this be in your life or on a world stage? We hope that whoever this card represents that they have the integrity the King of Swords brings to a situation.

Judgement: A major shift, rebirth and renewal, looks like the end of the year will bring a feeling of calm after a storm.

5* cards I am keeping these!!

Dreaming Way (Lenormand) Artwork Kwon Shina Written by Lynn Araujo (US Games)

I have loads of Lenormand decks, not showing off but another collection which is slowly growing.  To be honest I don’t read with them very often preferring my tarot.  The Dreaming Way cards are just so sweet, I can’t actually think of another word to describe them, the illustrations are delicate with pastel like colouring, each image simple yet full of wisdom.

I asked the cards “what do my readers need to know to create a good year”


31 SUN: Vitality, optimism and success. Build your confidence and look for signs and synchronicities to help you guide the way to success

14 FOX: False friends, get rid of them!

21 HEART: Compassion and the love of mankind also relates to being passionate about what you do.

Summing up: You are in control of how successful you want your life to be. Don’t let people who are jealous or unsupportive hold you back, they have no place in your life.  Seek out what you love, if you can find passion in your life, through a person or doing what you love, everything will seem easier.

Another 5* recommendation from me!



Review: Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray

Hay House Publication

A note came through the door, I had missed the postman with a parcel too big to go through the letter box. Off I went to the main Post Office to collect, I saw the Hay House logo on the envelope and wondered what was inside.  It was a lovely surprise to receive the much talked about Keepers of the Light cards by the lovely Kyle Gray.    Now, as a professional tarot reader I make no excuses for not being a great lover of Oracle cards, however, there is a time and place when the gentle energy of the Oracles are needed.  Also, those who are fearful of tarot (don’t get me started) the Oracles are a great way to build confidence with cards.  I digress……..

On opening the deck the first thing that struck me was the quality, too many tarot decks these days are guilty of poor quality.  These feel lush and expensive. The gold edging gives these cards a sumptuous look.  The cards are a mixture of angels, gods, goddesses some we know as factual beings, others as spiritual or mythical beings all illustrated beautifully by artist Lily Moses. The colour tones are gentle and mindful of the energy of each card.  Of course the best way to test a deck is to do a reading, so I did myself a 3 card spread, I did not use the book for my interpretations as the messages seemed clear.  My reading went as follows:


Card 1 Freya: Phases and Cycles – There is a beginning within every ending, illusions are revealed and released.

How relevant this is to me now, after finding out who my friends are and releasing those who have been nasty.   Illusion is a powerful word and very apt.

Card 2: Faith:  Humanity and Benevolence – Stay Calm. Trust the good in yourself and others.  See the light in the world. 

Ok I get the message. Let the Scorpio in me not  dwell on what has gone, try and see the good in the situation, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Card 3: El Morya: Awakening Presence – The Universe is with you, wear cloak of protection.

I see this as being careful with whom you trust, protection is important as others have the ability to take your power.

Obviously this reading has great relevance to me right now and I can see the benefit of using these cards for personal use, I like the idea of finishing a tarot reading and getting the client to pull a card from this deck as a word of wisdom to go away with.

Truly one of the nicest Oracles I have seen for a long time. A definite purchase for those who want to find either clarity or deep meaning in a situation.  The accompanying book has additional meanings and includes layouts and idea for reading for others.

Well done Kyle Gray.  Your light is shining through this deck.