Pisces can be food grazers. Often lacking self-control, emotional eaters and find it difficult to stop at just one.  As this sign governs the nervous system and the feet it is a good idea to find a way that helps you to be disciplined and able to take control of your bad habits

Aries eat now and think later.  Do you recognise the guilty trend when overeating? As this sign governs the head and brain have you looked at your food patterns when suffering another headache or toothache?  Bad facial skin can also be a problem. Seeking our healthy alternatives is a MUST.

Taurus can be very determined to stay on a food plan once they get in the right frame of mind. However, being prone to a sweet tooth, they need to be aware of insulin production as Taurus governs the pancreas.  Also, weaknesses with the jaw, throat, thyroid and ear infections.

Gemini’s think they know everything about every food source, calorie and fat content, yet still continue to overindulge.  As this sign governs arms, legs, torso and the respiratory system, be aware of potential water retention and lazy bowels. If it’s going in, it has to come out!

Cancer signs are emotional eaters. However, indulging in rich foods will lead to problems as this sign is governed by the stomach and digestive system leading to indigestion and acid-reflux.

Leo’s are high achievers and will likely succeed when setting a goal. As to dieting, they are probably the most likely to persevere which is just as well as this sign is governed by the blood, back problems and heart ailments.

Virgo are over-thinkers and will make dieting complicated when it does not have to be. They have an extravagant streak.  As this sign is governed by the stomach, intestines, ulcers, constipation, and food allergies it is to their benefit to stick to a plan.

Libra love a menu of extravagant food and good wine.  Even if you feel this is not quite you, Libra’s have indulgent tastes but, as your sign governs the kidneys and bladder functions, you would be wise not to overindulge in alcohol and rich food.

Scorpio’s have a tendency to overindulge in everything fattening! You really have got to find that ‘off switch’. This sign governs menstruation issues, bladder infections and diabetes, so do not leave it too late until you take care of your body.

Sagittarius’s eat it now and worry later approach to life will catch up with you one day. Developing a healthy outlook now will help to prevent your sign’s weaknesses which governs the thighs, hips, spine, liver, and vision.

Capricorn’s are known as high achievers. Although known for liking structure, all is well until you fall off the wagon. If you are overweight it will impact on your bones especially the knees.  Don’t find this out too late in life!

Aquarius  are known for randomness, jumping from one diet to the other then back to old habits. As this sign governs the arms, legs and circulation they can be prone to arthritis, varicose veins and asthma.