September Tarotscope

Aries-Wheel of Fortune- Although represents opportunity and good fortune, it is also a card of choices and consequences. If you are facing a dilemma, think seriously about your choices as your fate is your hands.  It is important that you take control of your destiny but realise the turning of the wheel can take you through every emotion both positive and negative.

Taurus– The Fool – If you feel like you are stuck in a rut, the Fool energy will inspire you to be a little frivolous this month.  Any opportunities should be examined with care, read the small print and trust your intuition before making any major decisions.

Gemini– 9 Pentacles – This card traditionally represents your accomplishments, and relates to your achievements to date. Maybe you need reminding how good you are at what you do. A confidence boost is what you need right now.  You have the experience to deal with any challenges you may face in a positive and productive way, don’t be afraid to be bold.

Cancer2 Coins – Are you doing too much? The constant juggling of daily life may be getting you down.  Look at how you can restructure your day so that you are not constantly chasing your tail?  This is a good time to look at your finances and see where savings can be made.

Leo– 10 Cups – Family issues are at the forefront this month.  If you have experienced conflict in family relationships, now is the time to settle disputes.  This card represents fulfilment in relationships and happy times ahead.

Virgo– 8 Swords – Concerns and worries which have been causing you stress now need to be dealt with.  You may feel you are restricted in being able to make a constructive breakthrough, however, by taking a small step forward will help you to deal with your issues and see a light at the end of the tunnel.

LibraKnight Wands- You must stand up for your principles and what you believe to be true, this is paramount to ensure a positive outcome, though make sure you have all the facts before rushing headlong in to a situation which will require more energy than is really needed.

Scorpio– 4 Cups – It is only you limiting yourself, everyone else knows the world is your oyster. Open your eyes, it is a big wide world out there, stop making excuses why you can’t do something and find the energy to make life happen for you.  You will be surprised how quickly you can turn your life around with a little effort.

SagittariusJustice –There is nowhere to hide when the Justice card comes out of the pack!  Something is out of balance and needs to be put right.  Look at your options, it may even involve legal dealings or the signing of papers, don’t delay, the message for you to tie up loose ends is clear!

CapricornPage of Pentacles – New projects are on the horizon, paying attention to minor details are important now.  This is a card of dreams and desires, so do not limit yourself, however, make sure you are in a position to lay firm foundations, then you will be on your way to better times ahead.

Aquarius 6 Swords – you may find yourself working through emotional issues, it is time to let go and move on from the past and plan for your future. What is done is done, but being able to move forward is a huge leap for you right now, take a deep breath, everything is ok, the worst is behind you, embrace the good times ahead.

Pisces4 Swords – Although this has been a busy period for you, it is important you take time out to recharge your batteries.  This year has been a year of challenges for you, but you are coming in to a time of positive changes, so be ready to roll with the energy.