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It took me ages to unseal this deck because I have a unhealthy fear of animals in particular cats and dogs.  I also have an aversion to any tarot deck where cats are dressed up as key figures in the cards I literally loathe them, I mean why would you, yuk yuk yuk ……  I digress.

Anyway today I unsealed the Wizards Pets Tarot and what a delightful surprise.  Pamela starts the book with …. ‘For my Granddaughter Paige, she asked me to make her a tarot deck, so I did’.  I have seen many tarot decks for children over the years but nothing as pretty, engaging and colourful as this one.

The borderless colourful cards are in keeping with Rider Waite style but have a sense of innocence about them, what Pamela has achieved is sheer genius. Aside from children using these cards, any level of reader would have no problem reading with them.  I was curious to see what the Death card looked like in a children’s deck, and we have a traditional RW scene but what looks like a chubby cart horse carrying the grim reaper, lovely.

There is a well written book, each card has guidelines, reversed meanings and a questions for you, there are also plenty of spreads to help on the way. The cards are smaller than a traditional deck, ideal for little hands.   A lovely surprise of a colouring book is also included with each of the cards ready for activity and play.  Loving Justice which is a Dragon holding scales.

Pamela you have done a wonderful job, when I am blessed enough to have a grandchild of my own, these cards are definitely on the list.

Seriously folks, a fantastic gift for children.