The end of the 40 day Tarot Food plan resulted in my ladies dropping 77lbs between them, in honour of making this number fit to a whole tarot deck, one lady agreed to run round the block and lost another 1lb (true) so we made 78lbs the number in a deck of cards, truly you could not make it up, but I am soooo proud of each of them!

Anyway, interest has been bubbling about the tarot food plan, with the Tarot Conference and family matters dominating, I have had to dedicate my days to other commitments and the writing for this had been put on hold.   However, the universe had other plans.  A call from a journalist, intrigued by using tarot to lose weight has resulted in a couple of articles being written ready for the Christmas/New Year rush.  On Saturday the 29th the journalist called me to confirm some info, including, what food related credentials do you have (aside from tarot) to give you kudos for the idea and recipes.

Quick as a flash I remembered (I had forgotten) that in the early 90’s I trained in Cordon Bleu cooking, when that was finished I took up an intensive course in macro biotic food including cooking and sourcing.  I sometimes stun myself.   Now, for those of you who do not know what macrobiotic food is, basically you eat seasonal foods related to your culture and place where you live.  In essence the food is tasteless, no salt, no additives in a nutshell no flavour (lol), compared this to cordon bleu where you more or less pour a bucket of double cream on everything I think I must have been going through a strange phase of finding myself.    I clearly remember on the macro biotic course, everyone looked ill, on the cordon bleu course everyone was fat and jolly. Double cream speaks for itself obviously!

When I added up the date today and saw the World and Empress, little did I know that the seeds planted all those years ago would come back at this time of my life? My young dream of owning a restaurant was scuppered by my mother who declared her daughter would not wash up for anyone, resulted in secretarial college for me, life would have been very different if I had had my way, maybe the tarot cards would not have crossed my path, I think however, I have found my calling.

Aaahhh a pondering day I think.