It is time to reveal a secret project I have been working on with the amazing Chris Butler.  I have spoken before about a deck of major arcana cards I created for the 10th anniversary, well of course I was not going to let 20 years pass by without something special.  I asked Chris if he would revamp my 10th anniversary deck, and quite rightly he said no, an artist never interferes with another artist’s work, however, he said “how about I create you something new”.  Well, I wasn’t going to say no was I.

Chris has created a beautiful colourful major arcana deck which is so incredibly special, each card includes a speaker of the last 10 years or someone who has been influential in the helping the conference become the success it is.  For now, you are just going to get a few teasers.  We have printed just 100 Limited Edition decks, and these will be on sale at the conference and available for pre-order, however, if you are not joining us in person, they will be posted after the conference as this is where they will be officially launched.  The cards are at the printers now, and as soon as I receive delivery I will announce the cost and how to reserve a copy plus a sneak peak at a few of the cards.   Also, a huge shout out to Marion Kirk who has worked so hard researching the LWB, this has turned in to something very clever and original.

I have been posting on my IG account @kimarnold2310 about the generous donation by Sophie McKay Knight of the original Golden Child painting which will be auctioned at the conference.   The Golden Child is a new energy ‘born’ into the tarot world from pairs of ‘parent’ Major Arcana cards, in this case created by emerging the energies of Temperance and Judgement.   If you are not joining us and would like to bid, please email me.

Wicca Meier Spring the custodian of the Hexen Museum in Switzerland has  recreated a Limited-Edition Lenormand’s Etteila Deck (the original is in the museum), the regular price is £60 but she has generously offered it to those attending the Conference for just £40.00.  If you would like a copy, please let me know asap so I can ensure we can save one for you.

This month on our Facebook page and IG @uktarotconference I announced Richard Abbot who will be speaking on Saturday afternoon presenting his workshop The End of the World: Are you ready to be judged? 

You can still join us virtually.