Today we have bright sunshine, the first real day of summer this year.  It is hot, very hot, and although I am always hot (yes it’s my age) I do love the energy of the sun.  It makes people happy.   However, if I got a £ for everyone I heard moaning about how hot it was today I would be a rich woman!

Rain and sunshine could be an analogy for people’s moods. Someone has been on my mind today, someone who betrayed my trust, someone who I held in respect and friendship, this now all blown apart by a terrible indiscretion on her part.  I still feel wounded, not a word I ever use, but if she reads this, I want her to know that it was a privileged for her to share her worries with me, even though I am so devastated by her actions, what she has told me will stay with me, you see that is a friend and confidant.  We can all make excuses for bad behaviour, but excuses they are.   I am finding it hard to forgive what you have done to me, I don’t deserve the annihilation of my character.   What really makes my heart heavy is the thought of being your topic of conversation, and not in a good way.  The day I found out what you had been saying, you took something from me, trust and confidence.  I have probably only heard a snippet, how the hell can I hold my head high after literally years of hard work only to be  totally betrayed by you spreading gossip which was private between us.   Shame on you.

A Chariot day indeed, roll on tomorrow when I will get you out of my thoughts and start a new day.