I mentioned a few days ago that I purchased a salt lamp, since then orders have been coming in daily, well as you know I am not a shop but do carry a small stock.  Suddenly they are all out of stock at suppliers, I call EVERY supplier I know with no avail, salt lamps have been flying off the shelves, apparently, there has been a run.  They are now as rare as Tracy Island was in the 1990’s.  Still at least then we had Blue Peter to guide us so not a problem, a cardboard box and sticky back plastic and we were good to go.

Anyway today I managed to track down a few very large salt lamps, I mentioned to the girl that they were really hard to find. “oh you know why” she said ……  “eeermmmm nooooo”, I replied, “Kim Kardashian tweeted to her 42 million followers she had a salt lamp now every warehouse in the world is sold out”.  Seriously this is no word of a lie.

I now have huge salt lamps to clean the air of Kent in my house, I had better sell them or me and Ms Kardashian will be having words (not to mention Martin Lol,  ssshhh don’t tell him he might not notice)!