Just 4 weeks and a few days before the 2017 UK Tarot Conference and I am bursting with excitement. This year, we have a few changes which will make your Tarot experience even more FABULOUS!

I have arranged for a small stage to be erected in the main Clerkenwell Suite, as all the merchandise will now be contained in the adjoining Barbican Suite, we now have extra room to play with.  The Barbican Suite will be set up, not only as in previous years for refreshments, but also as a Tarot marketplace including a private section for readings with some of our reknowned Speakers. (An approximately 30 minute reading will cost £45.00 and will need to be booked in advance). It will also serve as our event room for Friday evening with a paid bar with, as always, complimentary canapes.

Our auction will offer you all the opportunity to bid for several unique and hard to come by lots, (I really must stop bidding!) The proceeds of which go towards subsidising those who would otherwise not be able to financially afford to join us.  Your generous participation really does make a huge difference, and is very much appreciated.

Someone had mentioned to me that we pack in too much! Therefore, although Saturday has a full schedule of Speakers, Friday has been arranged to allow more time for you to catch your breath with longer scheduled breaks.

I have a house full of boxes from Eddison Books and Hay House plus some treats from me for your goodie bags to look forward to upon arrival. I hope I’ve covered everything, apart from reminding you to check your in-box about 10 days prior to the event for the latest news.

Finally, we have a few deposits paid with the remaining balance still due, but technically, we are SOLD OUT! However, it is possible the few who have not paid their account in full, may be unable to attend so there may be 2 or 3 tickets to spare.  I will let you know next week.

Wishing you all a great day,