(Lo Scarabeo)

Impressionist deck

I find that Lo Scarabeo decks have a Marmite effect, people either love or loathe them, but every now and again they come up with something absolutely stunning. 

The Impressionist Tarot is a real masterpiece.  Inspired by impressionist painters such as Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh and Gauguin to name a few.  Each card takes you on a journey far beyond the traditional image, there is so much movement in the cards and although some do not in any way relate to a RW traditional meanings, the images draw you in to feel the depth and interpretation of the card.  I absolutely adore the Two of Pentacles, a picture of two ballerinas based on a painting by Edgar Degas.  The book is brilliant, packed with information, each card is broken down in to sections: First Impressions, The Inspiration of the card, Illumination i.e. the astrological interpretation of the card, Interpretation and finally insight.  Corrine has written the book with such knowledge and ease but also easy to follow.   Having written a LWB myself I know how difficult it is to interpret the artist’s images to relate to the cards, but Corrine has done an amazing job.

Each card is surrounded with a gold picture frame, the cards are excellent quality, all in all this is a luscious deck.   Well done Lo Scarabeo for creating something different, interesting and amazing.

I have just completed a reading for a client using this deck, I am a RW deck girl myself , the reading was completely different, it made me work harder (in a good way) and  to be honest I amazed myself with how I connected with this deck.  It is a keeper for me!

 Highly recommended

Impressionist Tarot Kit (Cards and in depth book £25.00)

Cards and LWB (£17.99)