Today I had a wonderful morning teaching Tarot to 16 art students from the USA. It was a mixed group of both beginners and advanced Tarot readers, so I decided to work with something everyone could engage in, birth and soul cards.  Fabulous.

I had a really busy day planned for my time in London including looking at a couple of venues.  I left my US students, and as I came out the front door of the building I could not remember if I came in left or right. I took my chance and ended up going the wrong way, apparently Regent Street beckoned.  Time was getting on and I had a really important meeting in Stamford Brook at 2.30, but first to the venues, it was now after 1p.m. but I knew if I moved quickly I could see the venues before my meeting. I took the tube to Notting Hill changed via a mile of escalators to get to High Street Kensington, it took forever, finally, I arrived. I called the venue and asked where to go, it was just a 2 minute walk. After much faffing she said I was in the wrong place. I needed to be in Gloucester Road, just jump on the tube blah blah, I was getting really stressed, I said I had not got time to get on the tube again, I would get a taxi.  I hailed a cab jumped in and we moved 6 feet and stopped in the sheer volume of traffic.  I think the driver saw me on the verge of a breakdown and swiftly took an odd turning and £15 later we were there.

I went to the concierge as instructed, asked for Miss Droopy Draws and he said he had never heard of her, well I said, this is where she said to come, I gave him the paper with her name and number, he called, and sure enough she answered with the hotel chain name.  Take a seat, he said she will be here in a minute. Tick, tock, where is she, I got up and asked where she was I had an important meeting to attend the other-side of London and it already looked like I would be late.  He called again and I could hear, ok, yes, ok right, ok, What’s going on, I said and took the phone from him.

The dopey cow on the other end of the phone said, why are you in Gloucester Road you should be in Kensington High Street (where I started). I said, are you having a bloody laugh, I didn’t just think oh I know, I will go on a wild goose chase in a black cab, you told me to come here, oh sorry, she said, WE have got our wires crossed you need to come back. I went mad, oh she said is there anything I can do?  Yes, I said look out the f*cking window and find out where your office is and don’t waste my time, I put the phone down.  Needless to say I did not go venue hunting and we won’t be going there.  Will be back with more news next week.