As we start to create a fabulous programme for our Bi-annual Swiss TarotFest, I thought a perfect time to share our review from 2017.  Cannot wait to do it all again.

Please enjoy this beautiful Video by Franzi Sunshine Kindler, it gives a perfect taste of the day 

Almost a year to the day, Wicca and I sat around a table at Castle Liebegg with a mug of coffee and chocolate on the table and discussed the possibility of having a Tarot Festival at the Castle.  This weekend I and 7 others flew in from London to experience a year of planning, finally the day had come.

We were on the 7am flight from Gatwick so we all had a 3am start.  On arrival at Zurich we took the train to a place called Aarau where we were met by Wicca’s wonderful husband Biba, who took our luggage so that we were free to explore, because of our delayed flight we did not have much time, and had a quick lunch before getting on another train to start our VIP journey, a private tour of the Witchcraft Museum. Wicca is a true inspiration, not only does she speak English beautifully, her dedication to her Museum is remarkable.  Now, I am not going to tell you much about this, as next year the Museum moves to Castle Liebegg and I strongly recommend you go for yourself, but as a private group we were given the absolute privileged to experience an important part of Lenormand history. Mind blowing!  After we finished the tour, we were driven to the hotel where a huge pile of Swiss chocolate was waiting for us with a hand written note from Wicca welcoming us to Switzerland. That evening Wicca, Biba and the lovely Isobel joined us all for dinner where we sat outside on a warm evening eating pizza, laughing and enjoying the energy of this lovely place.  We were shattered at the clock ticked towards 10p.m., tomorrow was going to be a day to remember.

David Wells and I arrived at the Castle early on Saturday, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the energy was beautiful. Lots of hustle and bustle from Wicca’s team of helpers who worked so hard throughout the day ensuring that everything ran smoothly. Wicca opened the Festival by making announcements in German then I did the same in English, then she did a meditation and blessing to start the day.

I kicked off the day with a workshop on how to connect with spirit through the cards, I had everyone work out their birth card and what it meant to them, and we used this card as a significator to ask a question.  Followed by a coffee break the next workshop was with Kirsten Buchholzer, I was unable to attend as I had a reading but the feedback was great.

Lunch was served in the Castle grounds, the sun was still shining as we sat under umbrella’s talking Tarot and enjoying the freshly prepared food.  There was plenty of everything which is how I managed to put on 2lb in two days!  (Tarot diet started today)

After lunch the workshop was hosted by Wicca who showed us how to create a Tarot spell, this was such fun as we were all covered in glitter and the finished item was something for us all to take home.  It was a delight to meet with Susanne Zitzl, what a lovely lady, again speaking beautiful English, her work is going to be published in English hopefully later this year, although Susanne may not be so familiar to us in the UK please look her up, she has done some amazing work. After a welcome break Regula Elizabeth Fiechter hosted the next workshop, I took an English meditation group whilst this was going on, but was delighted that Regula gave me the 4 ‘missing’ cards from the Mystical Lenormand deck and a signed book from her and artist Urban Trosch whom I had the privilege of meeting.

Our David Wells was the final speaker of the day, a lovely reading using the Tree of Life, so many things made sense.  Wicca and I emotionally closed the Festival with a huge thankful heart and a feeling that we had done it!  I haven’t even mentioned the Market Place where I purchased a lovely Goddess made from Tiffany glass, if I had room in my luggage I would have spent a fortune.

I have to give a huge thank you to Wicca, Biba and her team, I could NEVER have done this without them and I owe them so much. The organisation was amazing and the day ran effortlessly, the venue is breath taking and I know many tears were shed throughout the day because of release and joy. There was much laughter this weekend that I cannot share with you (too naughty) but every emotion was experienced, this is a very special place.

I feel so truly blessed today to have made new friends from Switzerland, Germany and the US.  In fact the day was so good, we are going to do it again in 2019.  As I said next year the Witchcraft Museum opens in the Castle and I know our TarotFest will go from strength to strength.  Everything is looking very positive for the future.

That is all for now, I have to spend time on my October UK Tarot Conference, and I am buzzing with ideas!

“I just wanted to thank you for the organisation of our own Swiss Tarot Fest. It has been a marvellous day with very fascinating speakers and workshops (not forgetting the wonderful opportunity to book a reading with the speakers!). Even though some of us don’t know the tarot cards as good as you guys do, it was very well explained in the sessions and I had really lots of fun and learned quite a lot (beside spending way too much money shopping at the market!). I’m very much looking forward to the next Tarot Fest here in Switzerland and will most certainly spread the word around. 😉 Kindest regards and thank you again!” Ines 

TarotFest Switzerland coming 2019 please register your interest for updates.