Saturday.  Today is the day I host my first ever Tarot Food Plan day.  Eight beautiful ladies arrive at my house for what I hope will be a life changing experience.   I have no idea what I am going to do or say, every time I go to write a programme to follow, the words would not flow, I trusted the day would be channelled to me and it would be ok.  What I did not expect was to talk and talk and not come up for air.  To connect with a concept so deeply that you could have heard a pin drop as the information flowed with ease was mind blowing.

The idea to trust the tarot cards to assist in weight loss and wellbeing continues to amaze me. We know our bodies better than anyone and the cards know us better than ourselves.  Deep meditation stirred emotions buried deep within us, allowed us to create a sacred place of safety as we shared fears and blocks which previous to today had never been spoken about.  I can honestly see I am honoured to be in such a privileged position of trust.

The day was warm and lunch consisted of food ideas connected to each suit, which was served in the garden with laughter and chatter.  We moved in to the afternoon session working with our Tarot, this time on an emotional level.  When you look at cards not in a predictive way but what they are telling YOU about yourself, you really see the power in the messages.  More tears, but it was ok.   As a group we were all determined to drop weight, sort ourselves out and work with this Tarot Food Plan to achieve results.

I am excited for each of these ladies (and myself) because we are not alone on our journey, each of us a holistic therapist/reader/healer can connect with the idea of allowing the cards to guide us.    Each day over the next 40 days (40 minor cards pulling one at random each day) will take out the hard work of struggling with what the day will bring.  The food connected with the card takes out the stress of careless eating and the emotional message steers each of us through when the going gets tough.

Excited ……  oh yes.  Life changing stuff.  Will share more soon.

A Taster of the plan is here:


Having never been motivated by a diet plan in the past, I was intrigued and wanted to find out more about Kim’s new and unique idea/concept of losing weight by being motivated and guided by the suits of the Tarot. Attending the workshop I found myself in the company of a very special group of ladies, including our Hostess Kim. From the comments made by the others I know I wasn’t the only one who found it easy (and cathartic) to share feelings and hopes for the journey we were all about to take together. I, for one, felt accepted for who I am, and that I had the support and love of every single lady in the room behind me. The meal ingredients were a relief as they weren’t made up of pricey, hard to come by items that I had to traipse through assorted shops to get. Also, the menu plans/suggestions were easy to prepare, tasty and filling.  C


What can I say about this brilliant concept. The diet is not only working on my weight but also the emotional blockages. Both of these are going to help my image and confidence.  I am already finding that my attitude is changing and I am standing up for myself more, rather than accepting everything that is being thrown at me.  The diet is very easy to follow after spending time at your workshop and trying out the different ideas you gave us for lunch.  This along with the meditations and the great group of people made for a really good day.  The support from everyone was really good and for once Im sure that my weight is going to drop. Knowing we are all there supporting each other at the low times is very heart warming. H