I just said to Martin “can you show me how to work the Ipaddy thingy again” … frustration on his face said it all.  I wish I had the technical know how to use all this stuff but it is like he is speaking Swahili as soon as he goes in to computer mode.  

Anyway, I digress from what I want to talk about. Twitter ……….  One lady I know has 75000 followers, she tweets rubbish all day long, but I was intrigued how she had so many followers. I e mailed her and asked how come she was so popular, she told me she purchased the list (ha ha)  for not a lot of money. I wondered why I had so much crap filter through to my twitter account, I have people sending tweets about stuff I have no interest in.  As you know I am technically challenged but I thought I had done something wrong and was being punished by the computer gremlins who filled my page with nonsense.   Basically another list/s sold without consent.

Anyway I genuinely want to reach 1000 followers, so I need 47 more people to follow me @tarotbabe to reach my goal, and as I know bribery often works,  I have a review deck of The Ravens Prophecy Tarot to give away to one of my new followers.     So come on join my drivel @tarotbabe and you might have a deck of fabby Raven Tarot winging its way to you!

Raven tarot