I had a meeting today with my Transformative Trainer, we talked about my book and progress with the Tarot Diet and how much she has inspired and helped me to make an idea real and balanced.  I love this lady but she is really strict (yikes), I have never responded well to authority, but at last I have found someone who actually knows what she is talking about.  I listen.

The Tower is an interesting card today, as on the first page of my book I write ‘Let us get one thing straight, there are not many people who are overweight because of greed,  90% of people struggle with their weight because basically most of us are messed up’.   Aaahhh Kim speak I hear you say but it is true. Our meeting concluded with another telling off for me for not being strict enough and I came home feeling motivated.

On the way I stopped to buy a spiritual magazine, I was in a good mood until I opened  a page and THAT bloody woman was there  looking back at me, her fake horsey smile with her over bleached teeth grinning like a Cheshire cat (ok leave me alone I am a Scorpio I’m allowed to be bitchy),  the injustice of her having so much publicity makes my blood boil.  Some of you who attended her workshop a couple of years back will know who I am talking about, you remember ,the one who knows nothing as Manuel would say.  Funny how I type really fast when her name comes to mind. Still people will find out about her in time, surely success built on piss and wind can only last so long, for now I have to breathe and put the magazine in the recycling, I would not mind but it cost me £4.99, when on earth did a magazine cost that much!