An Exercise for you to try ….

I don’t know about you, but I am having to turn off the news.  Yes, we are in the middle of a crisis, but disasters have been well documented since time has begun and they pass, of course often with horrific statistics, but it happens.

I was thinking about the negative language used in the media, it is almost subliminal, our minds are being played with and we are being told in no uncertain terms, THIS IS BAD.    Yes, we know, thank you for telling us AGAIN.  I am not being flippant about the Coronavirus but it kept me awake (again) last night, the worry, fear, overthinking, are my family ok, what this, what that, you get the 3am drift.  This morning I woke up and wrote down the words which worry me, then looked for the positive in my Tarot.

Isolation – 8 Swords, at this moment it is difficult to see ahead, trapped and powerless. Diluted by the Hermit, a card often associated with isolation, however, suggests using this time as positive reflection and planning.  Ok this is getting better ….

Death – Every day we see numbers rising, but we are never told how many are recovering, I am pairing with the 9 Pentacles,  I am not sure why the 9 Pentacles popped up here.  Maybe a reflection of all that has been achieved prior to lockdown.  Maybe she reminds us of our achievements and that life will go on regardless.

Loss – 3 Swords Many of us cannot imagine the hardship some might face because of this situation, paying the bills, looking after the children, maybe not having a job to go back to. Fear is a draining emotion.  The Star appears as inspiration, probably easy to say sitting here at my laptop, but often great ideas are born from fear. Allow The Star to guide you.  Pull her out of the deck and reflect on her, what is she telling you to do?

Lack – 5 Pentacles When we are on a downturn it is perfectly normal to worry about where any positive news is coming from.  The Three Pentacles reminds us that we are the architects of our destiny, we can sink or we can swim. We all have skills and the ability to look outside of the box.  Maybe an amazing opportunity will be born out of this.

Finally, Birth, new beginnings.  Mother nature/the planet are having a rest.  Strength  asks that we stay strong, and the Sun will shine once more and we will be blessed with the freedom of movement, visiting friends and family, the things we took for granted, we will be grateful for. I feel, a lot will be learnt, not only about ourselves, but we will remember those who helped in times of crisis, and those who acted selfishly.  Let’s try and stay positive.  If you are feeling deflated, write out your fear words and ask the Tarot for guidance.  It really does help x

Keep safe everyone.