Looking back at 2017 it has been a year of incredible highs and lows.   My trip to Thailand was amazing, then shortly after a visit to Prague.  Thailand was on my bucket list and it certainly lived up to my expectations and more, not only was it a spiritual journey but also a trip full of laughter and sunshine. In contrast Prague is a beautiful city enriched with history and long walks.

The London Tarot Festival in May was a sell-out event, and after just 3 years we have outgrown the lovely building at the Eco Centre, however, after many miles of leg work we have found another stunning place called Platform in Finsbury Park, really looking forward to June 2nd 2018 when we do it all again!

The summer flew by with my monthly meditation groups (always full) and cricket teas (yes you read correctly) time away in Spain and my yearly trip to Glastonbury.   It is only when I write this down do I realise how lucky I am.

The UK Tarot Conference was one of the best ever, the lovely Sasha Graham who I met in New York last year headlined our event, Steven Bright made his debut, Carrie Paris was her wonderful self with a fascinating workshop, and Andrea Aste our charming Italian friend along with Kirsten Buchholzer and Chloe McCracken made this an event to remember.  We are moving to a bigger venue in Kensington next year (19th 20th October) and look forward to Rachel Pollack and Benebell Wen both headlining our event. (Eekk excited face).   

Whilst the year has excelled itself work wise, something horrible is happening in the background, my wonderful father has been diagnosed with an aggressive type of Motor Neurone Disease, never in my life have I witnessed an illness so quick and cruel, he is hanging on in there but I know his time is soon.  A few years ago I was asked to write an article for a magazine to celebrate Father’s Day, I wrote how blessed I was to have a Dad like mine who gave myself and my two brothers the wings to fly and the security of home.  If we were ever to fall, it did not matter what it was or what we had done, he would catch us.    Now as he gets weaker we gather around him with our love.  So, as I look to 2018 with hope, I also know me and my families lives will change forever.  If you are reading this please send a little healing thought, everything is appreciated.

On that note, I do truly wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and abundant 2018.

With much love