Reflections on 2020

My goodness what a year, this time last year the word Coronavirus and Covid19 were not even in our vocabulary, now they we hear them every day. January started just fine, just like any other year, planning events, holidays and projects but by March Coronavirus well and truly landed and changed everything. Being honest, during the first lockdown, we did [...]

TarotScopes December 2020

The Pride Tarot #USgamesinc Pisces - Six of Swords- Emotional turmoil, unpleasant situation.  Do not allow anger or resentment weaken your resolve in making things better. Aries - The Fool - Potential, Choices, Innocence, New Beginnings.  A new journey awaits, think about your options, roll on 2021 Taurus – Two of Pentacles – Balance, juggling life, too much going on. [...]

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