It has been a while since I have written a Blog.  I prefer to write with something to say rather than just rattle on for the sake of it.  To be honest I just don’t have any spare time, there is always something waiting in the wings to be dealt with.

I am getting waves of considering retiring, and then the sense of what would I do all day if I didn’t work.  However, something has got to give, it might just be the time of year, I have been really poorly, firstly with a bad back and the universe felt that wasn’t enough to deal with, so gave me a dose of the flu which knocked me for six. Even today I am still exhausted. I feel disconnected with myself right now, maybe I need a retreat to gather my thoughts, I will think about it.

With all this in mind I am very excited about the projects for 2017, in particular the event in Switzerland, the London Festival and my fabulous Conference, however,   I do wonder though, if this is the year of great highs and then I bow out.