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I have always been a fan of Judy Hall.  Her Crystal Bible is a ‘well thumbed’ book on my shelf. I have used this as a book of crystal reference for years.  So I was delighted to receive Judy’s new book Crystal Mindfulness to review. This 96 page book is packed with information.   As someone who tries to practice mindfulness on a daily basis, the tips and guidance this book offers, brings a greater level of understanding to the practice.

The book focuses specifically on 24 crystals which have been chosen to aid mindful living.  Each crystal has a full colour picture and great information which includes the crystals qualities, what it brings to mindfulness, how to use the crystal and crystal reflection to use in mindful thinking.  The ‘Crystal Reflection’ for each crystal gives assistance in working with the crystal on a deeper level. For example:

Smokey Quartz – Crystal Reflection – A tree. Deeply rooted. At one with this beautiful planet.

Using Smoky Quartz – Place Smoky Quartz at your feet. Visualise a root growing from the bottom of each of your feet etc. ……..

Each crystal has its own journey.

The chapters in this book include sections on, What is Mindfulness, How Crystals Help, Using and Caring for Crystals. The Chakras, Relationships and so on.

I love that each crystal has in the heading a title of its energy along with key words, EG ‘Let go of Anger’ with Rhodochrosite and ‘Practise Meditation’ with Selenite, ‘Maintain Hope’ with Aquamarine etc.

I cannot stress enough how much information is packed in to this book. I highly recommend it, as it is a perfect book to help you to stay focused, great for relieving stress, anger and a perfect aid to help release anxiety.

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