Pisces– The Hermit- Life may feel like it has been chaotic of late, you need to take a back seat, regroup and refocus.  Don’t feel guilty taking time for yourself, you deserve it.   Reconnect with nature by taking long walks or dedicate some quiet time just for you.  By heeding the advice of the Hermit you will reenergise and be ready for action next month!

Aries– The Hanged Man – You may feel you are going two steps forward and three steps back, situations are not fluid at the moment, however, embrace the hanged man energy.   If you are not physically able to move situations forward, then wait until the timing is right.  You will instinctively know, trust your intuition.

Taurus– 9 Coins – Opportunities of growth and abundance are waiting for you, all you have to do is build on what you have already started.    Everything is ready and waiting for you, you just need motivation to move forward.

Gemini– The Lovers – November could bring romantic issues to the surface.  If you are looking for love this could be an excellent time to seek out your soul mate.  If you are in a relationship, be adventurous, indulge yourselves and enjoy quality time together, do you need to add a little spice to your life?

Cancer– Temperance – Time to treat yourself to a little TLC, healing is needed to enable you to reconnect with yourself and others.  Try putting yourself at the top of your ‘important person’ list and learn to say ‘NO’ to those who take advantage of your good nature.

Leo– 9 Wands – If you have experienced recent disappointment, now is the time to put this behind you.  New opportunities await, but you have to make the effort to change things.  Dwelling on the past is of no use to you, embrace tomorrow and put plans in action to change things for the better.

Virgo– 6 Coins – Sometimes you can just be too generous for your own good, if someone is requiring too much of your time or needing financial assistance you need to find a way to gently back away. Giving and receiving should be a two way street, if your generosity appears all one way, it is time to rethink your actions!


Libra– Justice – There is nowhere to hide when the Justice card comes out of the pack!  Something is out of balance and needs to be put right.  Look at your options, it may even involve legal dealings or the signing of papers, don’t delay, the message for you to tie up loose ends is clear!

Scorpio– The Devil – You may feel bogged down with responsibility and burden.  Look at your current situation, is it of your making? How difficult would the consequences be to release these burdens? Start to make plans to enable you to ‘escape’ from the ties which bind.  There is always a way forward, once you face up to the facts, the issues will not seem so overwhelming.

Sagittarius– 8 Swords – Concerns and worries which have been stressing you out need to be dealt with head on.  You may feel you are restricted in being able to make a constructive breakthrough, however, one small step forward is all you need to take to make a positive difference

Capricorn– The World – This can represent good fortune, travel and movement, however, is also a card of choices and consequences. You may face a dilemma, think seriously about your choices as your fate is your hands, take control and you could change your life for the better!

Aquarius – Strength – challenges ahead will require strength either emotionally, physically or mentally, however, the message in this card is that you have the strength required to get through any difficulties.  Do not fear challenges, embrace them as part of your journey, nothing is as bad as you may anticipate.