The tree and decorations are packed away and fridge is looking pretty much back to normal, it really has been a whirlwind of activity the last few weeks.   Christmas Day Martin handed me an envelope with a break to Bangkok, something which has been on my bucket list for years, I cannot believe I am going to visit the Temples and see this vibrant place for myself and all of this happening in just weeks.

New Year Eve we had a wonderful party at my house for my son and his lovely girlfriend Zandri’s engagement party, two families coming together for the first time, and I have to say we all blended beautifully.   Feeling very blessed with my lot at the moment.

The Tarot Food Plan is going crazy, and this month a 2/3 page article will appear in Fate and Fortune magazine, I am feeling slightly apprehensive as I have opened myself up exposing vulnerability, but in some ways it feels like it had to be done.  Today I have gone back on the plan with a view to dropping at least a stone before Thailand, watch this space.

Finally today I woke up to the offer of another book deal, goodness knows how I will have the time to do this with the London Tarot Festival in May, Switzerland in June and of course the Tarot Conference preparations for the October event to nurture, I thought I would be slowing down by now but I am picking up speed.

For now the Food Plan is priority and looking after my ladies who are on this journey with me. I will be writing regular updates, so watch this space.

Happy new year to you all