I don’t know about you but on hindsight the in and out campaigns could have done better, did any of us really understand what we were voting for, what were the consequences of the vote going either way?

The Remain did not fight their corner strong enough and engage in debate which addressed the concerns of the British people such as the NHS, schools and  immigration. However, those who suggest the result was based on xenophobia (what nonsense) the only wise words I have seen are from Piers Morgan who responded to a tweet suggesting the Out victory was all to do with immigration,  I quote “it’s that kind of superior, patronising attitude which cost Remain victory”.   This is Judgement day indeed, the people are speaking.

24/6/2016 = 21 The World (3 The Empress)  (Don’t panic Mr Mannering, don’t panic)

We wake to the news we are to leave the EU.  It is a shock.  Twitter and Facebook are in a frenzy.  Let’s just take a deep breath and calm down.    Firstly this is going to take years to sort out, I think it is likely a deal will be struck with the EU.  The consequences will not be as negative as some might think.

Look at the cards today, The World and The Empress, both cards full of hope and optimism.  The French government are saying the UK have spoken and now it is time for the whole of the EU to be overhauled.  Everything is for a reason, let us watch and see the reforms which may now happen across Europe because of this vote.   I think the impact will be greater than any of us believed could happen.  It may well be a good thing.