Hay House Publication

A note came through the door, I had missed the postman with a parcel too big to go through the letter box. Off I went to the main Post Office to collect, I saw the Hay House logo on the envelope and wondered what was inside.  It was a lovely surprise to receive the much talked about Keepers of the Light cards by the lovely Kyle Gray.    Now, as a professional tarot reader I make no excuses for not being a great lover of Oracle cards, however, there is a time and place when the gentle energy of the Oracles are needed.  Also, those who are fearful of tarot (don’t get me started) the Oracles are a great way to build confidence with cards.  I digress……..

On opening the deck the first thing that struck me was the quality, too many tarot decks these days are guilty of poor quality.  These feel lush and expensive. The gold edging gives these cards a sumptuous look.  The cards are a mixture of angels, gods, goddesses some we know as factual beings, others as spiritual or mythical beings all illustrated beautifully by artist Lily Moses. The colour tones are gentle and mindful of the energy of each card.  Of course the best way to test a deck is to do a reading, so I did myself a 3 card spread, I did not use the book for my interpretations as the messages seemed clear.  My reading went as follows:


Card 1 Freya: Phases and Cycles – There is a beginning within every ending, illusions are revealed and released.

How relevant this is to me now, after finding out who my friends are and releasing those who have been nasty.   Illusion is a powerful word and very apt.

Card 2: Faith:  Humanity and Benevolence – Stay Calm. Trust the good in yourself and others.  See the light in the world. 

Ok I get the message. Let the Scorpio in me not  dwell on what has gone, try and see the good in the situation, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Card 3: El Morya: Awakening Presence – The Universe is with you, wear cloak of protection.

I see this as being careful with whom you trust, protection is important as others have the ability to take your power.

Obviously this reading has great relevance to me right now and I can see the benefit of using these cards for personal use, I like the idea of finishing a tarot reading and getting the client to pull a card from this deck as a word of wisdom to go away with.

Truly one of the nicest Oracles I have seen for a long time. A definite purchase for those who want to find either clarity or deep meaning in a situation.  The accompanying book has additional meanings and includes layouts and idea for reading for others.

Well done Kyle Gray.  Your light is shining through this deck.