Pisces– Ace Swords – Deal swiftly with any conflict around you, as once you resolve matters, you will feel motivated and raring to go.

Aries– The Hermit –Don’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself, we all need a peaceful period at some point without stress and worry.

Taurus– The Magician – If you are looking for change, look outside of the box, an opportunity may call which you had not thought of before.

Gemini– Two Swords – Do what you can to resolve difficult issues, if you are not seeing results, then allow the situation to flow until you are ready to tackle them.

Cancer– The Empress – Being creative and enjoying the arrival of spring will make you feel more alive this month.  A good time to put plans in to action.

Leo– Wheel of Fortune – You may face a dilemma, think seriously about your choices, if you are able to take control, life could be so much better.

Virgo– Nine Swords – You may be overthinking a situation, time to take action and look at your options which will enable you to move forward.

Libra– Ace Pentacles- At last your finances have a positive influence around them.  Good news around health or a perfect time to start a diet or health kick.    

Scorpio– Judgement- If you feel ready for a fresh start, work on removing the issues which bind you so you can seek fulfilment for your highest good.

Sagittarius– Six Pentacles – Be ruthless with your finances make sure the books balance with your spending v’s income.  You need to create boundaries. et.

Capricorn– King Pentacles – Stop taking life so seriously, time to be a little extravagant, it will do you the power of good!

Aquarius – Four Cups – There is a big wide world out there, so stop making excuses and limiting yourself.  You will be surprised how quickly you can turn your life around with effort.