By Chrissie Astell , Illustrated by Rene Milot – Published by Watkins  (RRP £15.99)

Another deck of Angel Oracle cards hits the shelves, this is a topic which seems to just keep on giving.  It interests me, as in how much there is still to offer from the Angel world and I am delighted that these cards deliver something different.  Having met the lovely Chrissie Astell a few years back, I know the essence of the lady, kind, gentle, compassionate and without ego and all these qualities are reflected within the 52 cards.

There is a simple beauty within each card, just a word describes each illustrated Angel.  The colours are clear and bold and although to some degree quite simple, you can lose yourself in the image to work on a deeper level of clarity.

I used these cards with my meditation group and the messages flowed, many of the cards chosen at random had deep and personal meanings for some of the group.  Everybody enjoyed working with them.

I like the idea of using this deck for pulling a card a day for guidance. The accompanying book explains how else they can be used.  Lots of ideas for spreads, affirmations and meditation, each card has a quote for each Angel, a box outlined on each page explaining the symbols, along with a brief description, which in my opinion is more than enough, I prefer the idea of tuning in and allowing your own intuition to flow.  You cannot fail to connect on some level with these cards, even if you think you are not intuitive, they work.

Watkins have produced a lovely set, lovely quality box and cards, it looks far more valuable that the £15.99 price.

If you like the idea of Angel Oracles then I highly recommend you add this to your collection, you will not be disappointed.