They say January is the longest month of the year, but for me it went by way too fast, not only tying up loose ends with the Conference venue, but also working on a new project which is confirmed in the diary for 3-5th April 2025 (more on this later) the month went by in a flash. I am getting carried away with my new project, typical me, with eyes looking ahead of the immediate jobs to be done, I am getting over excited by my next adventure, it is something never touched on before but so important to the Tarot world, my Tarot peeps will love it, as a teaser, I am sharing this door (yes a rubbish clue, but if you know, you know).

Conference news!  The 2024 line-up was already looking fabulous before Kristoffer Hughes announced that ‘The Bee Tarot’ is released this year, well we can’t have him relaxing in the audience when there are stories to tell, so I have allocated a mini slot so Kris can share the deck and its background with us and of course offer signed copies.  Bees are a bit of a theme with our friend Mark Ryan the voice of ‘Transformers’ Bumblebee speaking, I have only just realised this synchronicity, now I am going to have to work out a link to compliment it!

Tiffany Lazic (Author) has been added to the programme, she has hosted workshops for conferences in Canada, US, Mexico, India, and the UK.  I am very excited to have her on board.   Oh, did I mention the pre-conference event Thursday evening, there might be a surprise guest amongst us, but I have said to much already lol.   On the note of Thursday, there are just 4 spaces left.  The conference itself is already 2/3rd full. I do recommend if you are thinking of joining us in person, to pay an amount via the ‘Pay as you Go’ button to secure your place.  It can always be transferred to a virtual if you are unable to make it.  If you want to join us virtually, don’t forget we have an Early Bird Offer running until April 1st!

All booking options are here

Finally, I now have preferential rates for both the Holiday Inn and the Royal National (2 minute walk to the venue).  Please e-mail me for details.

That’s all for this month, have a good one wherever you are.


Kim x