I have just sent the Tarot Conference programme over to my designer to create a hard copy brochure.  Someone wrote to me recently after seeing the programme and called it a ‘monster of a line up’ in a good way of course!  Death is appropriate today because now the programme can speak for itself, after months of trying to get the balance right to bring the best event I possibly can to you, it is done.  I can now relax a little and concentrate on the Festival. 

When I first started the Conference ….. can you believe 13 years ago, I was really nervous about approaching people to speak, after all who was I, but they came and had faith in what I was trying to achieve, now look at us!  To be honest I never thought I would still be here (lol) but I cannot think of anything else in the world I would rather be doing.   The dear friends I have made over the years through this little deck of cards are worth their weight in gold and the knowledge gained has been an amazing inspiring journey.  I realise that I have come to only expect the best in life and that is what we have in the UK Tarot Conference.  The Tarot community on the whole are a wonderful group of passionate people and I feel privileged to be part of this.  

Just felt the need to share this with you today.  Now I’m off for a massage! (Yes feeling smug indeed)