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The UK Tarot Conference


Venue: Holiday Inn, Kensington High Street (Wrights Lane)

11th – 12th October 2019

2019 Speakers: Mary K Greer, Caitlin Matthews, Davide De Angelis, Katrina Wynne, Avril Price, Richard Abbot & Anastasia Haysler, Janet Piedilato 

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Mary K Greer:    “Breakthrough to Mastery: the Tarot Sevens”   Discover how the Chariot, Tower, Star and four sevens in the Minor Arcana point to our goals, temptations and breakthroughs, revealing what drives us as we move forward to meet the challenges that come with victory and mastery. We will explore the cards in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck as representing psychomachia, the battle for the soul. Soul lives in the places where we go wrong: the seven vices. You’ll do a spread that indicates how the Minor Arcana sevens, in particular, can help you struggle through the soulfulness of vice to potential triumph through the virtues. Not only is this a workshop on the sevens, but it also suggests a way to interpret all the Majors and Pips.

Mary K Greer    “A Jungian Approach to Tarot”   Of all the psychological theories in the West, that of Carl Jung stands out as most applicable to Tarot. Jung wrote about Tarot on several occasions, seeing it as depicting archetypes of transformation like those he found in myths, dreams and alchemy. He described its divinatory abilities as similar to the I-Ching and astrology. Late in life Jung formed a group to delve into a person’s psyche by combining information from five divinatory systems, among them, Tarot. In this workshop you’ll explore practical ways in which a Jungian approach can enrich your personal experience with the cards.

Caitlin Matthews  Speaking the Oracle: Constellating the Cards  When we read Tarot for another person, two things are happening: we are laying down the cards in patterns that constellate together in a meaningful way, and we are giving voice to the oracle of the cards. In this session we will set up a tarot constellation wherein we will understand how readers experience these influences, and speak the tarot’s oracle:  each table will also have a chance to experience embodied tarot oracles.  For this session please bring with you a tarot that other people can easily understand, as we will be reading around our tables.

Davide De Angelis  THE STARMAN TAROT – Seeing Through Eyes of Creative Wonder  Davide will take you through the wild and complex odyssey of the Starman Tarot, from its birth within his provocative and fantastical artistic collaborations with David Bowie, through his explorations of shamanism, magic and a myriad of astonishing ideas, experiments, sycornicities and revelations that spanned across decades.  Davide will guide you through The Starman Tarot, revealing it as a radical ‘art technology’ designed to evoke a profound presence of meaning and infuse your life with a vivid sense of wonder.   Bowie described Davide’s creative work as “Potent Visual Alchemy”.   Davide’s unique form of ‘visual alchemy’ serves to vitalise its audience and draw them into a timely, intimate and inspired conversation with themselves. During this presentation, you will discover how the Starman Tarot is meticulously crafted to shine light and birth new understanding and insight into the compelling drama of our lives. Davide will show you how working with this tarot deck invites a visceral and visionary experience, bypassing the logical, fear based assumptions that control us everyday.  You will experience how this deck serves as a ‘magical mirror’ into the deepest parts of our human imagination.     An interweaving of nature based shamanic teachings and magic with futuristic science and technology the Starman Tarot addresses the major archetypal themes and challenges in life that we all experience; birth, love, death and the quest to determine our life purpose. This enduring, visual framework is a powerful reminder of the incessant rhythm of creation and destruction. The talk will be a highly dynamic communication of ideas that will gift you wisdom’s and insights into how you can bring truly meaningful and powerful possibilities to life for yourself. You will discover how to use the deck to actualise your own creative gifts and importantly bring them fully to life. You will understand the wondrous connection between art, magic and science, shinning new light on what astonishing futures sit waiting to be activated.  Its message is that we all have the capacity to awaken and discover the magical nature of life each day whatever our circumstances. The time for you to become a being guided and shaped by the spirit of creativity is now.

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Katrina Wynne “Shadow Work – an Exploration of Psychological Challenges and Spiritual Opportunities”   Tarot cards show us our deepest, darkest secrets, while also presenting opportunities for transformation and healing for those things that trouble us or our clients. Join us as we reveal the shadow side of each Major Arcana card with brilliant explanations—such as the difference between the Key of Addiction and the Key of Attachment that help guide us through the powerful messages in the cards.   By working with your own shadow in this dynamic presentation using experiential exercises, you not only find clarity in your own life, but develop skills to better support your clients through life’s hurdles and challenging lessons.

Richard Abbot ‘The TOWER falls…A new TAROT is born;   Witness the birth of a not only a new deck, but a completely new way of thinking about and working with the Tarot.   Acting as the ‘Light’ in the Lightning Struck Tower, Richard will illuminate a radically new approach to the cards where you will get the opportunity to work with the new deck.

Kim Arnold & Geraldine Beskin  The story of Jean-Baptiste Alliette, and how the Ettiella Tarot travelled with the Romany community in Victorian times. Find out how this may have been the foundation for the well known Celtic Cross as we embark on a spread deep in superstition.

Yolanda M. Robinson    The Wisdom of the Tower in the Year of the Hanged Man.   The year 2019, the year of the Hanged Man using Pythagorean reduction, gives us the opportunity to utilize the power of number 3 through the agency of the Magician and the High Priestess. Key 12, therefore, has been playing a pivotal role in our lives all year, helping us understand events and situations at specific moments along our personal Journey.   This presentation will allow participants to recollect and contemplate, during the season of harvest, how they have used the power of numbers 1 and 2 through the year, plus how the number 3 of creation and/or regeneration has been manifesting so far in their lives.    Our main focus for this workshop will be connecting both Keys 16 and 12 at the literal, symbolic, and spiritual levels while navigating our personal psychic fields at this moment.

Avril Price ‘Tower, Healer and Game Changer’   ‘THE WOUND IS THE CRACK WHERE THE LIGHT ENTERS YOU.’  Rumi   The Tower can be seen as the spiritual healer in the deck, in early decks this card is called Le Maison Deu, the house of God.  Healing the spirit can be challenging and demanding but holds promise of liberation, balance and release. As a result of this we are set free into a fresh approach to our path and purpose.   A dynamic archetype, it stirs us from our slumber and releases us from stagnation and encourages us to look at the wounds and trauma that hold us back, the crumbling of the ego which is then re-built. Letting go is a challenge and by exploring the Tower we can understand what is it that we are holding on to and why.  We have all had our own particular Tower moments which are part of life’s rich experiences and by accessing this personal wisdom we can understand the Tower better.

Friday Evening Social Event we welcome Janet Piedilato talking about The Mystical Dream Tarot   This remarkable tarot emerges directly from the mystical realms of dream and vision, manifesting completely fresh imagery. Pregnant with possibilities that shine light upon the hidden and reveal new pathways of understanding, each image – direct from the author’s own dream experiences – is an original offering rich with powerful insights designed to awaken that which is essential for moving forward on our journey of self-discovery.   The stunning deck and accompanying guidebook invite you to discover the wisdom and truth that lie beyond the limited view of waking reality, and to draw upon the power of your unconscious – the insight of your psyche – to meet life’s challenges and achieve your goals.

Saturday Private Tarot Luncheon (additional cost to include buffet lunch see below) with  Anastasia Haysler  ‘Your Friend, The Tower’ When the Tower card turns up in a reading, most people are not happy to see it. The prospect of destruction isn’t a fun thing to contemplate, but like all Tarot cards, the Tower has more than one aspect. We’ll look at the Tower to see it could possibly be seen as a positive indicator in a reading, using a spread specifically to work with this challenging,and exciting card.               Book Now £22  (Can only be booked as part of the Conference Programme)

Saturday Lunchtime workshop With Tero Hynynen – Working with the Tower energy including ‘When the Sh*t hits the Fan Spread’.  

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