With all that has been going on in my life over the last month, suddenly things are becoming overwhelming.  Sleep deprivation is a terrible thing, I am at the point where putting a sentence together is hard work and have blasts of feeling very emotional, which is a bit of a bugger when you are a Tarot reader and rely on this as a living.  But clients cannot be turned away, people think having your own business is easy, it isn’t, the feast or famine existence can bring uncertainly as to how quickly things can get done, it decides whether it is possible to pay for someone’s time or burn the midnight oil as it is the only option.   Having had so much time off lately, early mornings and late nights are part of the day, as well as looking after Martin who now has cramps through the night which adds to the pressure (not his fault I know).

It dawned on me yesterday that I have Europe’s largest Tarot Conference to plan and it is only 8 weeks away.  By now certain things would have been done and signed off, but the reality is piles of paper and calls to make, meetings to attend and I have had no time or energy to knuckle down for a full day and just crack on with it.  I need to ask you to help spread the word about the Conference, the line up is fabulous, once again we will have the support of Llewellyn, Hay House and for the first time Watkins (Kindred Spirit) who will supply the fabulous goodie bags, they alone are worth coming for.  The wonderful Atlantis bookshop will be there and will help with getting the word out.   I don’t ask for support very often, but please tell your friends as this conference is an amazing opportunity to increase your tarot skills 100 fold!  Read the reviews from past event you will not be disappointed.