London Tarot Festival 2017

The London Tarot Festival is hosted by the UK Tarot Conference & The Atlantis Bookshop.    Organisers:  Kim Arnold’s London Tarot Conference has been fully sold out each year since it started in 2003.   Geraldine and Bali Beskin of The Atlantis Bookshop, London’s oldest occult shop.

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20th May 2017 10 – 5.30p.m.

The London Tarot Festival is packed with workshops and talks, something for every tarot lover.  Readings available from our skilled professional tarot readers, stalls to meander, plus lunchtime meditation in the garden if you choose to take a little time out to chill in this beautiful setting. (weather permitting).

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Israel Ajose –  Tarot + Sex + Ritual= Magik   The world of imagery and sex have a long been a powerful agent & ingredient in the world of magik which is precisely why sexual desires can be harnessed for magical works, so this workshop is about using the imagery of tarot & sexuality to power magik. this workshop will enable you to learn about the power of tarot magik & spellworking merging with showing you how to use sexual energy to empower any aspect of your life to your advantage, also using tarot to create magical environments, rituals, amulets and talismans.

Maria AntoniouLearning to Receive: How the High Priestess Develops her Intuition – The High Priestess (HP) is an aspirational figure for many tarot lovers. She is intimately connected with Divine truth and her own intuition. We may read books, attend workshops, and practice at home, aspiring to develop our spiritual knowledge and abilities. But to embody the energy of the HP we have to stop actively ‘doing’ and learn to passively ‘receive’ – not easy! This talk examines the qualities of the HP and includes several short exercises for stepping into your own Priestess power. We’ll also talk about how to maintain the HP state in our busy daily lives. 

Geraldine Beskin  – London and its Tarot History.   A tour around London land marks and their significance in Tarot.

Kim Arnold Meditation.   A journey on the Wheel of Fortune. Through deep meditation find out more as you connect with your higher self to receive a personal message from the Tarot.

Avril PriceChannelling with TarotThis workshop is aimed at bringing together your Tarot reading skills and your relationship to spirit and the higher self.   You can work with Tarot to strengthen your connection to the upper world and give voice to spirit.    During the workshop there will be exercises designed to hone your psychic/mediumistic faculty as well as deepen your Tarot reading ability. You will look at various spreads and there will be opportunity for discussion. If you have been wanting to combine these two disciplines then this workshop is a must do. You will learn how to connect with confidence to messengers from the world of light and how to translate these messages through the rich symbolism in Tarot.

Anton Rossi How to Read for Yourself: The Good, the Bad and Reality.         Pros and cons: why read for yourself?    Best spreads: keeping it simple. Using different decks for one question.    Yes/No questions.   To read or not to read: know when it is best to let it go and not read, or use another method.

Kim Arnold  – Creating a Card for You: Using techniques for accurate 2 and 3 card readings, we will look at how the energies of the cards combined will tell you different story.  Something different to bring out your creative side!

Stand space available:

Stalls:  Joneyfurcrystals   OOPRareCards  Magnetic Jewellery

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Tickets: Entry on the day @ £15 and includes access to one paid workshop only. All free workshops can be attended.  Additional workshops are £15 per session.

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