London Tarot Festival – 2nd June 2018

The London Tarot Festival is hosted by Kim Arnold of the UK Tarot Conference & Geraldine & Bali Beskin of The Atlantis Bookshop London’s oldest occult shop.

 Talks, workshops, merchandise, readings, tombola and a chance to connect with the Tarot Community.

Venue: Platform,  Hornsey Road Baths, 2 Tiltman Place, London N7 7EE (nearest Tube Finsbury Park)

Speakers: Mary Greer, Juliet Sharman-Burke, Richard Abbot, Jane Struthers, Liz Dean, David Wells, Geraldine Beskin, Kim Arnold 

(GT) Mary Greer – The Life and Art of Pamela Colman Smith – Details to follow

(GT) Juliet Sharman-Burke –  The Astrological Elements and the Court Cards.  In this workshop, we will look at ways of relating to the Court Cards, especially King Queen and Knight, by connecting them to the astrological signs they can be likened to. We will discuss the Modalities or Qualities of the elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water to get a deeper understanding of each card.

(GT) Richard Abbot – Use Numerology to Improve your Tarot Readings  Numerology can be as complicated as you like, but basically everyone should know a little about numbers and how to use them in your readings.   Why? Because Numbers are Alive! They are full of energy and possibility in the same way that any archetypal or oracular image is. It has even been said that the Numbers are the Gods. Whatever the truth of that this session will deliver practical and accessible ways of reading the Tarot better, with the help of numbers.

(GT) Jane Struthers –  Seasonal Readings – The four points of the year when the Sun enters a new cardinal sign mark the spring equinox (Aries), the summer solstice (Cancer), the autumnal equinox (Libra) and the winter solstice (Capricorn). These are very powerful energetic moments because they herald the start of a new season – and a threshold of beginnings for us all. This workshop shows you a special spread for each of these important times so you can work with the specific energy of each season and the processes contained within it, and understand the profound messages that each season holds for you.

(F) Geraldine Beskin – Tarot around the Thames = Using famous landmarks Geraldine will guide you through a spread based on London’s historical past. This unique spread will showcase itself for the first time at the Festival.

(F) Kim Arnold – Speed Reading with Substance = A demonstration of a 22 major arcana spread, how to connect with cards quickly and allow your intuition to guide you. This will probably be the quickest reading using 22 cards you will ever see!  A great way to connect with past, present and future.

At the Table Talks  (TT) 20 minutes followed by book signings:

(FTT) Liz Dean – Q&A Game of Thrones Tarot = Liz Dean lowers the drawbridge for your questions about the creation of this amazing deck.  Signed copies available.

(FTT) David Wells – Qabalah = Understanding the Tree of Life and how this book (Qabalah) makes a complex subject easy to work with.

Golden Ticket  (GT) Fast registration, access all areas, including all talks/workshops throughout the day plus a gift.  On the door tickets will be available nearer the time with an option to purchase a Golden Ticket workshop if space allows, door tickets include FREE (F) talks.  FREE Table Top Talks (FTT)

Purchase your Golden Ticket Now for £45

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