November News

November is always a strange month for me, although there is always conference work to do, generally it is a time when I can step back, at least for a short while.

After the conference Martin and I headed off to Pompeii, we had booked this trip just before lockdown and had to cancel, so it had been a few years in the waiting.

We hired a personal guide who took us to the archaeological site, he knew short cuts and how to beat the crowds, his knowledge of the area and the history was second to none, his time was worth every Euro!  What I didn’t know, was the Pagan roots deep within the culture of Pompeii.  Pagan symbolism, some which I recognised were dotted everywhere, statues of Gods and Goddesses beautifully restored, I learnt more about Roman mythology in a few hours than ever before, our guide Ciro told us in detail what they meant.   It is strange to think about how prominent the Pagan history is in a place where the opulent Basilica stands so proudly in the main square. We were there on a Sunday and it was fascinating to watch generations of families, men in suits, women and children dressed beautifully enter the church.   Religion is a huge part of this place, and despite its Pagan roots, not a Tarot deck to be found, plenty of nodding Jesus and crucifixes though!

There was a different vibe when we went took the train to Naples for the day, there were Tarot shops, although a little disappointing, I think the main supplier was Lo Scarabeo, I didn’t see any deck I didn’t already own or wanted.   The weather in Naples the day we visited was not great, museums had huge queues, we ended up walking to the ‘Maradona Shrine’, did some shopping shared a pizza and headed back to Pompeii.

Since being back from my break, I have taken time to read the testimonials from the 2023 Conference, wow you guys, you are just the best, thank you to everyone who took time to write and share on social media.   It truly inspires me to keep going.  The line-up for 2024 is pretty much complete, I am in negotiations with the venue, and once we agree the conference terms, I will try and get a room deal.  It will all come together beautifully.   You can view the re-cap video of the 2023 conference here: Link to recap 

We have a handful of Limited Edition Arcana20 for sale, don’t miss out there are just 100 decks in the world, we are now able to post to international destinations. We could not offer this before the conference as we were not sure how many we would have left.  We are offering FREE postage UK and worldwide during November, you can purchase you deck HERE.   When they are gone, they are gone.

Finally, everyone who attended this year would have received an e mail for first option on 2024 tickets, please let me know if you would like me to reserve a place for you as tickets are limited and as you know we are a sold out event.