19th 20th October 2018 London  

(Added event with Benebell Wen on Thursday 18th October from 6.30p.m.)

Venue: Holiday Inn, Kensington High Street (2 min walk Kensington High St tube)

Key Speakers: Rachel Pollack & Benebell Wen with Geraldine Beskin, Jo Watkins, Cilla Conway, Tero Hynynen  (Lunchtime Linda MacLean & María Luisa Salazar)   

SOLD OUT! Private Event with Benebell Wen Thursday 18th October 6.30p.m.   Tarot, the I Ching, the Mathematical Formulas of Magic & God.  Limited numbers for an exclusive evening with Benebell who introduces a fresh new workshop especially created for the UK Tarot Conference

In this intimate evening discussion, we’ll address the mathematical formulas that determine magic and the divine. Both the tarot and the I Ching are quantum systems that express these formulas. We’ll examine and work with both as an integrated divinatory form.  I’ll present my correspondences between the 78 cards of the tarot and the 8 trigrams that construct the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching and how to work with the two together in your readings. If you do the math, 8 trigrams corresponding to the tarot will fit evenly 9 times (corresponding to the Lo Shu magic square), with 6 cards remaining unattributed—the 6 mathematical formulas of magic and God.

All attendees will receive a complimentary digital e-book copy of my translations to the I Ching Book of Changes along with written memorialization of all that we cover. You’ll also be sent the online course materials for “I Ching and the Practitioner” to help supplement the takeaway points from this evening discussion.     Includes Buffet Supper and complimentary Online course ‘I Ching and the Practitioner’ generously gifted to all attending this special event by Benebell Wen  (Booking option for this workshop, scroll to the bottom of this page)

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FRIDAY – Registration opens from 10a.m. for a meet and greet with coffee/tea and pastries.   Programme officially starts at 10.45a.m.

Benebell Wen: Tarot and Katabasis: Keys to the Underworld The Underworld is a projection of that psycho-spiritual realm beneath the waking state of this material plane. It’s a collective unconscious that subsists below physical reality. Different laws of physics and different natural laws apply in this psycho-spiritual realm, which in psychological terms, is simply to say we are not who we are in these subterranean realms. What happens in the Underworld, stays in the Underworld… though we’ll take back with us memories of those experiences, sensations, and life lessons. In Greek mythos, the ruler of that Underworld is Hades; in Egyptian mythos, it’s Osiris; in Chinese mythos, it’s Yan Wang; in Buddhism, Yama. This ruler is in part ourselves, our own inner godhead, or willpower.  Together in this course, we will learn how to possess that inner godhead, wield that power, and navigate the Underworld with tarot techniques.  The tarot reading techniques taught in this presentation can be applied to the following aspects of katabasis, or descent into the personal Underworld:

§  Interpreting dreams, on the presumption that the dream is a message from the psycho-spiritual Underworld, or unconscious mind

§  Dealing with death, to help ourselves or others make sense of a recent loss of a loved one

§  Shadow work, to better understand personal unconscious impulses driving some of the recurring negativity we’ve been experiencing in our lives

§  Facing our fears and gaining full control over those fears through the inner godhead of the Underworld and neutralizing those fears so that they no longer disempower us

The techniques can be applied in personal tarot work or in a professional setting to help clients navigate their own Underworlds. Using the metaphor of the Underworld and the katabasis journey, you’ll learn how to help yourself and others interpret dreams from the unconscious mind, deal with death and loss, confront and then dispel negativity in our lives, and face our fears to become the master in control of our own Underworld, or unconscious mind.

Rachel Pollack: Chicken Feet, A Big grin, and Forbidden Questions--the Devil card in the Raziel Tarot – The Raziel Tarot, created by myself and Robert place, is based on Jewish stories.  One result of this is a Devil that is neither Christian nor Pagan.  The story behind it involves King Solomon (featured on the Magician card) capturing and enslaving a demon named Ashmedai.  Foolishly, Solomon asks the great forbidden question, “When and how will I die?”  Ashmedai tricks Solomon and then takes his place.  Through this story we can look at the (subtle, maybe secret) relationship between the Magician and the Devil,  not just in the Raziel, but in all Tarot decks.  Inspired by this connection, we will do a reading on how to understand the Devil—and the Magician—in any Tarot.


Tero Hynynen: History & Evolution of the Tarot Devil (incl. The Seven Faces Spread) Looking at the iconographical evolution of the Devil card, comparing its journey through the centuries in different packs with that of the Devil outside of the Tarot. From mythology to art, from pop culture to Dark Arts, the many lives and faces of the Original Rebel become revealed. During the second half we’ll focus on the Seven Faces Spread, where we explore the psychology and wisdom of the Tarot Bad Boy. The Devil’s motto “The only way is Excess” will ultimately lead us into a more balanced state of being.

Friday Evening Lecture 7.15p.m. with Geraldine Beskin: The life of Pamela Colman Smith –  An opportunity to experience first hand, special information about Pamela never shared before.

Friday 6.15p.m. Carol Bosack of Carol Richard Jewellery is creating amazing lines of jewellery that marry her background as a Gemmologist and her passion as  creative spirit seeking unusual and rare, natural gems and minerals to craft into unique, never seen before necklaces, pendant, and rings.  Her passion is to bring out the raw beauty of the naturals stones, and to keep them as unprocessed as possible, so as to retain all the hard work Nature has done for them billions of years under the earth.   These iconic pieces range from large statement necklaces (like her ‘Betty and Wilma’ collection), to smaller natural quartz pendants and rings to suit different tastes and individual styles. As Carol sees it, each stone seems to tell it’s own story, so when they’re strung together or alone, you seem to get a glimpse into their souls.  Many of us in the tarot community also understand  how important the intrinsic meaning and healing properties of these stones and minerals are for ourselves and others. So, you’ll see some unique and possibly new minerals and stones to add to your collection. Incidentally, Carol is also a  tarot reader, and when I asked her what her favourite stone or crystal was, she quickly responded with Labordorite! “It’s the stone of the Magician -it ignites curiosity, bravery, love, and courage and invites us to dance with the alchemy of the earth, sun, moon, combined with a tincture of magic”.

Lunchtime Presentation with Linda MacLean:  This presentation will begin with a brief history of Hermetic Qabalah, and how and why it deviates from the attributions of most Jewish Kabalistic traditions. The Hermetic Qabalah was developed by the Golden Dawn and is reflected in the imagery of the RWS Tarot deck. Hidden meaning can be discovered by looking closely at where those cards are placed on the Tree of Life. We will also touch on Kabbalistic Magick (time allowing).


Benebell Wen: Tarot and the Four Pillars: Divining for Self-Empowerment –  The four pillars of esoteric or mystical wisdom are: to do, to dare, to keep silent, and to know. These four pillars correspond with the fixed modality or four fixed signs in Western astrology: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius respectively. Fixed modality is the Key to personal completion, transcendence, to oneness and wholeness. You’ll find that instructive Key revealed at the juncture point of the Fool’s Journey, in Key 10: Wheel of Fortune (Rider-Waite-Smith) and then at the completion point of the Journey, in Key 21: The World, both cards featuring imagery from Merkabah or Chariot mysticism per Abrahamic mythos—acknowledgement of the four directions, four elements, and four seasonal points, the wholeness of space-time.  In this course we’ll work with the four pillars, using The Hierophant, Strength, Death, and The Star in tarot as our guides, anchors, and significators to learn tarot techniques for self-empowerment. What must we do? How can we dare and manifest our audacity? What secrets will the Universe and Spirit divulge to us? What is it that we must know? A portfolio of tarot reading techniques will be shared so that readers might help themselves and help others toward self-mastery of the four pillars.

Rachel Pollack: What do you do if you ask for a vision of your soul and you get the Devil?   For many people the Devil is one of those cards they prefer not to get.  But what happens if it shows up in a position they hope will be positive, such as “Outcome,” or “Highest Good?”  And what if the Devil is one of your “soul” cards (derived from your birth date)?  We will look at ways to understand the Devil, both in his fearsome state and his potential power.  We will derive a reading that begins with assuming the Devil has come up in a place you don’t want it, and how the deck can help you deal with it.

Cilla Conway: The Quantum Dance of Consciousness: Why the Tarot and other Oracles work. You are invited to do a reading for yourself and a partner. Taking a card to tell you what the impossible set of beliefs is that you need to give up. Now take another card for what’s possible, when you’ve given it up. Given this is a completely new paradigm, we may find that our cards are rather strange. This is reading images on a deeper level, because now we realise that these images go to the heart of a deeper reality.  This is an invitation to strip away the veils and connect with the new reality of the Conscious universe

Jo Watkins:  The Oracle within Tarot  Action packed -discovery session. Exploring -Who is The Oracle within Tarot ?What is -the meaning of the word Oracle ?, within Tarot ? Discussing methods- how to use information through Tarot to enhance the Oracle. Ice breaker activity to explore together, further qualities within your own realm.   Why – taking on ones ownership of The Oracle within Tarot is valuable . The Outcome – To clearly  identify  your own personal strengths, as the True Oracle you are through Tarot.

Lunchtime Presentation by María Luisa Salazar (Lima Perú) Comparing the Rider Waite with The Osho Zen Tarot Deck – We will explore ten Rider Waite Cards under the Osho Zen Tarot perspective and will get a new feeling for what they suggest to us. From Rider Waite 1909 to Osho Zen 1994, we can explore how the 78 cards, can take us to the same path of transformation, but how with Osho Zen, it may be easier to tap into our inner consciousness.


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