(Watkins Publishing £15.99)

I love it when a deck for review lands on my doorstep, often, it is not a deck I would be drawn too, but when working with it, it becomes a familiar friend. The Chakra Meditations deck was like opening a box of delicious chocolates, inspiring artwork and guidance via lovely quality cards.

Each month I hold an intimate meditation group for around 15 people, I decided we would use these cards as part of our evening. Not all the cards were suitable for group work, but we chose a few we were able to work with. The Sacral Yantra Meditation was fresh to us as a group and one card in particular, the Root Chakra (Muladhara) with the Oak Tree visualisation was both empowering and calming.

I was a little confused by the bordering colours of the cards, I always connect red with the Root Chakra not the yellow used, and green bordering for the Sacral, not orange which I am more familiar with, however, this did not deflect from the energy of the cards.

The Large white book does explain the colours used and more in-depth information on the card meanings. There is a page included with instructions on preparing for meditation and how to choose a card. This is helpful for anyone starting out.

I feel these cards are perfect for your personal journey, the idea of pulling a card each day and quietly working with a visualisation or gentle exercise is inspiring.

I recommend these cards, particularly if you have a busy life and need to calm the mind body and soul.