Below is an Archive list of News and previous Tarot Conferences:

The London Tarot Festival 2018

The London Tarot Festival is hosted by the UK Tarot Conference & The Atlantis Bookshop.    Organisers:  Kim Arnold’s London Tarot Conference has been fully sold out each year since it started in 2003.   Geraldine and Bali Beskin of The Atlantis Bookshop, London’s oldest occult shop.

2018 FESTIVAL – 19th MAY 2018 – London

Details to follow ……..

Many thanks to our Media Partners Kindred Spirit Magazine and Watkins.

London Tarot Festival Review  20th May 2017 – The 3rd London Tarot Festival was heaving with people at the London Eco Centre in Islington.  A beautiful day greeted us as we worked hard to get ready in time for the queue which was forming outside.The reception area was set up with stalls including myself with OOP cards, The Atlantis bookshop stand heaving with cards and books, Johneyfur Crystals, magnetic jewellery, cup- cakes and our Tombola.  We laid out the main room in theatre style as we were very keen to make this different from the formality of the UK Tarot Conference.  Tables were dotted around the edge as working space, but it has become clear we have now outgrown this lovely venue.

Although rain was predicted at some point during the day I kicked off the first workshop in the garden as we looked at soul numbers in Tarot and what they mean to us, I really enjoyed the talk and the interaction which went down really well.  Our first key speaker in the main hall was Avril Price, although I have known Avril for many years via Facebook and through mutual friends, it was the first time we had met in person, what a lovely lady.  Her workshop Channelling with Tarot was a huge hit. In between talks and workshops the Eco Cafe was busy selling cakes, home made soup, wraps and beverages, the atmosphere was relaxed as people came and went throughout the day.

During the lunch time I did a meditation on the Wheel of Fortune which was followed by  Atlantis Books partner of the London Festival, Geraldine Beskin, talking about London and Tarot, a brief history of landmarks and how they connect to Tarot.  Geraldine is always well loved and her talk gave food for thought.

Anton Rossi delved in to the subject of ˜How to Read for Yourself:  The Good, the Bad and Reality”.  Looking at the pros and cons of reading for yourself? A large round of applause echoed as she finished.  Next up was the lovely Israel Ajose talking about Tarot + Sex + Ritual= Magick, the whole energy of the event went through the roof as this larger than life personality got in to flow, you just got to love Israel, the room was packed.

Our final speakers was Maria Antoniou of the Brighton School of Tarot, talking about Learning to Receive: How the High Priestess develops her Intuition, a lovely meditation included which was needed as we began to wind down for the packed day of events.

Throughout the day our readers Cathi Bew, Nina Kyprianou, Helen Hall and Deborah Bacci barely came up for air as they were so busy.

Geraldine, Bali and myself would like to thank everyone who made this day so special, we are now looking for a larger venue and look forward to meeting you all again next year.  Photo’s at the top of this review are 2017, below from previous Festivals.

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Kindred Spirit Tarot Review by Kim Arnold

Delighted to receive an early copy of the November/December 2017 Kindred Spirit magazine with my reviews of 20 decks.

Some decks were beautiful and easy to engage with and one or two I did find challenging, but I hope I gave a fair and accurate account of all the decks.

Meet our 2017 Speakers - Keynote Speaker: Sasha Graham

Sasha was born just after midnight on a chilly Halloween night.  Sasha received a BA in Literature and Religion and began her work with tarot. She conceived and produced tarot events at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Morgan Library and brought the tarot community behind the scenes with curators and educators. Rare Visconti, Marseille and Minchiate cards along with uncut Italian card sheets were unveiled. These treasures, previously shuttered in museum archives and unavailable to the public were examined and considered in a modern context.  Sasha is proud of her Tarot Outreach Program. Sasha’s first ever of it’s kind outreach was developed for New York City’s at-risk, inner city youth. Working with kids who were transitioning out of the foster care system, Sasha used tarot and symbol as the igniting point of nurturing personal intuition. She taught that trust in oneself can be rebuilt. Sasha is the author of Llewellyn’s Tarot Diva, 365 Tarot Spreads, 365 Tarot Spells and served as editor and contributing writer of Lo Scarabeo’s Tarot Fundamentals, Tarot Experience and Tarot Compendium. She is currently working on Llewellyn’s Complete Guide to the Rider Waite Smith Tarot, hitting shelves in 2018. She is creating her first tarot deck with Marvel and Disney artist Mirco Pierfederici, The Haunted House Tarot. It will be released by Lo Scarabeo in 2018.

Sasha will be leading two workshops at the 2017 UK Tarot Conference 

Friday: Tarot and Your Shadow Self  & Saturday:  Romance and your Highest Self

Review Victoria Frances Oracle Cards

Artwork Victoria Frances & Book by Kim Arnold

Lo Scarabeo £15.99

When I was first approached to write the accompanying book for this deck I was thrilled, however, on receiving the images initially my heart sank (stay with me), some of the images I found distressing, but I had committed to write, so no turning back.

Working with this deck was very different from any other, it taught me how to react and work with the darkness which often lurks within each of us. Of course we don’t talk about this, preferring to pull a nice fluffy angel card or something more familiar out of our Tarot decks for guidance.  As I worked with each card, with every one of the 36 cards I spent in quiet contemplation, I would sit quietly, observe and look at the voice within each of them and take note of what was going on beyond the images, intuitively I would be guided to the meaning of each card, some I struggled with, but I realised, this reflected my own struggles, the images make you work at facing your fears, and love or loathe them, Victoria Frances is one very talented artist.

This may not be a deck you would naturally be drawn to, but I feel that for self development there is not a better deck on the market. There is also a meditation to help you get started.

Half way through working with the deck I was ‘given’ the Arch Spread which is detailed in the accompanying book::

  1. What blocks me?
  2. Who is blocking me?
  3. How do I remove these barriers?
  4. How will my life flow differently once I make changes?
  5. What is my true potential?

Much of this deck works with light and dark, it guides and advises us to appreciate that where there is darkness the light is not far behind.

Of course I highly recommend this deck, as the author, I know how much love, soul searching and effort went in to this.

Please go to our Shop page to order a copy signed by Kim 

(Please note for signed copies the seal will be removed)

Review: The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid

Hay House

My first impression of this deck is that it is half way between a Tarot and Oracle deck. There are 78 cards, and the suits are divided in to Earth, Air, Fire and Water. My initial curiosity was to flick through the cards to find Death and as I thought, no Death but Transformation. 

The borderless cards are beautiful and nice quality, but if you are looking for a traditional Tarot deck then this does not tick the boxes.  There is hardly any visual reference to tarot symbolism, this is explained later in my review. 

Each image is gentle but as a traditional Taroist, I did find them hard to read. For me, I would have to read the images intuitively rather than connect them to the traditional card meaning, as if you know your Tarot, the image does not always relate to the card number , for example 5 of Fire V’s 5 Wands, visually I just don’t get it!

The guidebook is well written and Colette actually mentions that the deck was a calling from spirit and this clearly comes through in the images.  I love the fact that each card has a meaning and an affirmation to work with, I think this would be helpful for some clients.  Colette writes that she was guided to do things differently, in a non conformist way and it will take time to get use to working with them.  I agree with this, but I must reiterate the cards are beautiful, and it is good to see something new hitting the Tarot shelves.

Take a look at the cards, if you want something different then invest in the deck, certain cards will call you as they did me, in particular for me The Magician.  This deck will stretch your imagination and make you think outside the box, as a reader this can only be a good and positive thing.

The Arnold’s go to Prague

A couple of years ago it was decided that instead of buying Grandma a Christmas present we would travel to a European city and have a few days away, last year we went to Berlin, this year Prague.

We drove to Grandma’s the night before, Martin as always equipped for travel, had his supply of clear see through bags as we were only taking hand luggage.  He explained to Grandma that all liquids must go in the bag and taken out when going through security.  Great, all sorted, I took one of Grandma’s clear bags and she had a bag with a lipstick and face powder, so far so good.  We arrive at Gatwick and go through security, Martin and I glide through, Gma gets pulled over, her luggage held back.  Half an hour later the security guard was still pulling cosmetics from her bag, I was waiting for a cricket bat, rubber chicken, kitchen sink etc. to appear, as it turned in to a scene from Air Plane!  Oh Christ I thought here we go, as Grandma walked away from security she was twittering something about … well I am an old lady I need A lot of cream ha ha, bless her.   The 9a.m. flight was fine, all on time, but I have to say Martin and I were stunned when ordering a coffee Grandma ordered a Heineken, they say to watch the quiet ones!

We arrive in Prague, the car was not waiting as it should have been, then bloody Gustuv turns up and piles us in to a van with other people, did you hear me OTHER PEOPLE!!  It was supposed to be private hire, well he was not getting a tip.

The Hotel was stunning, Unitas was full of history. A baroque church next door, where you can hear the chant of the convent a place where its history tells amazing stories of the Jesuits, the Grey Sisters of St. Franciscus, Communist Secret Police who took over the building with its infamous prison. The president Vaclav Havel and H.R.H. Prince of Wales have stayed at the Hotel.  Well if it is good enough for them …….  The energy was powerful and peaceful.

Prague is a walking city, and every corner you turn there is something else of interest, as you may know I do love to shop, but this time it was to the dulcet tones of Grandma saying ‘where she gone now’ lol.  Needless to say my spending was well under control!

The next day we took a bus tour of the City.  The guide as lovely as he was, was cross eyed, now, I am not making fun but it was very distracting when he said to look left and his eyes went right.  I found it hard to look at the sights as I was quite fascinated by him.  Our Fit Bits recorded 17000 steps on day one, we decided to rest with a drink at the Easter market, bursting for the loo it got quite complicated when I ended up in the restaurant kitchen and could not find my way out.  The Easter Market was lovely, lots of colour and noise, a real buzz about his place.

Friday it rained so we went on a boat trip, there are many Russians in Prague and they don’t queue like us Brits or have a sense of humour it seems.  An elbow fight commenced with me and pushy man as I was not giving up our spot.  Martin laughed as he said the determination of me nearly pushed him in the river, well that would have been a shame lol.   We came off the boat to pick up the bus, only to have our crossed eyed guide waiting for us, honestly you couldn’t make it up, now we all had the giggles.

One negative about Prague was the food, nothing was hot, and the choices were a bit odd, I ordered a coffee in a restaurant which was almost cold, so I took it back,  the barista look at me as if he had scrapped me off his boot as I complained, and he duly stuck his finger in my drink (I have to admit I thought oh f*ck please don’t give it back to me) but I held my stare, he agreed it was cold and duly made me another cold one, and before you think it, no I was not that brave to take it back a second time.

Our last night we had dinner at an Italian, the only real decent meal of our stay, we got a bit tipsy as Grandma and I almost got run over by a car backing in to a space, can I put on the record I saved Grandma from death! We walked to the Astrological clock as it struck 9p.m. (yes we are stop outs) the 12 Apostles moved around the top of the clock looking down on us, then everyone cheered, well not us, they need to get out more.

Prague is beautiful, in fact one of the nicest Cities I have been to, the people are lovely, the place is stunning and the beer and wine is cheap.  The Churches and holy buildings dot around the city, which is interesting as apparently 60% are non-believers or atheists, I know that because the cross eyes tour guide told us.        If you get a chance GO, you will love it.

Review: The Wisdom Seekers Tarot by David Fontana

Published by Watkins £14.99

The first thing that struck me about this deck is the quality, beautifully packaged and designed with a vibrant orange theme, it certainly stands out from the crowd.

On opening an 80 page booklet it provides a good amount of information about each card. Also pages are dedicated to a brief history on Tarot, the definition of what minor and major cards are, and at the back of the book, example’s of spreads with clear layouts for you to try.

The cards themselves have small white borders with orange backs, each card design is  colourful and whimsical.  In my opinion these are aimed more for a beginner to intermediate level.  Although the cards look quite simple, they are based on traditional Tarot with a modern twist, as you look deeper in to the voice of the card, you begin to notice small details which may not be immediately obvious.   I love the idea of choosing one card and working deeply with it, something new always springs to mind.

They are lovely to read and you get a good flow of energy when using the cards. If you prefer cards with a lot of depth then these may not be for you, but in my opinion they are a good addition to any collection.  If you are a beginner then I would highly recommend these, and they are a great price for the quality of cards, packaging and book.    

The Tarot Coloring Book by Theresa Reed

Over the last couple of years colouring books for adults have flooded the market.  I know  this because I have had quite a collection given to me as presents, but the luxury of spending a couple of hours of colouring is quite a way down on my list at the moment.  Anyway I digress.   This lovely book popped through the post a few days ago for review, I was pleasantly surprised at the information contained in this book setting it miles ahead of other similar books.  Each of the 78 Rider Waite images has a page of information broken down with upright and reverse meaning plus ‘Notice of Symbols’.  I have chosen Temperance as my example, Theresa brings our attention to the meanings of the feet, water flowing between the cups, the path and the colours used in the traditional Rider Waite deck.

At the back of the book she has some great ideas for readings, including quick interpretations, spreads and layouts.

This really is a lovely book, great for beginners but a lovely idea for anyone who loves tarot.   Theresa really has put a lot of thought in to this book, it is more than ‘just a colouring book’, you will learn plenty about the tarot and hopefully get a few hours relaxation colouring in!

Highly recommended


Tarot Collection for Sale lots of OOP!

  • The Witches Tarot Ellen Cannon Reed SOLD Edition 2000 used /Good condition, little wear on box  £     55.00
    Dark Angels Tarot Dark Angels Lo Scarabeo 2010 cards excellent box well handles but good condition  £     15.00
    Universal Goddess Tarot Universal Goddess Lo Scarabeo 2006 Cards excellent box worn LWB front cover slightly screwed  £     10.00
    Tarot of Jane Austen SOLD Lo Scarabeo 2006 Cards excellent box worn LWB front cover slight damage  £     75.00
    Tarot of the Millennium Millenium Lo Scarabeo 2000 excellent condition  £     50.00
    Pearls of Wisdom  (Roxi Sim & Fullbrite) Pearls         SOLD 7th House 2007  cards excellent box slight damage  No lWB  £     50.00
    Tarot Afro American Afro American Lo Scarabeo 2007 as new slight damage on corners of box  £     10.00
    Secret Tarot Secret Lo Scarabeo 2004 cards excellent box worn/slight damage  £     12.00
    Night Sun Tarot Night Lo Scarabeo 2014 Cards as new box slightly worn  £     12.00
    Tarot of the Cat People Cat US Games 2004 Cards excellent box edges slight use  £     15.00
    Tarot of the Mermaids Mermaids Lo Scarabeo 2003 Cards excellent box worn  £     15.00
    Tarot of the Sweet Twilight Sweet Lo Scarabeo 2009 Cards excellent box slight damage  £     15.00
    Tarot of Eternity Ramses Eternity Lo Scarabeo 2003 Cards excellent box slight wear  £     15.00
    Deviant Moon Tarot SOLD
    Celestial Tarot Celestial US Games 2004 Cards good box edges slight use  £     15.00
    Roots of Asia Roots AGM MUller2001  cards good condition box damaged  £   300.00
    Tarot of Casanova Casanova Lo Scarabeo 2003 Cards excellent Box good  £     20.00
    Tarot of the Thousand and one nights Thousand Lo Scarabeo 2005 Cards excellent box good  £     25.00
    New Century Tarot (Eichelmann) New US Games 2003 cards worn on edges box damaged  £     12.00
    Tarot of the Moon Garden Moon US Games no LWB cards excellent box damaged  £     10.00
    Gothic Tarot (Joseph Vargo) Gothic Monolith Graphics 2002 cards excellent box corners slightly worn  £     20.00
    Tarot of Druids Druids Lo Scarabeo 2006 no LWB cards excellent box damaged  £       5.00
    Dragon Tarot Dragon US Games 1996 Cards good box very worn  £       8.00
    Tarot of the Elves Elves Lo Scarabeo 2007 Excellent condition  £     15.00
    Lord of the Rings Lord US Games 1997 Cards excellent LWB & Box slight damage  £       5.00
    Karma Tarot Karma US Games 1983 cards excellent box slight damage  £     15.00
    Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot Thoth AGM Muller 1986 Cards excellent box very damaged  £     30.00
    Key to the Kingdom (Meeuwissen) Key Pavillion Playing cards sealed  £     65.00
    Morgan Greer Morgan Morgan Press 1979 Blue box Cards excellent no LWB box worn  £   100.00
    H R Giger Tarot 22 major arcana and large book excellent condition box corners worn  £     80.00
    Ansata Tarot Ansata AGM muller 1985 arcana excellent condition  £     50.00
    Justice League Tarot Sold DC Comics no LWB cards excellent inside box slight damage
    Dragon Mystique Dragon Mystique Mystic World Ent 1976 Excellent  £   100.00
    Tarot Oriental de Paul Iki Oriental JM Simons 1978 cards excellent box very damaged  £     50.00
    The Eroti Tarot Erotic Lo Scarabeo 2000 no box cards and LWB good condition  £     40.00
    Tarot of the Old Path Old Path 1995 Cards and LWB good box very damaged  £     10.00
    The Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot SOLD Magic Realist Press 2012 cards in large box no book  £     75.00
    Bohemian Gothic Tarot SOLD Magic Realist Press cards excellent no box or book  £     75.00
    Fantastic Menagerie Tarot SOLD Magic Realist Press cards excellent no box or book  £
    Victorian Romantic SOLD Magic Realist Press cards excellent no box or book  £
    Baba Studios FairyTale Tarot SOLD Magic Realist Press cards excellent no box or book
    New Orleans Voodoo Tarot Voodoo Large book and cards, book cover very damaged no box, cards excellent  £     35.00
    Large Lunatic Tarot Lunatic Great condition cards only  £   120.00
    Jeu de Tarot de Tahiti Tahiti 1979 good condition box worn  £     65.00

Collection Feb 2017 2Collection Feb 2017 1

Can take photos and offer more information on any deck. Please email for more details.  Please note P&P added

Three yes Three Reviews


Tarot made Easy by Barbara Moore Illustrated by Eugene Smith (Llewellyn)

It was with some delight I received the Tarot Made Easy deck to review as I like RW style decks. Also, I am always looking for new decks to use in my tarot classes. On unsealing this deck I realised it is a revamped version of Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot which I have already reviewed some time ago with a glowing report.  The only difference is that the packaging is now a nice presentation box with a magnetic clip, much better than the original, and the illustrations on the front are different, but if you have the Classic Tarot by Barbara you will not need to purchase this deck.

Anyway, as I am reviewing 3 decks today I have decided to do a New Year reading with each.    The first one with Tarot Made Easy by Barbara Moore


IX The Hermit: Reflecting on the past year, what could we have done better, did we focus on what we needed? Be careful you do not drift in to 2017 with the same old habits and values.

Eight Cups: I see this as leaving behind any negative elements that 2016 created.  As a reader I know that many of my clients had many difficult challenges in 2016, this card reflects the importance of walking away and not looking back.

King Swords:  As we enter 2017 we need to focus on our goals, both personally and as a nation.  This card for me often represents the need for truth, to be transparent, it is likely this is relating to the political world of which we have little say.  I hope that we see leaders coming forward who will represent the needs for all.

King of Cups:  This cards calls for compassion, our world is so divided right now, maybe the realisation that by being kinder really does make the world go round. For you on a personal level, do you need to reach out to someone? If emotional situations get out of hand, make them right, life is too short for angst.

Six Cups: This card reminds us to allow the flow of kindness and compassion to be part of our daily life.  I feel that we are in for a rocky ride during 2017 with political turmoil both here and abroad. If we can do our bit to keep the harmony flowing in our own circles, it will help to create a small element of calm.

Five of Cups: It was all going so well and then the dreaded 5 card pops up! A sense of loss, but what could this be?  As I am reading this with a worldwide view, could this be a decision on Brexit?  As the final card is The World, I feel this is so. On a positive note the World card for me represents unity, success and achievement, at the end of the day it looks like all will be ok.

I highly recommend these cards, please see previous review for further information.

 Modern SpellCasters Tarot by Melanie Marquis Illustrated by Scott Murphy (Llewellyn)

I love this deck, beautiful box with a magnetic clasp with borderless cards, the cards have a sense of mystic about them.  There is an essence of RW about these cards with a twist of magic and witchcraft discreetly woven in to the images, the images are glorious and a little dark. The cards are easy to read even if you have no knowledge of magic and witchcraft.  I will definitely use this with my clients although I will pick and choose who gets to have a reading with these as the images are not for everyone.

The companion book is a book of its own, packed with information and suggestion for spells.  Each card, as well as interpretations has a paragraph explaining ‘Magickal Uses’ and how to use that particular card in spell work.  Melanie has done a wonderful job with these cards, as has illustrator Scott Murphy.  I highly recommend this deck.

This is my five card reading, the centre card acts as a significator for 2017


Six Pentacles: Balance and imbalance pretty much sums up the climate of 2016, I don’t want to go on too much about the Brexit vote but I do feel this card reflects what happened and how people feel.

The Hermit:  A card of reflection, being mindful of  your choices and allowing ourselves to take time out to think, breathe and be calm.

Nine Swords: In the handbook she describes the feeling of the aftermath of a fight, of course we know this card can represent sorrow and regret, but maybe this teaches us how to deal and act with negative situations rather than ponder on them.

King of Swords: A strong person taking control, could this be in your life or on a world stage? We hope that whoever this card represents that they have the integrity the King of Swords brings to a situation.

Judgement: A major shift, rebirth and renewal, looks like the end of the year will bring a feeling of calm after a storm.

5* cards I am keeping these!!

Dreaming Way (Lenormand) Artwork Kwon Shina Written by Lynn Araujo (US Games)

I have loads of Lenormand decks, not showing off but another collection which is slowly growing.  To be honest I don’t read with them very often preferring my tarot.  The Dreaming Way cards are just so sweet, I can’t actually think of another word to describe them, the illustrations are delicate with pastel like colouring, each image simple yet full of wisdom.

I asked the cards “what do my readers need to know to create a good year”


31 SUN: Vitality, optimism and success. Build your confidence and look for signs and synchronicities to help you guide the way to success

14 FOX: False friends, get rid of them!

21 HEART: Compassion and the love of mankind also relates to being passionate about what you do.

Summing up: You are in control of how successful you want your life to be. Don’t let people who are jealous or unsupportive hold you back, they have no place in your life.  Seek out what you love, if you can find passion in your life, through a person or doing what you love, everything will seem easier.

Another 5* recommendation from me!



Review: Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray

Hay House Publication

A note came through the door, I had missed the postman with a parcel too big to go through the letter box. Off I went to the main Post Office to collect, I saw the Hay House logo on the envelope and wondered what was inside.  It was a lovely surprise to receive the much talked about Keepers of the Light cards by the lovely Kyle Gray.    Now, as a professional tarot reader I make no excuses for not being a great lover of Oracle cards, however, there is a time and place when the gentle energy of the Oracles are needed.  Also, those who are fearful of tarot (don’t get me started) the Oracles are a great way to build confidence with cards.  I digress……..

On opening the deck the first thing that struck me was the quality, too many tarot decks these days are guilty of poor quality.  These feel lush and expensive. The gold edging gives these cards a sumptuous look.  The cards are a mixture of angels, gods, goddesses some we know as factual beings, others as spiritual or mythical beings all illustrated beautifully by artist Lily Moses. The colour tones are gentle and mindful of the energy of each card.  Of course the best way to test a deck is to do a reading, so I did myself a 3 card spread, I did not use the book for my interpretations as the messages seemed clear.  My reading went as follows:


Card 1 Freya: Phases and Cycles – There is a beginning within every ending, illusions are revealed and released.

How relevant this is to me now, after finding out who my friends are and releasing those who have been nasty.   Illusion is a powerful word and very apt.

Card 2: Faith:  Humanity and Benevolence – Stay Calm. Trust the good in yourself and others.  See the light in the world. 

Ok I get the message. Let the Scorpio in me not  dwell on what has gone, try and see the good in the situation, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Card 3: El Morya: Awakening Presence – The Universe is with you, wear cloak of protection.

I see this as being careful with whom you trust, protection is important as others have the ability to take your power.

Obviously this reading has great relevance to me right now and I can see the benefit of using these cards for personal use, I like the idea of finishing a tarot reading and getting the client to pull a card from this deck as a word of wisdom to go away with.

Truly one of the nicest Oracles I have seen for a long time. A definite purchase for those who want to find either clarity or deep meaning in a situation.  The accompanying book has additional meanings and includes layouts and idea for reading for others.

Well done Kyle Gray.  Your light is shining through this deck.

3/9/2016 = 21 The World (Its true: Change your thoughts and change the world) Norman Vincent Peale

Saturday.  Today is the day I host my first ever Tarot Food Plan day.  Eight beautiful ladies arrive at my house for what I hope will be a life changing experience.   I have no idea what I am going to do or say, every time I go to write a programme to follow, the words would not flow, I trusted the day would be channelled to me and it would be ok.  What I did not expect was to talk and talk and not come up for air.  To connect with a concept so deeply that you could have heard a pin drop as the information flowed with ease was mind blowing.

The idea to trust the tarot cards to assist in weight loss and wellbeing continues to amaze me. We know our bodies better than anyone and the cards know us better than ourselves.  Deep meditation stirred emotions buried deep within us, allowed us to create a sacred place of safety as we shared fears and blocks which previous to today had never been spoken about.  I can honestly see I am honoured to be in such a privileged position of trust.

The day was warm and lunch consisted of food ideas connected to each suit, which was served in the garden with laughter and chatter.  We moved in to the afternoon session working with our Tarot, this time on an emotional level.  When you look at cards not in a predictive way but what they are telling YOU about yourself, you really see the power in the messages.  More tears, but it was ok.   As a group we were all determined to drop weight, sort ourselves out and work with this Tarot Food Plan to achieve results.

I am excited for each of these ladies (and myself) because we are not alone on our journey, each of us a holistic therapist/reader/healer can connect with the idea of allowing the cards to guide us.    Each day over the next 40 days (40 minor cards pulling one at random each day) will take out the hard work of struggling with what the day will bring.  The food connected with the card takes out the stress of careless eating and the emotional message steers each of us through when the going gets tough.

Excited ……  oh yes.  Life changing stuff.  Will share more soon.

A Taster of the plan is here:


Having never been motivated by a diet plan in the past, I was intrigued and wanted to find out more about Kim’s new and unique idea/concept of losing weight by being motivated and guided by the suits of the Tarot. Attending the workshop I found myself in the company of a very special group of ladies, including our Hostess Kim. From the comments made by the others I know I wasn’t the only one who found it easy (and cathartic) to share feelings and hopes for the journey we were all about to take together. I, for one, felt accepted for who I am, and that I had the support and love of every single lady in the room behind me. The meal ingredients were a relief as they weren’t made up of pricey, hard to come by items that I had to traipse through assorted shops to get. Also, the menu plans/suggestions were easy to prepare, tasty and filling.  C


What can I say about this brilliant concept. The diet is not only working on my weight but also the emotional blockages. Both of these are going to help my image and confidence.  I am already finding that my attitude is changing and I am standing up for myself more, rather than accepting everything that is being thrown at me.  The diet is very easy to follow after spending time at your workshop and trying out the different ideas you gave us for lunch.  This along with the meditations and the great group of people made for a really good day.  The support from everyone was really good and for once Im sure that my weight is going to drop. Knowing we are all there supporting each other at the low times is very heart warming. H




7 Weeks to go!

I always know when the Conference is getting near when the gifts begin to arrive for the ‘goodie bags’.  For a short time my house looks like a bomb has hit it but who cares when it is tarot related!

We have the most amazing line up and the launch of two new tarot decks. Phillip Carr-Gomm talking about the Opera Tarot (with music) and of course the English Magic Tarot with Rex, Steve and Andy in attendance to sign your books at the launch on Friday evening.

For those of you who have never attended a conference before, I promise you will leave after having the most amazing experience. With around 100 people in attendance, everyone is friendly and I know of many friendships made and cemented at the conference.  I love being at the door on the day when you all arrive and seeing faces old and new.  It really does fill me with pride. I honestly never thought 13 years of hosting this event would have been possible when I first started.  I just said to Caitlin this morning I remember when I had to beg people to speak, now I am juggling the big names of Tarot to fit them all in, Blessed I am indeed and so are you to have this amazing event to improve and learn more about this ancient tool.

Plenty have said to me in the past, I don’t need to go as I am a professional reader and pretty much know it all.  Well no you don’t, because the experience of attending our conference will help you to move with the times, find new techniques and look at the cards as never before.  I never forget when Rachel Pollack pointed out the Hermit only has one leg in the RW deck, I did not believe her lol, of course she was right, I look at that card in a different light every time I pull it from the deck.

English Magic Tarot with Rex Van Ryn, Steve Dooley and Andy Letcher.  (Picture)


Speakers: Caitlin & John Matthews, Ciro Marchetti, Philip Carr-Gomm, Lisa Eddy,  Corrine Kenner, Juliet Sharman-Burke, Steve Hounsome, Richard Abbot, Wicca Meier-Spring  & Kirsten Buchholzer – Book here:

Review Wizards Pet Tarot The ABC’s by Pamela Steele

Wizard 1Wizard 2Wizard 3

It took me ages to unseal this deck because I have a unhealthy fear of animals in particular cats and dogs.  I also have an aversion to any tarot deck where cats are dressed up as key figures in the cards I literally loathe them, I mean why would you, yuk yuk yuk ……  I digress.

Anyway today I unsealed the Wizards Pets Tarot and what a delightful surprise.  Pamela starts the book with …. ‘For my Granddaughter Paige, she asked me to make her a tarot deck, so I did’.  I have seen many tarot decks for children over the years but nothing as pretty, engaging and colourful as this one.

The borderless colourful cards are in keeping with Rider Waite style but have a sense of innocence about them, what Pamela has achieved is sheer genius. Aside from children using these cards, any level of reader would have no problem reading with them.  I was curious to see what the Death card looked like in a children’s deck, and we have a traditional RW scene but what looks like a chubby cart horse carrying the grim reaper, lovely.

There is a well written book, each card has guidelines, reversed meanings and a questions for you, there are also plenty of spreads to help on the way. The cards are smaller than a traditional deck, ideal for little hands.   A lovely surprise of a colouring book is also included with each of the cards ready for activity and play.  Loving Justice which is a Dragon holding scales.

Pamela you have done a wonderful job, when I am blessed enough to have a grandchild of my own, these cards are definitely on the list.

Seriously folks, a fantastic gift for children.

Review - Tarot Learning Cards

Tarot Learning Cards Self Study Flash Cards

Jadzia DeForest & Jay DeForest

Learning cardsLearning cards 2

 I find it difficult reviewing books and cards when I am confident with the subject.  I have to say on receiving this ‘self-study’ deck to review, as a tarot teacher my thoughts were …….  I wish I had thought of the idea!!    What a great way to engage students and for those starting out with tarot, a quick way to familiarise yourself with the tarot meanings.

The cards are basic visually, with no visual help for interpretation, i.e. 6 cups is 6 cups, 4 Pentacles shows 4 pentacles etc. and the major cards have the number and name of the card in bold black print i.e. 0 The Fool  VIII Strength etc.  The reverse of each card has ample meaning to kick start you on your tarot journey.  Upright and reverse meanings and key words, plus elemental energies are all there to help you understand the interpretation of each card.    

I laid a spread with the cards out of curiosity and I could not help but see the Rider Waite comparison in my mind as I worked through the interpretations, so I feel that these cards are a wonderful way to use in teaching, not necessarily for personal reading although you can do it.  They are self-study flash cards and are probably not designed to be used as a full reading tool, but I love the way as a competent reader it stretches your knowledge and for a beginner I cannot think of a better place to start.   I will be keeping this deck to use in my classes, it will add a new element to the way I teach and update my format.

The quality of the cards are lush, each surrounded with a white border with a green inner border.   For any teacher out there or beginner I recommend you make the investment.   Retailing around the £20 or $24.95 mark they are well worth it.  Please follow the link and I suggest email Jadzia for overseas enquiries

Review: Impressionist Tarot by Corrine Kenner and Arturo Picca

(Lo Scarabeo)

Impressionist deck

I find that Lo Scarabeo decks have a Marmite effect, people either love or loathe them, but every now and again they come up with something absolutely stunning. 

The Impressionist Tarot is a real masterpiece.  Inspired by impressionist painters such as Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh and Gauguin to name a few.  Each card takes you on a journey far beyond the traditional image, there is so much movement in the cards and although some do not in any way relate to a RW traditional meanings, the images draw you in to feel the depth and interpretation of the card.  I absolutely adore the Two of Pentacles, a picture of two ballerinas based on a painting by Edgar Degas.  The book is brilliant, packed with information, each card is broken down in to sections: First Impressions, The Inspiration of the card, Illumination i.e. the astrological interpretation of the card, Interpretation and finally insight.  Corrine has written the book with such knowledge and ease but also easy to follow.   Having written a LWB myself I know how difficult it is to interpret the artist’s images to relate to the cards, but Corrine has done an amazing job.

Each card is surrounded with a gold picture frame, the cards are excellent quality, all in all this is a luscious deck.   Well done Lo Scarabeo for creating something different, interesting and amazing.

I have just completed a reading for a client using this deck, I am a RW deck girl myself , the reading was completely different, it made me work harder (in a good way) and  to be honest I amazed myself with how I connected with this deck.  It is a keeper for me!

 Highly recommended

Impressionist Tarot Kit (Cards and in depth book £25.00)

Cards and LWB (£17.99) 


Introducing Steve Hounsome - 2016 Conference Speaker

Steve has been involved in this field for over thirty years and has completed a wide variety of studies and activities in this time. Steve holds qualifications in a variety of subjects in the spiritual field. He is the creator of ‘The Tarot Therapy Deck and accompanying book, plus three volumes of his ‘Tarot Therapy’ series of books, two other books and card sets, plus a range of meditation cd’s. he has appeared on TV, radio and in a wide range of magazines. He teaches the Tarot internationally and from his base in Poole, Dorset, with a variety of related workshops and group. He is currently co-creating ‘The Gamble-Hounsome Tarot – The Tarot of Gnosis’, with visionary artist Patrick Gamble.


As my work with the Tarot developed over the years, I, like many others,  came up with spreads of my own that attempted to suit the methods I was working with, yet still I found that I was limited by the spreads and their placings. Eventually I tried simply dealing a number of cards out for the client and reading them in turn. Finally I was able to unlock what I had been trying to get at – what I now term the energy of the cards, as opposed to their ‘meaning’ or ‘interpretation’. To do this I have found that giving readings without a spread is the most effective method.

 I begin the process, following the obligatory and necessary good shuffle of the deck, by fanning them out before the client. I then invite them to pick however many cards they feel is right. Many will ask how many they are supposed to or should take and some prompting may be necessary to tell them that are no rules and they should just choose the number they like. All good Tarot readers will be aware of the significance of numbers and so we can apply the numerological influence here, based on the number of cards a client chooses. This will give us the overall, general energy they are working with at the time of the reading.

Attention should also be given to the manner in which a client chooses their cards. An interesting and usually unconscious process takes place that allows us to gain further clues and insight as to their client and their situation. Some clients will arrange the cards in a pattern or spread as they pull them out of the deck and by all means this should be used – I always find this of relevance when it comes to working with the individual cards chosen. Clients may for instance place one or two cards apart for some reason and this always becomes significant.

 Next comes an exercise that I call the ‘Balance of Cards’. We already know the general situation from the number of cards chosen along with their attitude or approach to it, from the manner in which they were chosen. Given that we have the complete deck at our disposal rather than a limited, specific number of say 9, 15 or 21 cards to suit our chosen spread, we can gain much knowledge from the cards that do appear – where in the pack they come from and their distribution.

As with the majority of matters relating to the Tarot, there are very few hard and fast rules that we can apply here, since the dynamics will depend greatly on the number of cards chosen. That said I have found that most clients will choose somewhere between 5 and 15 cards, which allows for a good analysis in the manner that follows.

 Very basically though, we look to see how many and the percentage of Major Arcana cards chosen, showing us what is happening at the ‘soul level’ of the client. Next we need to see if there is a card from each of the four Minor Arcana suits. This will show us the energies active within the client and their situation at each of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels that the Pentacles, Cups, Swords and Rods represent through their elemental association of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. An absence of any one suit can indicate a need to engage with that energy within themselves, since all human beings exist and depend on all four Elements for our survival and health. Any predominance of any one suit can indicate too much energy being focussed on and so guidance may need to be given on this. Equally we may expect and indeed will usually find that if the client is, for example, asking about a relationship issue, Cups will dominate. Should there be no Swords in such a reading it can indicate a need for communication, or that communication has broken down.

We can then look for the numerological influence of the cards chosen. Firstly it is good to see if there are any numbers duplicated in the selection of cards. The significance of this is not hard for the accomplished Tarot reader – more than one of any number simply increase its power, significance or energy. So should there be two Aces for instance, new aspects to their situation are required, needed and likely and so on.

We can then look to see the spread of Court cards in the selection. Whilst we know that these do not always necessarily represent people in a reading we can tell something of the shift the client may be going through, or need to, within themselves if, as can quite commonly be the case, there are court cards spread throughout their cards. It may be a particular approach or attitude to their situation or problem is called for, indicated by the court card on display. A King of Swords might then tell us that there is a need to listen to and observe the situation and weigh up all pros and cons before making a judgement. The Queen of Cups might tell us there is a need for empathy, understanding, forgiveness and an open heart in their approach – or indeed towards them from another, depending on how the cards are aspected.

 This is all prior to actually reading the cards themselves and will have the beneficial effect of instilling a good confidence in the client of your ability and knowledge since you have outlined much that they will identify with before you have begun! What remains then is to ‘read’ the cards in a more traditional way, one by one, beginning with the first card chosen and continuing on until the last has been reached. In my view this is where the real ‘art’ of reading the Tarot lies, in the intuitive ability to link cards together and relate one to the other. What emerges then is rather like the process of storytelling – it all unfolds as we go and each card is another page, or perhaps chapter, of the book.

 Reading without Spreads is a little like working without a safety net and throwing oneself at the mercy of the cards! To use the Tarot in this unrestricted way is for me rather like asking the Tarot what it wants to say, rather than giving it a specific question it must respond to. I have found that the wisdom or Spirit of the Tarot is so vast, expansive and all-compassing that it never lets us down.

Copyright © Steve Hounsome 2016

Review:The Crystal Healing Wisdom Oracle Cards by Judy Hall (Watkins)

At a recent meeting with Watkins I spied this Oracle on the shelf, I was delighted to be asked to review a copy.  One of my favourite all time reference books is Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible, I was not sure she could top that but believe me this deck is delicious!


Crystal wisdom oracle


The information and depth of each crystal card is insightful, intelligent and wise.  The deck consists of 50 crystal cards and a full in depth colour hand book.

I have had a pretty crappy day so decided to follow her instructions and meditate with the deck before I shuffled.   I did this and pulled the Charoite card (Number 50).

crystal cards wisdom


The description of the card is broken down in to 5 sections, its general meaning, Self- Understanding, Divination, Healing Insight and Frequency.

A brief look at this card is as follows:

Meaning:  Charoite provides deep and emotional healing. With its assistance you realise your greatest trauma is also your profound gift.

Self-Understanding: You are subtly driven by other people’s thoughts.

Divination: Time to take control you are going through an emotional change.

Frequency: High

I cannot tell you how true and apt this card is for me today. I am blown away by the accuracy.  The cards unlike some oracle cards are excellent quality with silver edging and plain backs.  The book is filled with information on how to use the cards not only for readings but for chakra imbalances, healing, meditation and in-depth profiles of each card.  Love, love, love this Oracle!

Highly recommended

REVIEW: Saturday 4th July 2015 The London Tarot Festival is Launched

banner 4th July 900REVIEW: Saturday 4th July 2015  The London Tarot Festival is Launched

A day packed with mini-workshops and talks with some of the best authors in the UK.   Venue The Columbia Hotel,  Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS

Probably the hottest day of the year, but the room looked lovely.  Bunting provided by Bali decorated the room, our little display of Pamela Colman Smith laid out, and the stall holders and readers arrived in plenty of time to set up.  Bali made an announcement that the doors were now open and for everyone to enjoy the day.

We had decided that the talks would start at 11a.m. as most people came in to the City and this would give them time, however, within 30 minutes of opening the door we already had a crowd, Geraldine and I had both written workshops in case of emergency and I decided to host mine at 10.15 titled Reading Tarot as a Psychic.  Free workshops were in the main hall, and about 25 people gathered for my interactive session where I taught a technique to show people how to realise their true potential and listen to their intuitive self.

Geraldine’s workshop was also needed as the Dream interpretation lady did not show, I was not bothered, Geraldine Beskin talks are always inspiring!  As the day gathered pace people continued to flow in through the doors, the full workshops opened with Chloe McCracken talking about Tarot Magick.   I looked around the room, the readers were constantly busy, the aura stand had a good flow of customers and the stalls including Atlantis, mine, Watkins books and Rhiannon Faulkner Tarot were surrounded by people eager to buy and learn more about Tarot.      Then Israel Ajose walked through the door, “Oi Israel” I said “If I knew you were coming I would have had you talk” bless him, “ok I can do that for you, how about ……. Tarot and sex Magick” ……. it was announced it would only be a 20 minute impromptu talk, “Its a quickie Kim” he said “story of most women’s lives” I retorted!  Needless to say we had to bring in more chairs!

Midday Maria Antoniou from the Brighton School of Tarot talked about Ancestral Healing with Tarot, unfortunately I could not attended the talks as I was too busy being a helicopter organiser, but I heard people talking about Maria’s meditation which apparently was wonderful.

Richard Abbot was next on with ‘Embrace your Sovereign Individuality with the Tarot’, Richards workshops are always good, I have heard him speak many times at the Conference and he always presents new material and an interesting way of teaching.  Cilla Conway talked about the Byzantine Tarot, people were drooling over this beautiful deck.

Music played in the background, the Tombola donated by the generous Llewellyn drew the crowds (everyone was after Ciro’s deck) and the room was lively with chatter.

Nigel and Angela did a talk about Auras whilst Richard’s workshop was in full flow, there was activity everywhere in the room. The readers all handpicked still having people flowing for guidance.

The lovely Rhiannon used her charm to guide people through her workshop ‘Looking at the people cards’, in other words working with the Court cards followed by Jackie Woodward Smith who hosted her workshop ‘Archetypes & Revolution, how Tarot Supports us in times of change’.  Every workshop was packed.   We literally could not fit in another person.

The final workshop of the day was with David Goddard an experienced teacher of the arts.  And to close, we had a demonstration of Clairvoyance with Alex Bayley and Jan Harris.  Alex opened his session with a description of my grandfather, I was a little embarrassed as the organiser getting a message through but of course spirit goes to where they are needed.  Both are very talented clairvoyants.

The only downside of the day was the heat, we had the doors open to the balcony overlooking Hyde Park and fans working their little socks off, but  it was still  so hot.  Thanks to everyone for their support, the first of anything is always a risk, but the stand holders/readers and the lovely people who joined us for the day put their faith and trust in us and I truly believe we delivered.

Kim, Geraldine and Bali

I just thought that I would say how much I enjoyed the London Tarot Festival last weekend. I was honoured to give a workshop/talk too. Thank you so much to everyone who came along to that and to everyone at the festival for making me feel so welcome, even though I knew very few people. What a lovely atmosphere! x Jackie Woodward Smith

Review: The Ultimate Guide to the Thoth Tarot

thoth book cover

Review by Kim Arnold 

The Ultimate Guide to the Thoth Tarot by Johannes Fiebig & Evelin Burger

(Llewellyn) £15.99

Bearing in mind the Thoth deck is one of the most popular decks in the world, it seems strange that some Tarot readers do not like it deeming it ‘too heavy’ the truth is,  some modern readers are put off purely because it is  the work of Crowley.  If anyone is in doubt about the Thoth, this book will reaffirm the masterpiece the deck is, it is a creation of pure spiritual  genius.  Read this book if you want to increase your knowledge of tarot symbolism generally and learn more about Thoth.   I promise it will change your mind .    

 Although it is not a Tarot I use, I do own 2 Thoth decks, a 2nd Edition and a modern version.  When I knew I was going to review this book I was concerned about the possible time element in reading such an in-depth book.  I was very pleasantly surprised when it arrived.  This is a BRILLIANT book on Thoth.  Each card is dissected in detail, together with a brief explanation of the card.  The author explains every tiny piece of imagery which is made easy by the use of highlighted pictures breaking down the card. 

I am loving this book and I am almost ashamed to say I had missed the meanings of most of the illustrations in the deck prior to this, I am now seeing symbolism which I did not know was there, this book has opened my eyes and made me dust my modern Thoth deck off the shelf. (My 2nd edition is to look at only).   The beginning of the book explains what colours mean, helpful tips to interpret the cards and a selection of layouts and more. All this before you get in to the real depth of the book.

The explanation of the symbolism is remarkable, detailed yet easy to follow.  I love that I am seeing this deck in a new light.   Although the book is dedicated to the Thoth deck, I highly recommend it as a book which will make you explore whatever deck you use in greater detail.    

Highly recommended



What is a Kipper Reading?

Kipper Fortune Telling Cards were first published in 1880 with assistance of a German Fortune Teller Mrs. Kipper.

The cards are divided in to people and situation cards. This combination makes readings very straight forward as the images are self explanatory, in fact reading Kipper cards can be likened to reading a story through the cards without the need of knowledge of astrology/numerology and other symbolism which we are use to in Tarot.  Kipper Decks have 36 cards.

There are not many examples of early cards as the Nazis burned fortune telling cards and books which is interesting as we know Hitler had a fascination with astrology and esoteric subjects.

New Year Meditation

Tarot Newsletter December 2015

Cut and paste the link here:

Three Llewellyn Deck Review's

The Green Witch Tarot by Ann Moura

I loved this borderless deck, each card invites you to work with the elements and add depth to your readings.  The colours are deep and inviting.  All of the 3 decks I am reviewing were used in my group last week and everyone got something out of these cards, even those who were not familiar with reading cards, each were able to work with the imagery.    Every time you looked at a card you found something new.   Artist Kiri Ostegaard Leonard has captured perfectly the energy of the Green Witch.    These were very easy to work with on a intuitive level.

If you are dipping your toes in to witchcraft these are a lovely way to help you understand how to work with the elements. They present witchcraft in a sensible and non challenging way.  These are a keeper for me, highly recommended.

Suitable for any level  £24.99

Magic of the Flower Oracle by Tess Whitehurst

I am not usually a lover of Oracle decks but these cards were beautiful.  These were also used by my group and the readings were stunningly accurate, even down to the lady who picked the card Dandelion, I said I felt it was connected to her daughter, who apparently has a dandelion tattoo on her body exactly as it was portrayed in the reading.  The information we gathered from this card was nothing short of amazing.   The cards are beautiful, and aside from just being oracle cards the accompanying book also recommends Bach Flower remedies where applicable.   I feel these cards would be a perfectly compliment a tarot reading, particularly as the energy of each card is empowering.

Again they are borderless cards, the artist Anne Wertheim has created a beautiful vision within each one.  I am loving this review as much as I love the cards!

Suitable for any level £22.50

Raven’s Prophecy by Maggie Stiefvater

These were the least favourite deck of the three used.   The cards with their orange borders are dark.  They are not typical tarot cards, I feel that if you are not already familiar with tarot then you may struggle with these.  I used the numbers to help me identify better with each card as some of the images were odd to say the least.  The publicity information describes the images ‘as a lush tapestry of my-thology and dreams’ which is very accurate.  I feel this deck has a ‘Marmite’ effect, you will Love them or HATE them.

However, they were a complete contrast to the other two decks we reviewed and if you are looking for a deck which is straight to the point, no if’s, but’s or maybe’s then I do recommend this deck.

Intermediate to Advanced £19.99

Review UK Tarot Conference 2015

9th 10th October 2015 – London

A glorious sunny day in London, the 12th UK Tarot is about to begin.  Excited people arrive through the doors, friends who we see on a yearly basis, hugs all round and we are ready to begin.

Susyn Blair Hunt author of the Tarot: Prediction and Divination kicks off the conference looking at Exploring past Lives through the Tarot.   With explanation and readings it was not long before the cards were laid and the past life journey began.  We broke for an hour to be followed by 2 impromptu sessions, one with Cilla Conway talking about the Byzantine Tarot, followed by Betty Jane Ware who hosted a fun session of scrying.

More people arrived through the door for the evening session, and I (mad fool) kicked off the evening with a talk on the Hanged Man, I explained how I had come to dislike this card as it seemed to have so many origins, I could not work out what was right, as none of the history really related to the modern Hanged Man.  I had a presentation which was to be completed by my Hanged Man film, unfortunately Mercury (well that’s my excuse) had other ideas and we could not get the film to play, so we went straight in to the Hanged Man reading,  whilst this was happening there was a lot of huffing and puffing behind the scenes fixing the problem.  We did finally get this to work to close my session.

Karen Mahoney followed with an interesting session, how to read with a “literary” deck, basing it around The Alice Tarot.     This is a fascinating insight to reading cards alongside the story book.   You can always tell how much people are enjoying the sessions when the noise levels rise in the room and this session was buzzing.   Karen is an eloquent speaker and so knowledgeable about her subject she was a joy to listen to.

We put our cards away and enjoyed drinks and canapes, followed by our auction hosted by Geraldine Beskin from Atlantis Bookshop.  We raised an amazing £402 which will fund people for next year’s conference as we will help anyone who otherwise would not be able to join us with tickets, hotel or travels costs.  This year 4 people came with the help of last year’s Bursary.

Time for bed, an exhausting day and tomorrow we do it all again plus more!


With the stalls set up myself, Atlantis Bookshop, Baba Studio’s Richard Abbot with his books, Cilla Conway with the Byzantine Tarot and Caitlin Matthews with Lenormand decks, the room looked lovely and we were ready to begin.

The event kicked off with Caitlin Matthews: Which way are the cards facing?  Caitlin has been a regular speaker at the conference and she always delivers fresh and new techniques.  Nothing is rehashed, she is a delight to listen to, and her knowledge is world class.  The idea of working with the cards using this technique takes readings to whole new level.   I listened to the chatter at the mid-morning coffee break, people discussing how amazing this session was and that it would definitely be used in future readings.

Our next speaker was to be Wicca Meir Spring who devastatingly had a stroke the week before.  I have worked with Wicca before and she is wonderful, we wish her well and thank the lovely Richard Abbot for standing in at short notice.   I love Richard, he challenges you, makes you feel uncomfortable in a good way, his workshop, Tarot & The Voice of Guidance: How to Stay on your Path when Everything seems to Conspire against you was brilliant, everyone asked for more, so I will be in touch with Richard and see how we can expand on this for another time (maybe the Tarot Festival but I better ask first)!

Sue Merlyn Farebrother came on next sharing the influence of the minor cards, however, she asked people to work with the cards numbered between 4 and 7 which was an interesting technique.  The room was lively and Sue was like a little whirlwind working the room helping with readings.

At lunch time Chloe McCracken hosted the impromptu workshop: Lenormand Magic, unfortunately we did have some technical hitches on and off throughout the day with equipment, but she worked without the prepared slides and really did work magic.

The technical equipment was temperamental throughout the day, for some speakers there were no problems at all and others it just wasn’t playing, still trying to work out why!!

Susyn Blair-Hunt offered advice and interactive readings in her session ‘Let the cards do the talking’, it offered the chance to work with the cards using intuition. Again the energy on the room was high, there was plenty of interaction this year.

Finally, David Wells closed the conference with his session the Tree of Life Experience. We began with a powerful meditation followed by a Tree of Life reading. Some people are familiar with this but many are not, I know the Qabalah influence within tarot scares some people, but David made this session run with ease.  I loved it, but then I do have a bias with David.  Is this a good time to mention he is hosting a workshop for me on the 7th November in Canterbury, Soul Memories. More about this below.

The Conference came to an end, I thanked everyone and of course gave a huge thank you to Lo Scarabeo, Hay House and Llewellyn who are always so generous in donating items for the goodie bags, Atlantis Bookshop for their support throughout the year, my husband Martin and Diane who anchor me at every event taking off the pressure when I start to get crabby (lol) and of course everyone who attended.  We are Kindred Spirits indeed.

Next year we celebrate Death, diary dates 13th (eve) 14th 15th October 2015 London.  See you there!

David Wells Soul Memories workshop Here:






Tarot Snippet by Chloe McCracken -Using Tarot for a Magical Boost

Any time you feel in need of a boost, for life in general or on a particular subject, give this a try.  Look through your tarot deck, face up.  Pick the card that most reflects the energy you would like to have.  Light a candle or just sit with the card in your hands, focusing on its energy for at least thirty seconds.  If you like, say something like “I draw this energy to me today”.  Now, put the card somewhere you will see it regularly – you could even make it your screensaver on your computer or phone!  That’s it, a quick tarot energy boost 🙂


How many times have you thrust difficult cards back into the deck and reshuffled, only to have them return?  It’s happened to us all.  By keeping the cards you first drew and relaying them in a different order you are enabled to work with the dilemma, face it, and find the help that you need to cope with it.  Draw a supporting card or two if you like.

Paradox is often at the heart of a client’s issue, where two impossible things sit in the same place, making decision very difficult indeed. Peeling back the layers so as to achieve a perspective on a complex issue is a great art, revealing possible routes forward.

Caitlín Matthews, author of The Complete Arthurian Tarot and Enchanted Lenormand

Tarot Snippet from David Wells

When I first started using Tarot cards my teacher suggested the most wonderful visualisation to connect with my cards, a way to build them into my aura. Physically put your cards in front of you, just spread them out in an arc on a cloth on a low table, then begin to meditate in your usual way. I light a candle, burn some incense and play some music to set the scene. Then visualise the cards rising up and dancing around you, moving in and out of your energy and let your energy mould with theirs. Sometimes one or two cards will hover in front of you, take those messages back with you! The cards will naturally settle, you will know when it’s done, bring yourself back, I then wrap my cards in their cloth that I have sprayed with my favourite angel spray and put them back into their box ready to be used as and when. Magic

Determining Timing in Your Readings by Susyn Blair-Hunt

With just three weeks away from the UK Tarot Conference, we will be introducing our wonderful speakers by sharing their Tarot Snippets.

Meet Susyn Blair-Hunt author of Tarot – Prediction & Divination

When we predict life changes or events in a reading, invariably the next question is, “When?”

At first glance, the cards may not seem to reflect timing, but take a closer look. A predominance of one suit is a clue. If many cups show up around a situation, in addition to their traditional meaning, this could indicate the next time the Sun will be in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. (Wands for Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Swords for Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, and Pentacles for Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.)

If the 8 of Wands appears, this shows something coming in quickly, usually within a matter of days. The Sun card followed by a Minor Arcana card can indicate its move into a certain sign and the Moon card suggests a new or full Moon (new if an ace appears near it, full for any other cards). If the Hierophant appears in the timing layout, this indicates timing is up to Spirit and won’t be revealed in the reading.

Scan the cards for repeating numbers; if you see a predominance of 3’s (Major Arcana included), this can mean 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months, depending on the situation.

For confirmation or more information, you can do an additional five-card layout for timing.

Programme HERE:

Tarot Conference Bursary Auction

Bursary Fund Auction

Bidding is now open for you to own this beautiful 24″ x 36″ canvass print of The Star from the Mary-el Tarot.   If you are unable to attend the event, bids start at £135.00Mary-El Painting

Please send bid to

 Winner bidder announced at the conference, if a non attendee wins the print, you will be notified Monday 12th October.   Please note p+p will be applied.


Celebrating 12 Years The Hanged Man

From Tarot Masters our Hanged Man by Linda Hare (Rowan)

 Suspension in the air I don’t have a clue

But from this position I see more than you

Let go of all you think you are, become what you can be

And if you change your point of view

You will see as much as me

To me the Hanged Man will always be Odin, sacrificing what is for what could be.  Sometimes we need to be suspended in space with the ground pulled from beneath our feet before we can allow ourselves to see things from a different perspective.  In most of the tarot card packs I have seen the Hanged Man seems quite content with his position, his face is passive and he seems to have accepted that for now, all he can do is hang around and wait.  His world is indeed upside down but he realises that for now there is nothing he can do to change it.    This is the space of learning it is time out, and sometimes, although you would not have put yourself in this space you can sense that he knows all will be well.    He knows the meaning of sacrifice but in letting go of his ego he has found his true self and is content for now to see how things play out.

Check our Tarot Masters here:


Breathing Meditation

Astrological Chart for 2015 UK Tarot Conference

Astrological Chart for 2015 UK Tarot Conference

4 Deck Review by Kim Arnold

Starstream Oracle by Cheryl Vambrach Rose

Journey of the Goddess Realm by Lisa Porter

The Winged Enchantment by Lesley Morrison & Lisa Hunt

Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Moseley

With a box of US Games decks arriving just in time for my Psychic Cafe Evening I thought what a better way to ‘test’ the cards and receive valued feedback than to use them with my group.

I had written some exercises to use the cards, and divided each deck between the 16 people in the room. The first deck was the Starstream Oracle which is my personal favourite.  Beautifully illustrated cards with gold borders and stunning colours, each card has a main meaning and in small italic writing a few words of explanation e.g.,  Crown Yourself   “King Arthurs Footprint” it is hard to explain how clear and precise these cards are, there is not necessarily a lot going on in the pictures but the visual images are outstanding.  I love this deck.  This was also the feeling of the group.

The next exercise we used Journey to the Goddess Realm, the group had a love/hate relationship with these.  The cards have a blue border but some images are almost cartoon like or playful as some put it.   It depends on what you are looking for from a deck, if you want something light and maybe a deck you do not want to take too seriously then this deck is for you, as I said some of the group really jelled, however, it was the more advanced readers within the group who did not enjoy the energy of these cards and said they were not for them.   Each card has a Goddess Title and a meaning.  EG. Rhiannon, card 26, The Mystery, this shows a lady on a white horse.  The pictures are detailed and the artwork is clever, but I can see they are not for everyone.

We next used The Winged Enchantment, the images are beautiful but for me a little too much going on, however, I would sell my mother for an original to hang on my wall (better lol  in case she reads this). Each borderless card is named after a bird. . The pictures are stunning but with so much going on, the group found these distracting to read and in fact most used the symbolism of the name of the bird on the card to interpret.  I think I would have to spend some time with these to really connect with them as I do not feel I am doing this beautiful deck real justice, you can feel the passion of the artist within each image.  These cards I feel will and should be used for deeper work where you have time to explore.

Finally, one table used the Vintage Wisdom Oracle, these cards are painted in a Victorian & Georgian theme, each card has just one word such as ‘Union’  ‘Faith’ ‘Adventure’ etc.  and a clear image.  Each card has either a green or brown border,  they are a real Aeclectic mix of vintage themes, this is a cleverly thought out deck and the ladies who used them loved them, and on their say so, they are highly recommended and easy to work with.

The Alchemist meditation

Saturday 4th July 2015 The London Tarot Festival is Launched

Probably the hottest day of the year, but the room looked lovely.  Bunting provided by Bali decorated the room, our little display of Pamela Colman Smith laid out, and the stall holders and readers arrived in plenty of time to set up.  Bali made an announcement that the doors were now open and for everyone to enjoy the day.

We had decided that the talks would start at 11a.m. as most people came in to the City and this would give them time, however, within 30 minutes of opening the door we already had a crowd, Geraldine and I had both written workshops in case of emergency and I decided to host mine at 10.15 titled Reading Tarot as a Psychic.  Free workshops were in the main hall, and about 25 people gathered for my interactive session where I taught a technique to show people how to realise their true potential and listen to their intuitive self.

Geraldine’s workshop was also needed as the Dream interpretation lady did not show, I was not bothered, Geraldine Beskin talks are always inspiring!  As the day gathered pace people continued to flow in through the doors, the full workshops opened with Chloe McCracken talking about Tarot Magick.   I looked around the room, the readers were constantly busy, the aura stand had a good flow of customers and the stalls including Atlantis, mine, Watkins books and Rhiannon Faulkner Tarot were surrounded by people eager to buy and learn more about Tarot.      Then Israel Ajose walked through the door, “Oi Israel” I said “If I knew you were coming I would have had you talk” bless him, “ok I can do that for you, how about ……. Tarot and sex Magick” ……. it was announced it would only be a 20 minute impromptu talk, “Its a quickie Kim” he said “story of most women’s lives” I retorted!  Needless to say we had to bring in more chairs!

Midday Maria Antoniou from the Brighton School of Tarot talked about Ancestral Healing with Tarot, unfortunately I could not attended the talks as I was too busy being a helicopter organiser, but I heard people talking about Maria’s meditation which apparently was wonderful.

Richard Abbot was next on with ‘Embrace your Sovereign Individuality with the Tarot’, Richards workshops are always good, I have heard him speak many times at the Conference and he always presents new material and an interesting way of teaching.  Cilla Conway talked about the Byzantine Tarot, people were drooling over this beautiful deck.

Music played in the background, the Tombola donated by the generous Llewellyn drew the crowds (everyone was after Ciro’s deck) and the room was lively with chatter.

Nigel and Angela did a talk about Auras whilst Richard’s workshop was in full flow, there was activity everywhere in the room. The readers all handpicked still having people flowing for guidance.

The lovely Rhiannon used her charm to guide people through her workshop ‘Looking at the people cards’, in other words working with the Court cards followed by Jackie Woodward Smith who hosted her workshop ‘Archetypes & Revolution, how Tarot Supports us in times of change’.  Every workshop was packed.   We literally could not fit in another person.

The final workshop of the day was with David Goddard an experienced teacher of the arts.  And to close, we had a demonstration of Clairvoyance with Alex Bayley and Jan Harris.  Alex opened his session with a description of my grandfather, I was a little embarrassed as the organiser getting a message through but of course spirit goes to where they are needed.  Both are very talented clairvoyants.

The only downside of the day was the heat, we had the doors open to the balcony overlooking Hype and fans working their little socks off, but  it was still  so hot.  Next year I think we will aim for May but rest assured the Tarot Festival is born and look out for information about 2016!

Thanks to everyone for their support, the first of anything is always a risk, but the stand holders/readers and the lovely people who joined us for the day put their faith and trust in us and I truly believe we delivered.

That’s all for now, but hope to see you at the Conference in October.

Kim, Geraldine and Bali


Review Celtic Lenormand by Chloe McCracken / Artwork Will Worthington

Published by US Games

I have a confession to make, I am not really a fan of Lenormand cards nor its style of reading so I was a little unsure when I was asked to review this deck.   However, on its arrival I knew I was going to love it.  My mind has been changed and through this little deck I have picked up my other Lenormand decks (doesn’t stop me buying just because it is not my thing) and I have started using them with my clients alongside tarot.

I have always been a fan of the talented Will Worthington’s artwork and this did not disappoint.   The colourful and detailed cards each tell a thousand stories.  Chloe has packed in so much information about each card which all have detailed interpretations including Key Words, Person, Playing card association, Description, Meaning, Spiritual Readings, Dark and Light, Timings, Affirmations and associated deities.   The research is in depth but not overwhelming.     I highly recommend this Lenormand deck to anyone curious about developing their card reading skills.

Tree Meditation


Review 365 Ways to Develop your Psychic Ability by Alexandra Chauran (Llewellyn)

I was quite excited to read this book, as someone who runs development classes I was hoping to discover some new ideas and techniques I could use with my groups.

This book is a daily guide to developing your psychic ability, and although there are plenty of ideas, as an experienced teacher I was not blown away by the content.   I had a feeling that half way through Alexandra ran out of ideas as some of the content was a bit thin on the ground.  For example: Day 167 – Your Beliefs – what is a Ghost? Suggestion ….  Write out your beliefs about ghosts and where they stand right now, think up some questions and techniques you can use to explore your belief further.     In my opinion this is not really helpful in developing your psychic skills.  I would love to have seen more content which encouraged you to interact with a particular tool or skill.

As we go deeper in to the book, there are 22 days taken up with each of the major arcana tarot cards, there is a brief interpretation of each card, followed by a tip, which was …. Meditate on the Fool, Meditate on the Magician …….  the same advice carries right through all 22 cards to the World card.

This book is geared to the complete beginner, someone who has no idea about anything psychic.  The information would be helpful and there is a lot of content. You could dip in and out of the book depending on what your interests were. It covers a multitude of subjects.

I must bear in mind, if I was just starting out on my path this would probably have some space on my bookshelf

Susyn Blair-Hunt (History of Tarot & dealing with the Bigots!)

A few days ago I received an e mail about how Tarot is the work of Satan (sorry did I yawn),  having been in this position many times before,  I put a note on FB and asked my lovely Tarot friends what their thoughts were, how great you all were.  I received this note below from the lovely Susyn Blair-Hunt who is speaking at the Tarot Conference this year, it makes very interesting reading and you may find the information useful if you ever come across a happy clappy bible bashing bigot, there are a lot out there. Enjoy!

……. I wrote an article about the history of the tarot (an excerpt included at the end of this email) which basically states that the Tarot images come from the Egyptian Book of Life – many believe that during the time Jesus disappeared in the bible (from the ages of 13 – 30) he was in Egypt, studying this book and the Gnostic religions. The tablets these images were carved into eventually ended up side by side with early versions of the Bible at the Library of Alexander in Egypt. When the Library caught fire in 391 AD, the monks who ran the Library made sure that two things were saved – the biblical tablets, along with the Tarot tablets – by giving them to passing Gypsies – the connotation is that the Tarot is derived from the sacred text (Egyptian Book of Life) that became part of the basis for the Bible that Christians use today.

As far as one’s fear of prophecy in general, there are many passages in the Bible that support prophecy, old and new testament. I’ve listed these below – the only instance in the Bible where prophecy is condemned is in the story of the Witch of Endor – in the first book of Samuel. As the story goes, King Saul condemned all “witches” and prophets but secretly kept the Witch of Endor nearby – when she predicted something he didn’t like (which by the way came true) it was then that witches and prophecy were condemned.

Excerpts from the Bible that support prophecy and astrology:

Genesis – (paraphrasing here) And God placed the stars in the firmament so that people who could read them would be able to predict the future.

Book of Daniel – Daniel is an astrologer, seer and dream interpreter, who actually has an entire book devoted to him.

New Testament,

Matthew Chapter 2, which tells how the wise men (actually cited in many bibles as astrologers) were the first to acknowledge Jesus as the son of God and the first to save Jesus’ life, denying his existence to Herod, who wanted to kill him.

Paul – 1st corinthians – chapters 12 and 14 which talk about how God gives all people the gift of prophecy (if they use it rightly).

Romans 12:6 says  “if your gift is prophecy, prophesize”

Act 21:8 and Act 21:9

And the next day we that were of Paul’s company departed, and came unto Caesarea: and we entered into the house of Philip the evangelist, which was one of the seven; and abode with him.

And this same man had four daughters, virgins, which did prophesy.

also Book of Wisdom – Catholic and Protestant Bibles – Chapters 6/7/8


Past Life Conversations with David Wells Review

6th 7th March Wingham, Kent

Friday night was ‘Psychic Supper’ with David & Kim, he is such great company we nearly forgot to do any psychic stuff as the chatter around the table was lively and entertaining.  David did a short astrological reading for each of the guests, and I did a card reading for everyone.  The evening flowed as did the wine, though to be fair David and I were both drinking water keeping our heads clear for work.

Saturday 7th March …… The big day arrived, it seemed that I organised this so long ago, it felt like the day would never come.  Strangely, my lovely day attendees all arrived early, highly unusual (lol) but maybe intuitively knowing something very special was going to happen today and it was wise to arrive on time.

David began by talking a little about his life and what bought him to the work he now does. I love that not only is David highly knowledgeable about his subject, but he has a warm and attractive aura which just makes you want to know more.   The session began with a meditation, I have experienced his meditations before, they are truly powerful, and this was no different.  The music eerily played in the background creating an ambience perfect for the first of our many past life journeys we were to do that day.  Experiences are very personal, they touch your soul in a way you can’t explain, my own journey was quite emotional and I was glad that it was soon time for a break for coffee, not in a negative way, but grounding was needed.   This was lively break, with new friends being made and chatter about what people had experienced was heard in excitable voices.

The next session went deeper, I unfortunately was in the kitchen preparing lunch for everyone (did I mention I multi task?), but was told the next journey was deeper and more powerful than the last.

We broke for lunch and there was much excitement about my new book, Tarot Basics published by Hay House, who kindly arranged for copies to be available in time for the weekend.   Everyone went home with a copy which was an added bonus on an already brilliant day for me.

The afternoon session began and we met through meditation Archangels Sandalphon and Metatron ….. I went so deep I thought at one point I was going to faint.  I have never experienced anything like it.  One lady who had NEVER seen anything EVER in meditation had a real visual experience (a cheeky round of applause erupted). During one meditation we were asked to look in a mirror to see who we once were, first, I saw a Bindi, then very clearly a petite Indian lady wearing a vibrant red and gold sari.  Her face was so beautiful she was almost to stunning to be real.  I am not sure if that was me in a past life, because I am none of those things today, but nevertheless the experience was humbling.  At the end of that meditation we were told we would be handed a gift and that item would appear within 3 weeks, well I was given something very spiritual and symbolic to me, but even more spooky, my husband is off to India next week on business. David said not to tell him what it was and see if it worked out, as apparently this ‘gift’ might call him.  I have decided to tell him it was the Chanel Sunglasses I have been drooling over and try my luck, you never know ha ha!

David finished the day by closing us down via a visual technique, then he did a reading for our birthday girl Liz, how lucky was she to have a short reading from David!   I keep remembering bits of the day, little flashbacks of parts of the deep meditations, very strange as I have not experienced this before, but I assume the amount of work we did on such a high level would be overwhelming if we processed everything and bought it back to everyday life.  I am sure spirit will drip feed what we need to know as and when.

It was a wonderful couple of days, and no review can do this justice as the whole experience was something very special.  Below I have a few testimonials from the weekend, this might give you some idea of how it went.

Feedback     Thank you so much for a fantastic day, it was the best EVER!

Thank you Soooo much for an amazing day, it truly was just what I needed, David is wonderful, such a lovely man.. I think we all wanted to take him home with us . Cannot thank you enough Kim for all your hard work in providing us lucky lot with such amazing
events and workshops, hope you manage to get some well earned rest now

Review - Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen

(North Atlantic Books available via Llewellyn)

When this 874 page book arrived it took my breath away, the sheer volume of content was overwhelming.  Apparently it took Benebell 3 years to write, to be honest it will probably take me 3 years to read.    However, on further inspection and glancing through the many chapters in the book, I realise this is a book every tarot lover must own.  It covers pretty much everything and anything you want to know about Tarot and beyond.

The book has detailed spreads with excellent diagrams, case studies and a whole plethora of subjects which Benebell has associated and connected to tarot which you may, or may not find interesting.    It has loads of information, advice, history, symbolism, numerology and so on, really too much to mention, and for me life is too short and busy too get stuck in to this book. That said, it is a book I will pick up from time to time if I need information over and above my own knowledge, or looking for something different (a BA Gua spread maybe).    The negative for me is there is too much packed within one book, the positive aspect, if you love reading and love tarot, then everything you will ever need to know is here.

I found the book challenging mainly because of brain overload, but as I said above, use it as you need.  I am not sure why it is called Holistic Tarot as it seems quite left brain, but to be fair I have only skimmed the pages.  However, if you love tarot, this is a must for the book shelf and you will not be disappointed with the content.  This book is aimed at intermediate to advanced readers.

10 Things you might not know about Tarot

Soul & Spirit Article

Soul & Spirit Magazine Article


!0 Things you didn’t know about Tarot


David Wells Workshop 7th March 2015 in Kent

This is a rare occasion to work in a small intimate group with David Wells in Wingham, Nr Canterbury, Kent.        Saturday 7th March 2015  10 – 4.30p.m.

 Past Life Conversations

Take this journey into your past lives, to discover who you were and what that can tell you about yourself, not only now but for your future as you visit the Akashic Records and the Archangel Metatron. Uncover the gifts you have brought forward, release the baggage you no longer want to carry and propel yourself into the future that your heart desires. This is your opportunity to remind yourself of how great you are, to create what you want in the here and now and to fulfil your soul contract with gusto!

Friday Evening Psychic Supper with David Wells & Kim Arnold : SOLD OUT

Saturday 7th March £99.00    SOLD OUT

If you would like to join our waiting list please e mail us.

Day Guests arrive between 09.15 and 09.45a.m. as we will start prompt at 10a.m.  lunch and refreshments throughout the day are included.  Please note the menu will be predominately vegetarian and will be buffet style so you can help yourself.

The address of the house is: The Old Engineers House, Adisham Road, Adisham, Canterbury CT3 3JD.    Directions: If you are driving in via Wingham Village, take the turn signposted towards Aylsham and Folkestone which is left alongside the Red Lion Pub, after about 2 minutes you will see Gibsons Farm shop on the left, once you pass this after less than a minute, you will see our white house next to a large dark brick building on the left in the distance.    There are electric gates which open outwards as you approach our house.  Press the buzzer and we will let you in.


ABOUT DAVID: With successful television appearances on programmes such as Your Stars, Jane Goldman Investigates, Big Brother, Fame Academy, RI:SE, GMTV, Heaven on Earth and Most Haunted, David Wells is a popular household name within the paranormal genre.  He is an outstanding astrologer, past life therapist, author, teacher and presenter whose unique sense of humour and vibrant personality captivates audiences far and wide.   With an outstanding onscreen television presence, he is in constant demand, with a global following and unquestionably one of the best in the business. David is a columnist with NOW and Fate and Fortune and is the astrologer for The Scottish Daily Record and Spirit and Destiny magazine.  He is a regular keynote speaker and workshop presenter at Mind Body and Spirit festivals and corporate events across the UK, USA, Japan, Australia and Spain.

“The Way of the Psychic Heart” Developing Your Spiritual Gifts in the Everyday World”

By Chad Mercree

Published by Llewellyn

I really enjoyed this book.  So much packed into a handbag/pocket sized book.  Chad obviously knows his stuff and you just know that he’s speaking from experience and that he has “walked the walk!”.   It describes, in detail, various ways to in which to hone your intuition, to really get your psychic abilities up and running .  As you move through the book there are numerous easy to follow exercises you can do to progress in opening up, discovering your own personal abilities and how to use them.  You go from chapter to chapter eager to discover and work on what comes next.

I would recommend this for anyone at any level of psychic development as I’m sure there are new ideas and ways of doing things to be learned and enjoyed. I found it an easy read and could easily relate to what Chad was saying as his wealth of experience and love of what he does shines through his writing.


By Richard Webster Published by Llewellyn

When I received the box to review I was really impressed.  However, on opening the pack I was disappointed, my first impression on looking through the cards wasn’t very favourable.  I’m not drawn to cards with photo images of actual people.  Also the mixture of old and new details on the cards, i.e. people in modern day clothing or present day buildings, just didn’t seem to fit comfortably with the images of the Angels in their flowing robes.

However, saying that, I liked that there were no borders on the cards, and that they were of good quality card.  The book has short, to the point, interpretations of the meaning of each card which left room for expansion by the Reader which I thought was good.  I’m not sure if I would recommend these for a beginner as the card explanations refer to astrological signs and the powers of each Angel, which I doubt a beginner would be aware of, although there is a short explanation at the rear of the book.   If you are not familiar with the Angels represented in the deck, they would be difficult to read unless you read them entirely intuitively.  Therefore, if you prefer to read using only intuition, these would be a good tool to start with.

The book and cards are also a handy size for carrying around.

Review 2014 Tarot Conference

10th 11th October 2014 London

Last year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the conference and I was stunned that we exceeded the number of people attending this year, we truly are an international conference with attendees flying in from every corner of the world.

Our day began with the unpacking of gifts for our goodie bags generously donated by Llewellyn, Hay House, Lo Scarabeo and Kindred Spirit magazine which we hid away for the grand unveiling on Saturday.

We began on Friday at 2p.m. with a Master class hosted by Mary K Greer called Tarot & Intuition: the Interplay of Creativity and Neuroscience”

The workshop covered how a tarot reading helps us step outside of the statistical universe.  How we need to learn to trust our intuition, tap in to something beyond our daily comprehension.  We discussed how we can sometimes, without thinking change what we say in a reading to fit a situation.  We did a series of exercises and discussed a theory of how we could be more precise in a reading, for example could we look at the cards and see if the repair man would visit between 10 and 12 or 12 and 2, how accurate could we truly be with our cards?

After Mary’s two hour session we had an hour break, and for the first time we had an hour of quick fire card readings with myself.  I posed questions to the group and they used different card reading techniques to discover the answer.  One question using the minor cards only was, ‘what card would play you in a movie?’ Some very obscure cards came out of the deck, this exercise also made us look at our personality and possibly what others might see in us that we don’t see in ourselves.

Friday evening Israel Ajose took the stage, he is a huge personality and talked us through how we can combine Tarot and Magik.  I LOVE this subject!!   Israel asked the question ‘What is Magik?’  and never forget that Magik is real and powerful.  It is part of a universal energy.  If we create Magik it has to be in alignment to enable it to merge with the energy and work, in other words you can’t just ask for something to be or happen, you have to help it along.    He showed us how by using a blend of tarot and astrology we can manifest something in our lives.  I am not going to give the secret away, you will have to attend a conference to find out.  However, we all need to remember we can evoke anything in to our lives!

Israel’s workshop was followed by the lovely Geraldine Beskin of Atlantis Bookshop talking about Lady Frieda Harris and the Thoth deck. Geraldine is a fountain of historical knowledge and told us about Lady Harris’s life with Crowley.  We touched on Aleister Crowley who it seems was a miserable man, demanding, temperamental and must have been a nightmare to work with.   This talk was accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation of places where Freida lived and the people who were involved in her very colourful life.


After the evening workshop, I gave a sneak preview of a short film I am currently making, Unfortunately, it was not finished in time for the conference but I was thrilled that it had such a major impact. View it here

The evening event was as always great fun,  with a few nibbles and wine flowing we had our annual auction.  This year it was a little different.  The lovely Betty Jane Ware from Canada bought with her 5 bottles of Tarot Wine to sell.

With her generous heart she asked that with the money made from the sale of the wines, that we start a bursary to enable someone who might not otherwise be able to attend, have a place at the conference next year, and that we assist with travel and accommodation if needed.  I thought it was a wonderful idea, and the sale made £195, so a great amount to kick off the Bursary pot.  There will be more about how to apply for this next year. We also had a raffle on Saturday and the proceeds of this will also go in to the Bursary fund.


After goodie bags were distributed we kicked off with Mary Greer and the High Priestess.   We looked at the history of the Visconti-Sforza tarot deck, Gugliema and other historical figures, this talk was fascinating, but for me went on a bit too long without interaction with the High Priestess and our cards.  You can feel Mary’s passion for the tarot as she speaks, but after going through the history and many slides we only had less than 10 minutes to complete the High Priestess Spread.  However, most really loved the subject and enjoyed the lecture.

After coffee break, we began the next session with the energetic Richard Abbot.    I love Richard’s down to earth approach especially as he talked about people who have had a ‘spiritual bypass’ in other words, the majority of people love a reading but only want the good stuff! Tattvas and the Tarot was the subject of the talk. Something I don’t believe many in the room had heard of before.  With a helpful handout we dived in to the cards which using the principles of Tattvas (which basically deals with quality not quantity), revealed some interesting results

Lunch time quickly arrived and we had two very different short workshops running, the first was with Dr Maria Antoniou hosting Soulful Enterprise – Five steps to a Successful Tarot Business which involved using your cards to discover what more one might need to look at to create a successful Tarot business.  (See the Tarot Snippet article below by Maria on how to create a successful business).

This was followed by an almost full house (unusual for a lunchtime workshop as attendance is by choice and not part of the structured programme) by Dr Les Cross hosting ‘The 3000 year-old Bridge’ and how the ancient Oracle of Geomancy can be combined with the Tarot to create a powerful new spread (in fact two new spreads) bringing out the greatest strengths from both systems.  This was a fascinating insight in to a subject few of us were familiar with.  Les has great presenting skills and engaged the audience, he made a subject which one might think is involved and difficult, in to a relatively easy to understand system.

This certainly was a conference which challenged our view of tarot and in many cases opened a whole new vision as to how we could work differently and more effectively with our cards.

The lovely David Wells began our afternoon session with Sacred Pathworkings on the Tree of Life.  We looked at the Tree of Life symbolism whilst David explained the journey to the Sun.  I love the speakers who can be entertaining and knowledgeable and there is no doubt that David is both.   David took us in to a meditation which was so powerful I wanted to open my eyes and watch the room, but as hard as I tried, I could not physically open my eyes, I was so deeply connected within the power of the meditation I had to go with the flow,  I have never experienced anything like it in my life before.

The final session of the day was with Mary Greer who hosted a ‘Tarot Reading Circle’.  We stood in a huge circle with people on the inner circle and those on the outside so we all had a partner.  Mary had placed in a pool on the inside of the circle, decks of loose cards from which we had to randomly pick 5. Questions were asked by the ‘questioner’ and answered by the reader, the inner circle then moved round one person to the next and so it went on. This was a great interactive exercise which was enjoyed by all.


We finished the day with my meditation on the Justice card which I will share with you below, eleven years, it does not seem possible.  For me personally something was different this year, in a good way, the dynamics have changed and I know something very special is brewing, you will have to watch this space as will I to see what is next.

On that note, 2015 we welcome Mark McElroy, Caitlin Matthews, David Wells and Sue Farebrother to name just a few of our key speakers. But for now, I am off to put my feet up it has been a very busy weekend!

Justice Meditation by Kim Arnold

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and just become aware of your breathing.

You find yourself standing on the large marble steps facing a grand white building.  You push open the large door with ease and step inside.

The hall is magnificent, and as you look up you notice 4 stained glass windows with pictures representing the images of Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude and Justice.

You are alone as you sit, relax and look at the windows, you look at the images and find that the Justice window draws you in, the sunlight is pouring through the coloured glass and shines its light upon you …. you find yourself immersed in the in the rich colours of red, gold and purple.     The colours appear to wash over you and you can feel the healing energies working and rebalancing your mind, body and spirit.

Feel those colours engulf your very being.   Slowly the colours begin to subside and you notice the person in the window holding a set of scales.

The scales are not equal …… there is something within you which is out of balance, think about a current issues which is troubling you,  and as you go deeper in to meditation you are once again aware of the colours enveloping you.

Ask for guidance and as you do so a Tarot card appears in your hand, look at it, what message has Justice given you, the card will guide you to your answer.  Spend a moment with the card until you clearly understand its message.

Now you are ready to take your focus away from the card and back to the window, and you notice the scales are now equal and the Justice window sits once again  proudly  and equally alongside Prudence, Temperance and Fortitude.

You stand and look around the grand hall for the last time, soak in the stillness and the energy of this powerful room.

You quietly retrace your steps back towards the door until you are once again outside in the sunshine.  ……   When you are ready open your eyes.


Other reviews:





5/7/2014 = 19 = The Sun (Generous Gifts)

A wonderful surprise from one of my favourite Tarot people Mark McElroy, read to the end and enjoy.

(From Mark) I’ve written a detailed, comprehensive guide to Tarot card meanings, and I’ve released the text of that guide into the public domain. It’s free for anyone to use in any way he or she wishes.  People can integrate the meanings into their own books on Tarot. They can use them freely in class materials. They can use them as the text in Tarot reading apps. There are no limits.

Well, there is one: people can’t copyright the material or attempt to restrict its use in any way. My intention is for this guide to Tarot card meanings to remain free for anyone to use, world without end, Amen.

Here’s why I did it: Tarot teachers, students, seekers, authors, and app developers lacked access to a freely-available, easy-to-read guide to Tarot card meanings. Oh, there’s always Waite’s _Pictorial Key to the Tarot_, but, you know how easy-to-read *that* one is. (ha!) And while there are several other good guides on the market, they’re copyrighted, and that limits their usefulness, too.

So I wrote _A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings_ and released the text of the book into the public domain. By making clear, comprehensive meanings freely available for every Tarot card, I’m hoping to make Tarot more accessible to more people for years to come.  Folks can get to the text here:

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Tarot Newsletter July 2014

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FB: UK Tarot Conference group

Tarot Snippet by Dr Maria Antoniou

‘Going pro’  –  After you’ve been learning and working with tarot for a while, you may start thinking about reading the cards professionally. This will inevitably bring up lots of questions and anxieties, which could stop you making the decision to begin. The issues you may be struggling with include:

1) Am I good enough? Many people fear they will never be good enough in any area of their life. As tarot readers we are always learning. What does ‘good enough’ tarot reader look like? Do you help people with your readings, do you get good feedback, do people tell you that they would pay for your readings? Then you are good enough!

2) Should I charge for tarot readings? Tarot reading is a skill. We are all entitled to a fair exchange for using our talents and skills, and for the time and energy we give to a reading. A spiritual skill is no less valid than a practical skill. If you want to carry on giving free readings, that’s up to you. But there’s nothing wrong with making your living from tarot.

3) What should I charge? A good rule of thumb is to charge the amount that you would be comfortable paying for a reading. Also, look at what other readers in your local area charge and set your fee at a similar level. Alternatively, think of the highest amount you would be comfortable charging, and set your fee there.

4) Where can I read? The beauty of tarot is that you can read almost anywhere. You can run your business from home, at a local health or holistic centre, read at Mind Body Spirit fairs, local markets, charity or corporate events, or a local cafe. It depends on the kind of person you are. Which of these options do you feel most attracted to? Which do you want to avoid? Decide on one place to begin with, start reading there and see how it goes. In time you will decide what works best for you.

Becoming a professional tarot reader is an amazing experience – there is nothing better than doing what you love for a living, while helping people at the same time.


Maria Antoniou is a tarot teacher and reader based in Brighton. She is also an intuitive coach, working one-to-one with clients on the Unleash Your Soul 12 week life and business coaching course. Find out more:

Tarot Snippet by Richard Abbot

The Major Arcana and the Lessons of Life

Whenever a Major card appears in a reading – dignified or reversed – we are shown that a crossroads, or a turning point, has been reached. At this point a lesson can be learnt, a reappraisal undertaken, or an trial undergone. Not all these signposts are easily navigated, but in order to advance in life they should be passed. The trick is that the Major Arcana card is less likely to show the actual event at the turning point, rather the feelings, emotions and meaning generated by it.

As such the Major Arcana are nothing less than the keys to a fulfilled life. They instruct us how to be, how to live, how to move and how to grow. They facilitate our happiness because they point us toward our Destiny – the being that we must become, rather than the being that exists today. We might then conclude that the Major Arcana are much less about prediction and much more about initiation. This insight can change entirely the way we work with the cards, enabling a lasting happiness and peace of mind that always comes from learning the lessons of life.

Extracted from The Works of Arthur Norris Volume One, by Richard Abbot, a collection of 20 years of occult knowledge from my teacher.

Biography…  Richard Abbot learned about the unseen dimensions of life, over a 20 year study period with Arthur Norris. He practises Tarot, Numerology and Palmistry as tools for self-discovery, empowerment and transformation, as well as providing healing for those in pain. He has written numerous books and courses and has appeared at events in UK, Holland and USA. The Hermitage Development Centre, originally established in 1983 by Arthur Norris & Pat Warrington, now continues under Richard’s guidance He tweets occasionally @AbbotAnswers and blogs at The Impossibility Factory.

Tarot Snippet from our 2014 Key Speaker Mary Greer

When in doubt, simply describe the card! I remember looking at cards in a reading and having no idea what to say. I would draw a blank, or there was nothing I could grasp in that moment that related to the question. This calls for “priming the pump”—an idea that has little understanding today, coming from the days of hand pumped water where you had to poor a little water in to get the water to come out: you put something into the system to get the system working. I find that simply saying the name of the card, a few keywords and a brief description is all that is needed to get your intuition flowing. For instance, “You have the Nine of Pentacles, called ‘Gain,’ showing a woman in a walled garden with a bird on her hand. Birds often represent intuition but this bird is hooded, and she is wearing a glove protecting her from this bird. Humm . . . What are you gaining by protecting yourself from your intuitions?” You might have found yourself relating more to the snail or to the lush harvest of grapes, or remembering that this is a Nine and that she is alone like the Hermit. At some point in your description, something will “catch,” and then you are off and running with how this card relates to the question and other cards in the spread. In an interactive reading, I take my moment of blankness as a sign that the querent knows something important about this card, so I ask the querent to “simply describe the card.” It has never failed to be exactly what was needed.

 Bio:   Mary K. Greer is an independent scholar, writer, teacher, and professional tarot consultant who is known for her innovative teaching techniques. With an M.A. in English Literature, she first taught tarot at a college in 1974. She is the author of eleven books on tarot and on magic, and was first to write about reading Tarot for oneself. In 2007, Mary received the International Tarot Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Tarot Studies and is a research partner in Le Tarot Associazione Culturale (Italy). She received the 2006 Mercury Award from the Mary Redman Foundation for “excellence in communication in the metaphysical field.” Mary has lived in Japan, Germany, England and Mexico and in six states within the U.S., and continues to travel around the world teaching. She currently writes “Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog” at which focuses on cartomantic history and research, tarot in popular culture, and tips and techniques for reading both Tarot and Lenormand cards.



A new event, the brainchild of Kim Arnold, founder of the UK Tarot Conference

Festival banner

The Tarot Festival is a MTS (Mind, Tarot, Spirit) event where you will be able to have a reading, attend mini workshops and talks with some of the greatest authors in the UK.

Kim Arnold has worked with the Tarot for over 20 years both as a professional teacher, reader and retailer of new age goods, over this time there has been significant growth in the Tarot market. Courses/workshops are continually full, and on a personal level her own readings have increased 100% over the last 2 years.

All over the country successful telephone Tarot companies are springing up to cope with the ever increasing demand of people wanting readings. Tarot is not just a service for “new age” types but a service called upon regularly by businessmen and women, and we must not forget the increasing market for magazines devoted solely to predicting the future.

The London Tarot Festival will be a ‘MUST’ attend event for anyone with a desire to know more about Tarot or just have a reading.

The day will be of interest to those new to Tarot or those already established in the tarot business, a place to ask questions, listen to our experienced teachers or maybe take a class from Absolute Beginners to Advanced, or just have a reading from a professional if you would like to find out what life has in store for you.

A book signing stall will be available where we will show case new Tarot decks and cards and in some cases you will be able to have your purchase signed by the author.

Although this day is mainly devoted to Tarot there will be limited readings using other forms of divination such as palmistry, clairvoyance, astrology, numerology.

Bookings for stands and reading tables will be released soon, as will applications for applying to host a workshop or talk.

More announcements coming soon.

If you have any questions, please e mail us

NB: This is an entirely different type of event to our UK Tarot Conference which continues to be the best Tarot Conference in the UK in teaching tarot to the professionals.


The UK Tarot Conference

10th & 11th October 2014 – City Thistle Barbican Hotel

The Speakers for 2014:

Mary K Greer, Geraldine Beskin, Sarah Bartlett, Richard Abbot,
Maria Antoniou and Les Cross

Secure your place for 2014 – click here to visit our booking page

Carrie Paris: Thank you so much for organizing one of the best tarot event I’ve yet to attend in many years. The energy of the people who attended your conference was blissful and so friendly and open. I believe this is mainly due to what you and your amazingly helpful staff are attracting. Such positive energy. I told my husband that it is mandatory that I attend this event again next year.

Join our Face Book Page for up to date announcements  ‘UK Tarot Conference Group’ or follow us on Twitter @Tarotbabe

Festival banner


Review of the UK TAROT CONFERENCE 2013

Thistle City Barbican, London

Being the 10th anniversary we decided to honour this major anniversary.  Twenty Two lovely people joined us on Thursday 10th (do you see a theme) to celebrate the Wheel of Fortune by gathering together at the Freemasons Hall in Great Queen Street, followed by a private pod on the London Eye, our very own Wheel of Fortune.      Many of us gathered in the Freemasons Arms in Long Acre for a quick bite to eat before we started our tour.  At 2p.m. we made our way across the road to the Freemasons Hall, our guide, took us on a tour of the building.  Unfortunately, no photo’s allowed, but everywhere you looked there were subtle references to tarot.  Central to the building is the Grand Temple, you enter this magnificent room via the Masonic bronze doors.  The Temple is breathtaking, the ceiling cove is of mosaic and in addition to figures and symbols from Masonic ritual includes, in the corner, figures representing the four cardinal virtues – Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude and Justice.  We clearly see the chariot and many references to the Rider Waite deck

From the Masonic Lodge we made our way to the London Eye, our lovely Geraldine Beskin from Atlantis Bookshop had worked tirelessly to put together 22 major London landmarks and marry them up with the major arcana. Atlantis, generously gave everyone a London scarf, if you see the photo’s you will see us all wearing one, something to wrap our cards in once the Tour was over.   As the Eye turned, Geraldine pointed out places and facts which were fascinating.  I can’t share with you the connections, but we are hoping to put this on an MP3 download in the near future.  Once off the Eye we headed in to the café for tea and to regroup and get ready for the rest of the tour.  We stood outside the café looking directly at The Houses of Parliament where Geraldine had more facts for us.  Then we began to make our way back to Bloomsbury, however, the weather started to cave in and the heavens opened, so we hailed a fleet of black cabs and made our way back to Atlantis where Bali had already put the kettle on and laid out the room ready for a virtual tour. (Yes we had plan B).  After Geraldines fantastic talk, we opened the wine and enjoyed the buffett and enjoyed many hours of new friendships being made and lots of chatter and laughter.

Friday 11th October – Carnival of Cards with Kim.  We do not usually start the Conference with a Friday morning session, but as so many had stayed overnight for the Tour we added this last minute.  About 20 people turned up for this impromptu session, where we looked at ancient spreads and enjoyed practicing readings with new and adapted spreads on new friends.  We finished with a channeled meditation using the Magician Card as our centre point.

As the conference got underway, I was busy preparing for the launch of Tarot Majors Tarot Masters book and cards I did not get the chance to attend full workshops.  Chloe McCracken’s session Combining Forces: Lenormand & Tarot Together compared how tarot and Lenormand compliment each other.  For many attending this workshop it was their first insight in to working with Lenormand techniques, the feedback was that this was a fresh (although ancient) way of looking at the cards.

Our evening event started with Carrie Paris workshop: Becoming a Card Curator: We learnt a technique for viewing imagery that the Greeks called, seeing with different eyes. This method adopts the eye of the artist and utilises four distinct levels of symbolic understanding; with each level bringing the viewer closer to infinite vision.  Fascinating!

Lyn Olds followed with her Letters to the Past project which launched in New Zealand 2 years ago. Twenty two contributors were asked to write a letter to a deceased person who had influenced Tarot. In just 50 minutes we travelled around the world as Lyn told the history of Tarot to present day. I did not want this talk to end, Lyn is a fabulous speaker and so knowledgeable about her subject. Our talks finished around 8.30p.m. when we launched the book and cards created for this event. Once again wine and nibbles flowed, we talked tarot and mingled with friends old and new.

Saturday morning we laid up a table for the goodie bags, you have never seen so much generous stuff for our attendees, kindly supplied by Llewellyn, Hay House and Lo Scarabeo.  After the wow factor of arms full of cards the day began.  We kicked off with Carrie Paris Join the Lenormand Revolution: Lenormand featured heavily in this years conference.  Interesting how Carrie’s and Chloe’s approach was different but with the same results.   Carrie’s Magpie Oracle is a real treat, if you get the chance have a look, they produced wonderfully accurate readings.

After morning tea break we listened to Caitlin Matthews workshop – Tarot & Ancient Cartomancy Skills, using in some cases forgotten techniques,  Caitlin bought readings back to life.  I walked around the room when people were doing readings under Caitlin’s guidance and everyone was buzzing

We had two lunch time workshops with Alison Cross and Ina Custer-van Bergen.  I did not attend these as I was busy but the feedback was great.  Chloe McCracken has written a review which I will share at the end of this for more insight and information.   Both workshops had great feedback

After lunch, Lyn Olds hosted a workshop entitled ‘Three Card Draw’, what a laugh, you had to pull 3 cards for a reading then deconstruct them by physically drawing your own card using images from the 3 we had taken from the deck, this became your 4th card.  If you go to our face Book page ‘UK Tarot Conference Group’ you will see mine, put it this way I don’t think Ciro has much to worry about!  (sorry, but horses are hard to draw, in fact so hard I went to change my cards and got caught so was made to stick with what I had).

Finally after coffee, Ciro Marchetti did a brilliant visual presentation, such talent and what a lovely man. Ciro talked about how his decks evolved and why.   Needless to say I purchased 2 decks of his after his talk (doh)!

Finally, as our wonderful conference drew to a close, I finished with a Wheel of Fortune meditation which had been channelled to me a few weeks before.   Using a Ferris Wheel as our centre point, I believe everyone got something out of this

This was in my opinion the best conference EVER, the rest have been pretty fantastic, but there was something special about the energy at this event, hard to describe unless you were there. Time to close, but put the 10th 11th October 2014 in the diary, this year we raised the bar, just wait and see what we have in store next year! Kim Arnold

Testimonials from 2013 conference:

I would like to thank you for a wonderful day on Saturday. I came out of the hotel feeling uplifted and rejuvenated. Everybody was warm and friendly and the atmosphere particularly this year was special. The fact that I won the raffle twice added to my state of euphoria! Thank you for your warm welcome.  KB

Hope you have had time to rest and recover after the amazing Tarot Conference you organised.  I really enjoyed it.   Thank you so much I have made more new fab friends and it was wonderful to see old ones too. The Idea of the tarot packs and books were inspiring and well done for having your book published by Hay House congratulations! NK

A BIG THANK YOU for a fabulous, fabulous conference. It was a magical time and I met some wonderful people, old friends as well as new (and very talented) people. It was also great to see you again and the only problem was that it all whizzed by so quickly.

 I’ve gained so much knowledge and so many great ideas were gleaned from the conference, one being that I keep a running notebook of events, stories, quotes etc and I’ve decided to take a leaf out of your book and dedicate every note book to a Major Arcana card and my current notebook is dedicated to The High Priestess. Thanks once again, take care of yourself and have a good rest and look forward to seeing you next year.      BM

Just wanted to say for my first tarot conference I had an awesome time on Saturday.  Thanks so much. I felt I learned so much from everyone. Can’t wait to come next year!!    HT



Review of the UK TAROT CONFERENCE  2012

Thistle City Barbican, London

For the 3rd year running we hosted our 9th Conference at the Thistle   City Barbican Hotel.  Great conference rooms and an excellent location,   slightly off the beaten track but a stone’s throw away from central   London.

Our Friday afternoon session opened with Rachel Pollack, hosting her   workshop entitled ‘What Tarot Is, What It Does and How It Does It’.  An   enlightening session in which amongst a host of other theories and   ideas, we discuss how powerful just one card can be, and how a single   card can be illuminating.  We talked in detail the significance of the   hands in the Ace cards, and how the grip or hold told a story in itself.    Even as a experienced tarot reader and teacher, I personally had never   put that much thought into this, but later the Ace of Swords came up in   a reading and I was aware how the dynamics had became so much more   powerful with this new found insight.

As many of us attending   were professional readers, we discussed in length where our boundaries   were when seeing something uncomfortable in the cards.  Rachel’s opinion   was to always say what you see, however, being responsible when giving   the information.

All of Rachel’s workshops are weaved with   fascinating storytelling.  I love it when she goes slightly off track to   talk about a personal issue relating to a reading or exercise.

Our Friday evening session, ‘Multi Dimensional Readings’ started with   an in-depth discussion about the infinity sign which Rachel had   explored in her book ’78 Degrees of Wisdom’.  On the back of this   discussion, the Rider Waite ‘2 of Pentacles’ was studied and the group   shared their thoughts.   A random grand announcement was then made by   Rachel that herself and Robert Place were working together on a new   Tarot/Oracle deck.   (Can’t wait)!

We looked at how the number 5   card corresponded to the Tree of Life.  We compared cards such as the   Sun and Moon and looked at comparisons in the decks, but also turned the   positives into negatives and vice versa i.e. what does the sun lack,   what does the moon have?  This became a very interesting discussion   amongst the group.  We discussed karma/cause and effect, past lives, sub   conscious, ego and how our own history is so important.  As you   probably gather from this packed paragraph, far too much to mention in   detail but a diverse and fascinating session.

Friday evening we   had drinks and canapés and a chance for everyone to chat and relax.    Our Auction in aid of ‘Centre point’ was very successful and every   winner was delighted with the raffle prizes kindly donated by Llewellyn   and The Tarot Media Company.

Saturday:  I had not met Tiffany Crosara before, but to be honest I   liked her energy before I knew her.  Tiffany turned up in a   Fool’s/Jester costume (very brave), and I thought she is a little bit   nuts but an absolute darling!  Tiffany drew the crowd in with play   acting followed by a deep meditation where we discovered ‘our’ Fool   within. After connecting with a partner we took a moment or so before   allowing the following questions to be asked, “What major arcana, court   card and minor arcana card do we associate with this person”? and just   allowed the information to flow, which it did.  I am not sure how others   responded, but I ended up giving my partner a mini reading explaining   why I felt the particular cards I had chosen fitted her at this time.    She was amazed at how accurate the reading was.

After coffee and   cookies, Juliet Sharman-Burke took the stage for her session ‘Exploring   the Hermit’.  With a PowerPoint presentation of the Fool and Hermit   side by side, we discussed the Fool’s journey, and how by the time we   got to number 9 in the major arcana, how the energy changed.   The   Hermit now older and wiser, armed with the lantern of experience it was   time to look inward.   We discussed our busy lives and how today we find   it hard to be still.  How we need to embrace the Hermit energy and   meditate, or just be quiet whilst we refocus and regroup.   This was   followed by readings with a partner.

During lunch time we had two wonderful demonstrations, the first was   by Alfred Douglas who showed us his figure of 8 spread, not so much a   reading but more of a way to explore the cards in greater detail.    Followed by Caitlin Matthews, and a PowerPoint demonstration of her and   John’s new Steampunk Tarot due for release in November.

After lunch Cilla Conway took her session ‘Tarot and the Shadow’   which involved group interaction throwing ideas about which cards we   felt had a ‘shadow’ such as The Devil, the Moon, many cards from the   suit of swords and surprisingly The High Priestess.   We each picked a   card at random and read this looking for the shadow within.  After this   exercise  Cilla led us through a meditation to meet our shadow.  It had a   profound effect on some.

Our grand finale was a two hour   workshop with Rachel Pollack who has amazingly had four books published   this year – Soul Forest, Tarot for Magical Times, Tyrant Oidipous and   The New Tarot Handbook. Rachel talked with passion about each book and   why and how they came about.  What inspired her, what she discovered on   her journey as an author of these books, how new spreads were created   and even new findings within certain cards.  We also did a 3 card   reading.  Card 1) Self  Card 2) Others  Card 3) Action.  We were   encouraged to look at the cards as we had never done before, even   experienced readers were discovering things in the cards they had never   seen before!

This was a wonderful conference.  The energy, enthusiasm, friendship   and laughter as well as serious learning and self discovery culminated   in the fabulous 2 days!  Finally I would like to thank Geraldine and   Bali from Atlantis Bookshop for their continued support and heaving   merchandise table, and our sponsors Llewellyn, Kindred Spirit and   Horoscope magazine.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for   contributing to a very successful Conference.  Roll on our 10th   Anniversary in 2013.  If you think this was great, wait till you see   what we have planned for next year!

Kim Arnold


Review of the UK TAROT CONFERENCE 2011

Thistle City Barbican, London

The 8th UK Tarot Conference took place in London on the14th and 15th October.

Sasha Fenton

Friday evening’s subject was ‘Tarot and Astrology’ with Sasha Fenton, I knew Sasha would give a lively, entertaining and knowledgeable talk, as when I asked her if she was ok to speak for two hours, she assured me she could talk for two months without coming up for air! If you have ever had difficulty understanding the correlation of Tarot and astrology, then I recommend you buy one of Sasha’s books which explain this in easy to follow detail. We whizzed through astrological houses, meanings, symbols and put this together in an insightful reading in just two hours! Sasha is extremely funny and kept the talk lively, but at the same time shared valuable information to help us add depth to our readings. We finished Friday evening with talk and laughter over bottles of wine and nibbles, a chance for everyone to get to know each other before the main event on Saturday


Gaynor Thompson kicked off Saturday morning with an interactive and full on session. Gaynor has excellent knowledge of the cards and is also very intuitive which adds another level to the reading. Everyone pulled at random one major arcana and one minor card, and began a reading by taking special note of the numbers on the card, this did not relate necessarily to numerology but more on the lines of what does it mean to you. The session was very insightful and enjoyable.

Philip Carr-Gomm

After morning coffee break, Philip Carr Gomm introduced Adele Nozedar who has recently launched the Secret Language of the Birds Tarot. Adele told the story of how and why she created the deck, and during her session explained the meanings of the birds used and why they were chosen, also how they related to ancient society where their behaviour, characteristics and movement influenced the trend or decision of the day, in other words how the behaviour of certain birds was consulted for guidance. From time to time Philip would offer additional information from a Druid prospective which was fascinating.

John Matthews

During lunch break, John Matthews and Mark Ryan introduced the Wildwood Tarot deck with a full interactive session. They continued this theme with the first session after lunch. Mark gave us a little insight in to his childhood, where he had a fascination with Arthurian history and Robin Hood. Later in life he looked for decks which related to these subjects, during this time he became friends with Chesca Potter and together they designed the highly sought after Greenwood Tarot. He spoke a little about Chesca’s disappearance and dispelled rumours surrounding this, although to this day her disappearance is still a mystery. Together Mark and John showed a PowerPoint presentation of the Major arcana of the Wildwood Tarot, and explained how the deck was created and where the vision for some of the images were born, some of the stories behind certain cards were very personal and I am sure many like me felt privileged to be part of this.


Our final speaker of the day Richard Abbott shared an amazing reading ‘Discover your Four Roads’ how to discover four paths through numerology. Richard’s energetic and magnetic session had us all fully enthralled in what he had to share. The reading was truly enlightening and I will certainly share this with my groups (of course passing credit on to Richard).


This was a fascinating weekend with valuable opportunities for learning available to those who were starting out on their journey of discovery into the tarot and for those of us who after many years, just wanted to know more. Finally a huge a grateful thank you to Lo Scarabeo, Llewellyn and Kindred Spirit magazine for their support and generous ‘goodies’ for each of our attendees.

Mark Ryan

2012 is already in the diary, we will announce the line up, date and venue in January. I can’t wait! Kim Arnold

Kim Arnold


Review of the UK TAROT CONFERENCE  2010

Thistle City Barbican, London

The 7th UK Tarot Conference took  place over the weekend of the 8th and 9th October at the Thistle City Barbican,  this year had a true international appeal with Mary Greer from the USA, Hermann  Haindl – Germany, Laurent Langlais – France and Ina Cüsters-van Bergen from the  Netherlands.

Geraldine, Hermann Erika Haindl

Our event started on Friday afternoon  with Mary Greer hosting a ‘Tarot Council’ session, this was limited to just 20  people to maximise their interaction with the tarot.  I was not able to  attend this session as I was preparing for the evening event, but the feedback  was excellent.  At 6.30p.m. the Conference officially began. Mary Greer  hosted the opening session called ‘Prediction or Insight?’ we looked at how our  readings are perceived, are we ‘just’ fortune tellers, or do our readings go to  a deeper level. (Of course the latter was the main consensus)!  This was  followed by a wonderful hour with Hermann Haindl, although Hermann does speak  English he did his talk in German and we had a fabulous interpreter, Michael  Fuch’s on hand to keep us fully informed of Hermann’s words.  Hermann  talked about his life, from the day he was born, to his time as part of the  Hitler youth, and his years spent in the army, being captured by the Russians,  and being held as a prisoner of war.  His artistic gift saved his life many  times (too numerous to tell but although this was a sad period of his life,  Hermann’s animated talk had us laughing out loud, he is a wonderful story  teller). In 1986 he was inspired to paint the Haindl Tarot, this took him 2  years and was originally only meant to be a major arcana deck, however, with the  support of his wife Erika, a 78 card deck was completed and has gone around the  world in several languages.  Hermann’s talk was perfectly rounded off by a  film of the creation of the Haindl deck, this was moving and inspiring.   Following the end of this session complimentary wine and cheese was served so  that likeminded souls could mingle and chat.   Our auction rounded off  the evening perfectly with the sale of a deck of Greenwood tarot and a few of  Hermann’s signed prints (I have the Empress which is beautiful)!

Mary 21 ways to read a tarot card

Saturday opened with myself, Mind  Mapping and Tarot with Kim Arnold. We each created a mind map, then added a  Tarot card on to each section therefore adding layers which posed further  questions and guidance on our particular issue.  An interactive session  which created many unexpected scenarios too many questions.  

After our morning coffee break, our  next session was with Mary Greer and ’21 Ways to read a tarot card’.  Mary  talked about the process in her book by the same title.  We were encouraged  to look at the psychological and philosophical experience of the card we choose,  (mine was 7 pentacles). By combining new ways and techniques to read a card  enabled us to define a style of reading, therefore, developing new techniques,  we also did an ‘arm test’ similar to kinesiology to decide if an issue was more  or less important that we thought.

Our successful ‘Table Top Tarot’  sessions at lunch time, with Trudy Ashplant hosting “A Journey with the Masters”  and Tarot & Numerology” with Richard Abbot were well attended and loved.

Jonathan leading us through a spread of a million cards!

After lunch we began with Jonathan  Dee, a lovely man, both knowledgeable and entertaining, he went through a brief  history of tarot and he explained how the Italians read the major and minor  cards separately and do not acknowledge reverse meanings (sounds good to me)!     Our exercise was to separate our cards in to major, minor and the 4 Aces.   First, you shuffle the Aces and lay them vertically in a straight line, then you  shuffle the major arcana and lay 8 further cards, one each side of the aces, you  now have 4 lines of 3 cards with the aces in the centre.  The suit of the  Ace represented the influence, the card to the left – your hopes and fears, and  the car to the right, what is going to happen.  This was a brilliant  reading and kept everyone busy, the room was loud and bustling with laughter and  chatter.   We then moved on to an astrological spread using 27 cards,  which proved quite challenging on the tables as we were running out of space.   Some abandoned the table and moved to the floor for room.  As an  astrologer, Jonathan took us through the meanings of each house and how this  influenced the positioning of each card.   

Laurent Langlais and Feng shui and tarot

After a much needed afternoon coffee  break, we were immersed in the fusion of Feng Shui and Tarot with Laurent  Langlais.  Laurent explained that Tarot is a map of Chi (energy) and  through his very professional executed Power point and hand outs we were taken,  on a journey through tarot many of us were not familiar with.

Finally, a perfect end to a busy and  packed couple of days,  the conference closed with a meditation by Ina  Cüsters-van Bergen.

The Tarot Conference Contributors

The packed merchandise stand was  hosted by the fabulous Geraldine from Atlantis Book shop in Museum Street  London.  Atlantis have an extensive range of tarot, if you are in London do  go and visit.   

This was altogether a fascinating  weekend with the most interesting and valuable opportunities for learning  available to those who are already on their journey of discovery into the tarot  and wanted to know more.  2011 is already in the diary for 14th 15th  October,   I can’t wait!

Kim Arnold