I always know when the Conference is getting near when the gifts begin to arrive for the ‘goodie bags’.  For a short time my house looks like a bomb has hit it but who cares when it is tarot related!

We have the most amazing line up and the launch of two new tarot decks. Phillip Carr-Gomm talking about the Opera Tarot (with music) and of course the English Magic Tarot with Rex, Steve and Andy in attendance to sign your books at the launch on Friday evening.

For those of you who have never attended a conference before, I promise you will leave after having the most amazing experience. With around 100 people in attendance, everyone is friendly and I know of many friendships made and cemented at the conference.  I love being at the door on the day when you all arrive and seeing faces old and new.  It really does fill me with pride. I honestly never thought 13 years of hosting this event would have been possible when I first started.  I just said to Caitlin this morning I remember when I had to beg people to speak, now I am juggling the big names of Tarot to fit them all in, Blessed I am indeed and so are you to have this amazing event to improve and learn more about this ancient tool.

Plenty have said to me in the past, I don’t need to go as I am a professional reader and pretty much know it all.  Well no you don’t, because the experience of attending our conference will help you to move with the times, find new techniques and look at the cards as never before.  I never forget when Rachel Pollack pointed out the Hermit only has one leg in the RW deck, I did not believe her lol, of course she was right, I look at that card in a different light every time I pull it from the deck.

English Magic Tarot with Rex Van Ryn, Steve Dooley and Andy Letcher.  (Picture)


Speakers: Caitlin & John Matthews, Ciro Marchetti, Philip Carr-Gomm, Lisa Eddy,  Corrine Kenner, Juliet Sharman-Burke, Steve Hounsome, Richard Abbot, Wicca Meier-Spring  & Kirsten Buchholzer – Book here: http://tarotconference.co.uk/tarot-programme/