Tarot Learning Cards Self Study Flash Cards

Jadzia DeForest & Jay DeForest   www.livingmagickpublishing.com

Learning cardsLearning cards 2

 I find it difficult reviewing books and cards when I am confident with the subject.  I have to say on receiving this ‘self-study’ deck to review, as a tarot teacher my thoughts were …….  I wish I had thought of the idea!!    What a great way to engage students and for those starting out with tarot, a quick way to familiarise yourself with the tarot meanings.

The cards are basic visually, with no visual help for interpretation, i.e. 6 cups is 6 cups, 4 Pentacles shows 4 pentacles etc. and the major cards have the number and name of the card in bold black print i.e. 0 The Fool  VIII Strength etc.  The reverse of each card has ample meaning to kick start you on your tarot journey.  Upright and reverse meanings and key words, plus elemental energies are all there to help you understand the interpretation of each card.    

I laid a spread with the cards out of curiosity and I could not help but see the Rider Waite comparison in my mind as I worked through the interpretations, so I feel that these cards are a wonderful way to use in teaching, not necessarily for personal reading although you can do it.  They are self-study flash cards and are probably not designed to be used as a full reading tool, but I love the way as a competent reader it stretches your knowledge and for a beginner I cannot think of a better place to start.   I will be keeping this deck to use in my classes, it will add a new element to the way I teach and update my format.

The quality of the cards are lush, each surrounded with a white border with a green inner border.   For any teacher out there or beginner I recommend you make the investment.   Retailing around the £20 or $24.95 mark they are well worth it.  Please follow the link and I suggest email Jadzia for overseas enquiries