As always, every conference, we strive for ways to create a better Tarot experience for you all and keep the energy fresh.   This year, we plan to remove the partition between the main event room and the space where the refreshments and stalls were previously, thus creating a larger space for round tables.  For 2020, the large main screen and stage will be moved back to occupy this space. The new screen is much bigger than the old one, plus of course, the TV monitors dotted around the room, will make the event more accessible for everyone.  I have discussed this with the conference team at the venue and I am confident that we will create a wonderful environment.

We will have a new area for merchandise and refreshments giving our third conference at this venue a new feel.  The Saturday lunchtime workshop which includes lunch, will again be in a separate private room, and of course, we have booked a dedicated room for our Thursday evening pre conference workshop, dinner and hot of the press, issue 3 of The Esotoracle.

The cost for the two-day ticket has stayed the same (Friday/Saturday), the only increase is for Friday ONLY attendees.  This year we are looking to do something special for Friday evening and have a buffet rather than the canapes.    We are also looking to make Friday evening more involved, with private readings on offer as well as our Auction, raffle and a great time to get together socially.

In addition to the tickets usually on sale, we have added a FULL Pentacle ticket which includes Pre-Conference Thursday, the Conference and lunch on Saturday.    We are offering an ‘early bird’ price on this until 3rd February.

As we celebrate our 17th Year honouring the Star card, we plan for this Conference to shine more brightly than ever before.        The UK Tarot Conference is always a SOLD-OUT event, so if you are not yet ready to buy your ticket in full, a deposit option is available and in February we will set up the monthly payment option.  Will keep you posted.  Book HERE

Kim x