I was looking for an article I had written a while back and found this interview I did with a magazine about 2 years ago.  You may have gathered not getting much done today lol. still, I happily say I would still give all the same answers

1. Career moment that changed your life:  After working in a high pressured job for a decade, I reached a point where office politics and the mundane routine became mind numbing.  It was a light bulb moment which changed everything.

2. Spiritual moment that changed your life: Walking past an empty shop which was to become my first business, Enchantment was the hub of opportunity for anyone who wanted to develop their psychic abilities.

3. Family memory that changed your life: My Dad telling me not to put up with anything less than I deserved and that NO ONE ever had the right to treat me without respect. (Sadly I  still do tolerate quite a lot of crap)

4. When were you last happy and why? Last week, I hosted a retreat weekend with the most amazing group of women. 

5. If you didn’t have to earn money, what would you do with your time?  Travel the world exploring the history of tarot. 

 6. What’s been your biggest mistake? Believing that all people who are on a spiritual path have integrity, sadly this has been pushed to the limit on more than one occasion.   

7. Who do you most admire from history (dead or alive)? Pamela Colman-Smith artist of the Rider Waite Tarot.  Her paintings have inspired hundreds of decks yet she had little acknowledgment for this work until quite recently.

 A list of three things you can’t live without

My family, they keep me sane

My Rider Waite Tarot deck, they keep me focused

My Laptop – stores a library of decades of work