Pisces– Ace Swords – If you have any conflict around you, you need to work hard to resolve matters, once you have done this, you will find you are feeling motivated and raring to go. This is a great month for launching new projects and re organising your life.  However, to achieve success, make sure your intentions and clear and focused. Ventures started now could mark the start of a very positive and abundant period.

Aries– The Hermit – If life has been chaotic of late, you need to take a step back to enable you to regroup and refocus.  Don’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself, you deserve it.   Reconnect with yourself by doing things you enjoy or dedicate some quiet time just for you.  By heeding the advice of the Hermit you will quickly reenergise and be ready for action next month!

Taurus– The Magician – Opportunities are waiting for you, but you will have to put in a little effort to help bring these to fruition.  You have all the tools you need to make your dreams become reality.  Possibly time to choose a new path rather than be unfulfilled with your current direction

Gemini– Two Swords – You may feel you are in a stalemate situation, dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t.  The advice here, is do what you can to resolve any difficult issues, however, if you feel you are banging your head against a brick wall and not getting the results you require, then allow the situation to flow until you are ready to tackle issues head on next month.

Cancer– The Empress – The Empress is depicted as the pregnant mother, however she can also often relate to the birth of an idea.  Now is an excellent time to put plans in to action.  If you are a mother, a child may require extra attention this month.  Also with Mother’s Day shortly upon us, are you giving your Mum enough attention, maybe she needs some TLC?

Leo– Wheel of Fortune – This represents good fortune, and is a good time to look at your finances and find a way to improve them, however, is also a card of choices and consequences. You may face a dilemma, think seriously about your choices as your fate is your hands, if you are able to take control, you could change your life for the better!

Virgo– Nine Swords – You may find you are dwelling on the negative rather than looking for positive solutions.  Worrying rather than taking action will only delay the conclusion to your concerns. Take the bull by the horns and deal with your issues head on.  You are doing too much thinking and not taking action, look at your options this month which will enable you to move forward.

Libra– Ace Pentacles- You will feel inspired this month to get things moving.  New beginnings are on the horizon, finances have a positive influence around them.  You will start to see things more clearly and have a feeling of stability as the energy begins to turn in your favour. Good news around health issues.    

Scorpio– Judgement- Is your life as you want it? If not, now is a good time to put plans into action and change what is no longer beneficial to you.  If you feel ready for a fresh start, work on removing the issues which bind you so you can seek fulfilment for your highest good. Judgement can represent a break through, work out what is stopping you from reaching your true potential and change it!

Sagittarius– Six Pentacles – There is a discrepancy between your income and outgoings which need to be rectified, have a look at how you can make savings, you must be  ruthless if you want to put things right. On a personal level, are you getting all you need, it seems your time and energy is focused on other people’s needs and demands. Boundaries need to be set firmly in to place.

Capricorn– King Pentacles – Money, work and security are highlighted this month.  You may be contemplating change as you feel you are stuck in a rut but are not sure how to change things.  Meet up with good friends and brain storm ideas, you will find this fun and worthwhile.  Stop taking life so seriously, time to be a little extravagant, it will do you the power of good!

Aquarius – Four Cups – It is only you limiting yourself, everyone else knows the world is your oyster. Open your eyes, it is a big wide world out there, stop making excuses and restricting yourself, you have the energy and motivation to make life happen you just need to want it enough.  You will be surprised how quickly you can turn your life around with a little effort.