London Tarot Festival 2019

The London Tarot Festival is hosted by Kim Arnold of the UK Tarot Conference & Geraldine & Bali Beskin of The Atlantis Bookshop London’s oldest occult shop.

Saturday 1st June 2019

Venue: Holiday Inn, 30 Jamestown Rd, Camden Town, London NW1 7BY    (Nearest Tube Camden Town 3 minute walk)

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The London Tarot Festival is an annual gathering of Tarot lovers coming together to explore the mysteries of the Tarot.   On the 1st June 2019, the 5th London Tarot Festival will take place at our new larger venue at The Holiday Inn, Camden Lock, London.

The Festival offers a casual and relaxed setting for Tarot authors, artists, teachers, beginners and professional readers to come together in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, this is the place where skills and teaching expertise are shared.   An opportunity to tap in to the wisdom and knowledge from those who have studied and worked with Tarot for many years.     The Festival has heaving merchandise stalls, if you fancy a reading, seek advice from our fabulous readers, amazing workshops, free table top sessions with Tarot authors, our brilliant Tombola with decks and books donated by our generous sponsors and a café and bar on site for all your refreshment needs.     We invite you join us in unlocking the secrets of Tarot in an informal setting, come and join us and learn, share and experience Tarot at a whole new level.

SPEAKERS: Tori Hartman (USA), Liz Dean, Joan Charles,  Deborah Bacci,  Kim Arnold, Steven Bright 

Our thanks to our media sponsors Kindred Spirit Magazine 

Workshop: Tori Hartman Chakra Wisdom TAROT: The 7 hidden chakra keys to the Tarot that will transform your readings forever!   In a fast paced and interactive “fun”shop – Tori will show you how to add new wisdom to your reading toolkit using her New Chakra Wisdom Tarot deck.  Each chakra holds a key to unlock messages within us, which can deepen our connection to Tarot cards. You will gain instant knowledge as each of the 78 cards fall into one chakra – and the pattern of instant recognition in these cards will astound you.  Unique to this deck is the Fool’s Chakra Journey. You will follow the Fool through her story told through her internal chakra evolution in each of the Major Arcana.  When you put all the pieces together you will emerge with a new perspective on Tarot, Your Chakra, and the answers in the path of Chakra Wisdom Tarot.   Check out Tori’s Chakra Wisdom Tarot available for pre-order

Workshop: Liz Dean  Tarot Switchwords   The Magic Words that Manifest the Gifts of the Arcanas:     Liz presents the full tarot-Switchword alignments, and first in-depth workshop – and book – on the subject.    Switchwords are selected power-words from our everyday language that switch on the subconscious mind. Identified by Freud as ‘verbal bridges’ between the conscious and subconscious selves, Switchwords talk to the hidden, powerful part of ourselves that manifests what we desire. Combine Switchwords with tarot, and we have a very powerful practice that activates the gifts and healing potential of each card.    In this workshop, you’ll discover some key tarot-Switchword alignments to bring into your personal and client readings. For example, the Switchword aligned with the High Priestess is BETWEEN and LISTEN: these are the clairvoyance Switches, which you can also chant to enhance your connection during any reading. The Magician’s Switchword is REACH, just like his heaven-and-earth pose on the card. REACH brings inspiration, solves problems – and even helps you find lost objects (chant REACH whenever you need to find those glasses or car keys…)You’ll discover how to:   * Get Switchword mantras from classic spreads    * Use Switchwords to prepare to read your cards   * Test the Switchwords that work most effectively for you  * Give your tarot clients the gift of a Switchword mantra

Workshop: Joan Charles: “The 50 Shades of Tarot”    Our lives are woven into the intricate tapestry of life and the tarot is a wonderful tool to assist us in uncovering that which is hidden in its deep fabric. The sensual and sexual side of our nature is as important as any other area and as such one which we will be exploring in my workshop “The 50 Shades of Tarot” I will be using the tarot to look at various aspects of sexuality and in the workshop you will also have the chance to see how and what this means for you. It’s not for the faint hearted, it will be fun and perhaps we can all learn a thing or two from this session.     Joan will be available for readings throughout the day

TABLE TALK with Steven Bright (Free)  Allowing the cards to be versatile is one of the things that many readers find difficult. While they may understand what the 3 of Swords can mean when referring to an existing or forthcoming situation, working out who the card could be if it depicted a person can be less easy to figure out. Similarly, understanding what the Knight of Cups might suggest as an activity, rather than a person, can leave some tarot students stumped. In my book ‘Tarot: Your Personal Guide’, I provide examples for both a situation and personality-type for all seventy-eight of the cards. In this talk, I will provide some examples about how the cards can be read with a little more flexibility and imagination.

Table Talk with Debbie Bacci (Free) Alchemy of the Splendor Solis Tarot  Practising Alchemy through the correspondences of Elements, Astrology and the Tree of Life. Debbie will talk about this magical deck, her alchemical art in collaboration with author Marie Angelo, and Alchimia Publishing. Splendor Solis Tarot box set available.

Table Talk with Mike Medaglia – Liminal 11 (Free) How can the tarot sync up with the worlds increasing focus on mindfulness and self care? This talk will explore using the tarot as a tool for self-reflection, personal growth and increasing ones emotional intelligence and compassion. With a focus on The Luna Sol Tarot, a modern, positive, uplifting new tarot deck, we will explore the tarot’s ability to bring comfort at a time of great change and uncertainty.

Workshop:Kim Arnold hosts ‘Tarot, all of us a Critic’! Taking a look at new hot off the press Tarot decks (provided) and trying out the spreads associated with them. A chance to do readings with the latest decks and indulge ourselves in the love of Tarot. Someone from each table will go home with the deck!

 (Free) Maya Sadarangani is a Celtic Wiccan Priestess, based in the USA. In 2018 she embarked on the first leg of her ‘Witches Journey’.  Witches Journey is a documentary project with an Oracle Deck at its centre. Through the visitation of numerous sacred sites around Britain, Maya draws inspiration for each of the cards within the deck.  During her presentation Maya will show a short trailer for the documentary and discuss her reasons for wanting to develop an Oracle deck.

Golden Ticket ( Access all Areas/Workshops) £45  

NB Day entry tickets can be purchased on the door

Merchandise Space  SOLD OUT

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