Review of the Chakra Wisdom Tarot by Tori Hartman (Watkins Publishing) £16.99
By Kim Arnold

Having seen and been very impressed by Tori Hartman when I attended a workshop by her at Atlantis bookshop many years ago, I was excited to be asked to review this deck.

Before I delve into the merits of the Chakra Wisdom Tarot, let me tell you my observations on Tori. Having sat through many workshops/talk/lectures on chakras, I will be very honest and say NO ONE has ever impressed me, usually they drag out the same old chakra woo woo and I leave thinking that was time I will never get back! Anyway, fast forward to Tori Hartman, I genuinely loved her workshop, it was fast paced, packed with knowledge, interactive and she is a delight to listen too. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am she will be joining us at the London Tarot Festival in June.

Watkins have done a great job sparing no expense in putting this set together. The 112 page booklet goes beyond what you would usually expect from an accompanying book. It is full colour, packed with diagrams, lots of spreads to try and ideas for manifesting as well as information about the chakra system. The cards are colourful and although not completely traditional, each card is clearly recognisable and the illustrations perfectly in synch with the element and meaning. These cards make you tap in to YOU. Not just what is happening on the external part of your life (work, love, finances, family etc) but it encourages you to see what is blocked within you and ideas on how you can work on yourself. Also, you do not need to know anything about the Chakra system to work with these cards, but you will learn plenty along the way.

I chose the ‘Your Path to Manifesting’ spread, for a trial reading, I have shared the image of my reading but will just choose a few cards so you get the drift.

Card 1. How your roots are deepening – Strength – I fully understand this card in this position, as I get older I feel more secure, not only in myself, but in my determination to continue to grow.

Card 2. The feelings that are driving you – The Devil – errmmm …. pushing boundaries?

Card 6. What do you do to support yourself intuitively – Judgement – Reminding myself that I can always improve. I like the idea of Angel Gabriel being around.

Card 7. How will your dreams support the universe? Ace of Cups – Being committed to a goal and trust that support comes when needed.

The reading was a real eye opener for me, and has given much clarity in areas I did not know needed focus. I also used these cards with my monthly meditation group, I had everyone pull a card and everyone had a message which related to their life.

These cards will be a fabulous edition to your Tarot collection, they offer something different and encourage you to look deep within. Go buy a deck, you will not be disappointed! Tori will be speaking at the London Tarot Festival on 1st June.