You must know by now that the lovely Steven Bright and I are working on a new magazine, its main focus being Tarot but we wanted the freedom to incorporate other divination tools as the magazine grows.  Oracle World was the perfect name, it flowed off the tongue and summed up beautifully what we were trying to achieve.       We did Google searches to make sure this had not been used, and it all looked good to go.  Then we found out that a major computer company called Oracle Open World had trademarked the name then there were all sorts of complicated Trademark and Copyright issues.  Although Oracle World was not taken, it was still ‘dodgy’.

After much discussion, Steven and I reluctantly decided not to go ahead with the name, after copious amounts of coffee (caffeine free for Steven, he is good) and a lot of giggling when ridiculous names came up with many innuendos, we decided the only way to be completely sure of no repercussions, was to create a unique name of our own. The merger of Esoteric and Oracle came together, so there we have it The Esotoracle (Magazine).

The content makes me smile with pride, this is going to be FABULOUS.  So, what is in a name?  Not a lot really, it takes nothing away from the content, hard work, contributions and dedication to a wonderful publication coming your way in October.